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The tier 6 revision project has been finished

This was over way earlier then expected. I wish I could've been of more help but I had some rather serious unforeseen matters (and babysitting) to attend to today. Big thanks to Lina, Ryu, Reppuzan, Cal and everyone else who helped during the project.
Knew y'all would do very great on this project. Big congrattualations to everyone who did well on this, especially to Ryukama and Lina. :)
Not much, we changed the values for Large Country level to Multi Continent level and applied the changes to the profiles (for example some Continent level characters became Multi Continent level due to the changed AP chart)
FanofRPGs said:
What revision?

We had a Tier 6 revision yesterday involving new standards for Large Country, Continent and Multi-Continent levels. The revision was done very quickly, thankfully.
Big thanks to everyone who helped. I wish I was able to get more done beyond things within the first 10 pages of Tier 6, but everyone who participated is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the really kind words and chibi ryukos everyone!

It was a pleasure to help out and great appreciation to all the other staff members that helped out. This was truly a successful and beneficial project :)