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Sigurd vs Oswald

Yeeee, let the Metal Gear Dragon spam goes on boi, now against someone from ded verse, i hope there is knowledge one who know Orchid Sphere around here since the one is banished to void.

Both of their design are edgy enough, is it? The battle between true king of Titania against the king of warriors, who would win!!?

-Both in character

-Speed are unequalized

-Place located on Scandinavia

-Range: standard meele range

-Win via death!!!

Oswald OdinSphere2


I'm gonna need the reasoning for Oswald's Mountain+ rating explained to me. From what I can see, he gets it from being better than a guy who performed a Low 7-B feat ... Unless I missed something, this is a stomp.
Oh okay.

Gonna wait for better reasoning for Oswald AP then, but then again the only one expert of OS get banished to void because infinite wikia crisis and Kagamine take a break until end of year so yeah...