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The FC/OC Low 7-B Tournament: Hub (phase 2) - END RESULTS


The FC/OC-only tournament puts 16 mighty FC/OC participants from different worlds against each other on an open field. Organized by TheMassivlyUnkn0wn and Froggytron!

Originally hosted by a stick figure wearing a top hat. He went on vacation though. However, a mysterious green stickman with a mask appeared after him, claiming to be his relative, and continued hosting the mighty low 7-B tournament! Welcome to the second tournament half, strong (and lucky) 8 participants, which advanced into round 2! Let’s just hope no one meets his demise there, okay?

Tournament Phase 2
The original post by TheMassivlyUnkn0wn, containing all 16 participants and rules can be found here. Rest is hosted by me (apparently), Froggytron.

Our Roster (8 participants out of the original 16)

The Bracket (new)
Round 1:
1. FU Plus-Droid vs Bryan
2. Adam vs GGesom
3. Kai vs Cinner
4. Dr. Evil Skeleton Man vs Seelkadoom the Hedgehog
5. Jeffrey vs MissingNo (S.G.)
6. Gergy vs Leonardo Alcantara Aguirre
7. Alexander Durham vs Laser Frog
8. MissingNo [Disqualified] vs Abliter

Round 2:
9. Bryan vs GGesom
10. Kai vs Seelkadoom the Hedgehog
11. Jeffrey vs Gergy
12. Laser Frog vs Abliter

Round 3:
13. GGesom vs Kai
14. Gergy vs Abliter

Round 4:
Kai vs Gergy

Fight for 3rd place: GGesom vs Abliter


🥇 - Gergy

🥈 - Kai​

🥉 - GGesom and Abliter​

Congrats! Now get lost from the field, especially you 2x SAO tournament stompers

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Someone with 2 registered characters, getting both into the semi-finale, really wants the end results huh XD

Yeah I was about to do the matches at today or tomorrow evening
Honestly I didn't even entirely expect the SAO Tabletop sweep, but now that it's here I'm going to grab it

On the bright side: even if I do complete the entire run with both characters, one will have to defeat the other regardless so you get to see me explain how I lose no matter what
Btw I updated GGesoms sword art skills, since he should be a master swordsman, collecting various arts in verses he goes through, yet he didn't have any of them explained or even listed (the profile was rushed before the tournament start to fill participants quicker)
You're not supposed to add in new abilities mid tournament like this, since it throws off matchups and encourages people to just power escalate if they feel like they're soon to lose

I get elaborating on stuff that was already mentioned on the page like what the elemental swords do but the sword art section is a few things I can think of that just weren't on the PnA prior
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Yeah I agree with all of that, but there are just 3 of us currently, and updated were just skills made out of the primary abilities, he had before

You could say GGesom doesn't remember many skills after he respawns (he has to die in another verse before), and his memory slowly reveals while the ongoing tournament. Most characters can't do that because they are not verse hoppers. +He had the sword arts power listed in powers and abilities at the start
But I will leave it to you, if you accept giving Kai a harder challenge, or a standard one (sword art and elemental passive section blocked). Im gonna write the sections as optional. That sounds fair, when every opponent can decide to battle with the update or without.
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Yeah I'd just prefer not, but on the topic of mid-tournament discoveries I did recently dig up something funny
Illfang charges a new Sword Skill... but it's not the same Sword Skill as the rest.

It jumps up to the walls... and starts to dash all across it.

It's getting faster, until--

Gergy sees a blur coming straight towards him!

Struggling to track it's movements, Gergy raises his sword

--But it was of no use, as Gergy was already struck the moment he thought of raising his blade.
To explain: Illfang has a Magic Skill of 50, meaning he has a +5 added to his sword skills, and Gergy was unable to properly react to the attack

Another thing that probably doesn't dramatically change the results but it means 20+ sword skills are not only a speedblitz, but a speedblitz to such a degree that no amount of skill can mitigate it
You want your 2 characters to fight against each other at the end so badly? And then I thought you would welcome the fight being more equal... but GGesom can replicate most of those skills even with his standart elements, it wasn't in vain.
I'd prefer the tournament be fair as in the abilities brought in are established from the getgo and new stuff isn't just added

At least on my end it's more existing feats or information that I didn't record properly since SAO Tabletop is 4 years old at this point (Though I'm also refraining from adding stuff like the pain resistance, damage reduction on tank, or somehow working in the thing I just quoted, because we are in a tournament and I should save page revisions for after it's closed) but the thing with FC/OC that's kinda haunted it for years and years is the fact anyone can just say something is a thing, write it on the page and you can't really dispute it unless the structuring or wording is incredibly poor

It's why we purged Tier 1s and 0s for so long, because people could just copypaste popular kinds of justifications and there's nothing that really stopped them from just throwing around immense smurfhax (which is to say, having the character be 6-B or something and then able to use an ability that allows them to kill a 1-A, thus meaning they can always win against people genuinely in their tier by sidestepping said tier with abilities), so we just entirely banned the idea for awhile

Granted, this case isn't anywhere near as bad as that, but I find it a bit concerning that the moment they're about to fight someone with sword techniques that let them go at far higher speed, they suddenly gain the ability to copy sword techniques that hit them, an ability to dramatically increase their speed for three minutes, and an ability to deflect attacks that would "certainly hit", and I worry about the precedent that would set for future FC/OCers

I don't think it's even strictly guaranteed that they lose with just their base moveset, there's still plenty you can argue with and I believe way more in graceful loss then trying to sneak a win, at least when it comes to the art of the debate
No sneak win intended (that's why I asked you for your opinion first), I just realized how GGesom isn't nearly a master swordsman intended, but more of a range type, and though it would make the duel legendary sword against sword (all skills had some weakness to counter them, can't mimic a technique that decapitates you resulting in death for example). But let's try ranged play against the waifu then.
It was a wholesome tournament, with lots of interesting characters, matches, and namely thrilling moments. After a long grace time, it's time to finally close this Low 7-B tournament down, with the final results:

🥇 - Gergy

🥈 - Kai​

🥉 - GGesom and Abliter​

Congrats! Now get lost from the field, especially you 2x SAO tournament stompers

It's cool to see that both two child murderers are in the top 3
War, War never changes

Gergy's also like 15 and given some of the immensely stupid things he did way back when I'd definitely count him in child range, it was fair game

In fact that's the exact same age as Jeffery, so it's just child soldier on child soldier action, fair game in my book