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Mr Satan (DBH) addition

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Being a GoD candidate, shouldn't he likely/possibly have all of GoD Toppo's abilities? I really can't believe he's a GoD candidate and his powers and abilities section is almost empty, Just my thoughts.
You can ask the Dragon Ball knowledgeable members from this list. Not excluding the possibility of Heroes' Satan possessing GoD Toppo's abilities, but only the ones that are specifically given as the GoD candidate abilities, like Existence Erasure, Void Manipulation, likely limited Telekinesis, Spatial Manipulation and Resistance to Extrasensory Perception. But do we have the proof that Satan will have these abilities with the guarantee? Imho Satan should have them due to the nature of GoD candidate, but again we don't have enough proof for that.
Being a GoD candidate shouldn't necessarily provide all the powers of a GoD (like Toppo). The reason is because in the manga (I know it's not the same canon), it is said that Vegeta could make a good GoD in another universe due to his strength alone, which potentially makes him a candidate to be a future GoD but doesn't bestow upon him the powers.

Another point is that mortals are chosen to be GoDs. So as long as you're strong and possess the qualities, you can be acknowledged to be next in line to become a GoD aka a GoD candidate. Doesn't mean you'll immediately get the powers.

Also, Toppo uses a different form altogether to use GoD powers and I don't think we've seen anything like that from Mr. Satan.
I think Vegeta's case is way different, but nonetheless I'll say you're right in the rest.
No problemo. I'll close this thread now.
Not open for further replies.