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Imperfect Form Juubi vs Heisei Base I Godzilla. Godzilla is at 6-A, Juubi is at High 6-A and speed is equalized. The Juubi is 5 Petatons with its' Bijuudama in this form, and 10 Petatons with its' Tenpenchii. Godzilla's Atomic Breath has an output of 2.5 Petatons per second. Who wins and why?

Yes, I know this is Third Form Juubi; I couldn't find one of Second Form.

Heisei godzilla transparent ver 6 by jacksondeans dczf7xe-pre
Yes, I know this is Heisei II; I couldn't find one of Heisei I

Divine Tree Monster: 1 (Slacjow)

Nuclear Dino:

Eiji Hino:
I don't see why not; Juubi is barely High 6-A and Godzilla is basically at the top of 6-A in terms of sheer AP. Notice how close their AP values are?
Ok then in that case there is no broblem.

As a minimum if Godzilla's breath last by 5 seconds, he will have a minimun AP of 12.5 Petatons which is higher than Juubi (not by far though)

Godzilla also has radiation based attacks and Heat Manipulation (Godzilla's standard atomic breath in the Heisei series is 500,000 degrees Celsius). Also Juubi's weather Mani will powerup Godzilla,, so yeah I'll vote for Goji.
Radiation isn't working on pure energy, and it's regen is helping a lot here too. It should also be able to not make weather bad if it doesn't want to.
However Juubi dooesn't know WM can power-up Godzilla so he will use it at least once, but it will to late when he already notices it.
And..? It's not like the boost is permanent, nor will it be a gamechanger.

With Juubi being stronger, and it's Regenerationn being extremely fast, it'll just regrow any skin or muscle ripped of by blasts before it can get deep enough to negate it's regen. After that, it just keeps beating Godzilla 'till it dies.
Even if it is, a few lighting worth of energy are not changing anything.

And... I never claimed either has Regen Negation. But the Juubi is faster at it from what I remember, and regardless Godzilla can't really kill it while it can just outlast the lizard.
...Is the Juubi made of wood? If so, I do see a beam of half-million degree celcius radiation potentially being a problem for it.

Also, I'm not sure that it really has the upper hand in physical strength to the degree that it needs to beat Godzilla through sheer violence. This is a reptile that can survive in the vaccum of space and was submerged in a volcano for three or four years to no ill effect. He was also more than capable of tanking his own reflected attacks, so take that into consideration.
It's made out of pure energy. The buddha thing was made of wood.

Surviving in the vacuum of space is tier 9 stuff, as is surviving below lava. Even tier 7 nukes reach millions of degrees, against the mere thousands of nukes.
Why does it matter what Juubi is made of?Its not like a fire is going to ignite something that tanked its charged BBs inside and multiple times outside in a contained area.
If I'm not mistaken, the Tenpenchii lightning blasts were concentrated at the crater, not a side-effect.
Slacjow said:
So I was wrong then.

But the individualized explosions near the epicenter look like they're higher intensity is what I was getting at.

Now in the situation that Juubi would simply outlast Godzilla's energy, Godzilla's experience with fuel sources is almost entirely non-linear.

The electrical storm from 84' Goji was enough to restore him from a full KO after having its reactor stopped.

Imperfect Juubi's intelligence could also be detrimental here if its simply a raging creature unable to evolve a stronger attack.
Juubi takes this low diff.

As I already stated it can tank its own BBs inside of its body without taking damage,Godzilla's AP is below something that can't damage Juubi.And it also got Regenerationn,although its not necessary.Juubi has also advantage physically,since it can reshape its body and uses its 10 tails as giant hands.
I've useful news for Heisei era matchups.

This is the official power scaling on the super kaiju, Destoroyah. It claims 500-fold power for the Juvenile form in its transformation into Final Form.

If interpreted as 500 per form, the back-scaling is 2.1 Petatons for a Juvenile Destoroyah at full size, prior to the effects of combining their adaptivity or their eventual de-aggregation via splitting Destoroyah's energy. These at this point in time are easily combated by the common, albeit advanced, military ground units, and not deemed worthy of any assault by the more powerful JSDF Mechs, super vehicles, etc which are sent to fight full size kaiju..

And that makes any less stringent interpretation than that a godstomp in Godzilla's favor.

Apex PredatorX said:
Aggregate form you mean?
No, the juvenile. Which can grow up to 18 meters in fact, fairly large and therefore more powerful than the ones prior.

So the only thing determining Godzilla's power listed in this matchup is the range of his beam, which is unknown, meaning anything else like these pieces of lore can technically go as we have kaiju that have arguable showings of higher range like Battra and Space Godzilla.
We DO remember this is the same Godzilla who had his own blasts returned to him a thousand (or ten thousand) times over and barely even flinched, right? What's the Ten Tails going to do being only a few times more powerful?

We also saw Godzilla can hinder the regenerative abilities of Biollante with his Atomic Breath and Nuclear Pulse for some time, and Biollante's Regenerationn is not only higher but faster. to even slow it down, which is consistent with both film and manga variants, Godzilla's beam would need to deal incredibly high damage
wouldn't this be a stomp then? I mean goji has 0 wincons and a lower tier despite the small ap gap. this shouldn't be counted.