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godzilla (universe)

  1. BigSmoke4269

    charles barkley vs thanos [[grace]]

    both are 6-C. thanos has his sword, as well as his army of chitauri and outriders. speed is equal. charles barkley: 7 thanos:
  2. Apex_PredatorX

    Some new G upgrades

    This upgrade is simple one....Showa MechaG can take King Caesar reflected beams which are 10x times stronger than the original 5.350e+41 Joules x 10 = 5.25e42 Joules Zone Fighter also fought Super Jikiro at the end of the series who is stated to be ×10 times stronger than Jikiro. MG1 is...
  3. Arceus0x

    Height in profiles revision/discussion

    In the profiles of Darling in the franxx we have heights written down, even for the pilots. Idk why but we do. Is this something we need to have or is it unnecessary? Because if it's unnecessary then let's remove it, if it's not then let's begin slowly adding the heights of different monsters...
  4. TyranoDoom30

    Showa Godzilla upgrades: Earth goes boom

    This is simple enough. King Ghidorah 2 is stated by the Garoga Leader to be the best thing in their arsenal to cause destruction, when they have Low 4-C arsenal Plus there are also these scans supporting Planetary destruction (credits to Apex for the scans): Ghidorah was going to bring...
  5. Apex_PredatorX

    Some G upgrades

    This is the long awaited IDW Godzilla upgrade thread! The upgrades are based on calculations of some Godzilla and other monsters feats through the series: 1. Godzilla Kingdom of the Monsters key upgrade to High 6-A, due to the explosion generated by his clash of beams with Battra that splitted...
  6. AceOfSpaces3709

    A Big Alien fights A Big Kaiju

    This was Ultimate Way Big against 22,030 Godzilla Earth Red Spiral Particle Breath was allowed Speed Was Equalized Way Big: Godzilla Earth: Inconclusive:
  7. Lord_JJJ

    Reptiles clash : Yoshi vs Godzilla

    Time to do another Low 2C Mario match Both are Low 2C, Base Yoshi and Burning Godzilla are used, speed equalized as asual, fight take place and an empty and destroyed new york city Yoshi : Moster Strike Godzilla : Incon :
  8. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Losers Round 5, Match 27 (Godzilla-kun VS Dr. Kondraki)

    The semi-final match is next, boys! Both are 10-A, obviously (Kid Anime Godzilla-kun is used here. Anything above 10-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Godzilla-kun (Godzilla): Dr. Kondraki (SCP Foundation): Inconclusive:
  9. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Losers Round 4, Match 25 (Godzilla-kun VS Sherlock Holmes)

    Let the tournament continue! Both are 10-A, obviously (Kid Anime Godzilla-kun is used and anything above 10-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Godzilla-kun (Godzilla): Sherlock Holmes (Movies): Inconclusive:
  10. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Round 3, Match 23 (Mr. Bigglesworth VS Godzilla-kun)

    Let the tournament continue! Both are 10-A, obviously! (Anything above 10-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Mr. Bigglesworth (Warcraft): Godzilla-kun (Godzilla): Inconclusive:
  11. Apex_PredatorX

    Some minor Godzilla upgrades

    1. Ghidorah is visible in all of his universe, he lights it up. Ghidorah should have light and void manipulation as he cames from the void and emits light There should have been nothing wrong with it until a while ago. "" The Gematria arithmetic circuit inside the mainframe is outputting code...
  12. Apex_PredatorX

    Dark Horse Godzilla Upgrade

    In the prequel comic Godzilla Color Special Gekido-jin shakes an island by hit Godzilla. I made a calc about it In last issue Deep beneath the sea, Godzilla sleeps only to suddenly have the earth's tectonic plates shift, the resulting energy engulfing Godzilla. And finally Godzilla's roar...
  13. TyranoDoom30

    Godzilla vs Gomora

    Better matchup than Ultraman vs Godzilla tbh Godzilla vs Gomora Both are High 4-C Speed is equalized SBA Battle takes place in Shangai This is Showa Era Gomora Lizard: 3 (SGKK, Arceus0x, Sonicflare9) Greymon: Thunder McQueen:
  14. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Round 2, Match 14 (Godzilla-kun VS Phineas Flynn)

    Let the tournament continue! Both are 10-A, obviously (Anything above 10-A is restricted) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized Godzilla-kun (Godzilla): Phineas Flynn (Phineas and Ferb): Inconclusive:
  15. TyranoDoom30

    Question about Anime Ghidorah's statement

    as we know, Ghidorah is capable of devouring everything in the universe. however, we treat it as if it was just stars as seen with the Neuron Star in the profile, but discards other things as it states that he can devour EVERYTHING in the Universe, which is obviously refering more than just...
  16. Tllmbrg

    Godzilla Verse Stealth

    Okay someone give evidence for each monster that has Stealth Mastery listed as a power or we're removing it because giant monsters need evidence for this sort of stuff
  17. Tllmbrg

    The Godzilla In Hell Revision

    Okay so this will be a revision for all the Godzilla in Hell Nuclear Reactor Demon: Literally how in any way can he scale to Godzilla? This's their "fight" and no I don't care it's labeled as a possibly he literally did nothing to Godzilla, remove that second Key please and thanks Hellbat: Why...
  18. 1000TonsofFun

    Slight Godzilla CRT

    So the Monsterverse Godzilla is currently High 6-C. I have my own opinions about that rating but I’m not going to go into them here. What I will say is that for some reason he’s listed as Large Island level rather than Large Island level+ despite his calc being over 550 gigatons. This is a minor...
  19. TyranoDoom30

    Strongest Godzilla (Here) vs Strongest Kong

    MS Godzilla vs Magic Domain Kong Both are 2-B This is Awakened G X EVA 13 Godzilla vs Full Pówer Kong Speed and size are equalized Location is New York Music (sorry for big ass image and the last one not working) Godzilla: 6 (SGKK, Lord_JJJ, sanicspood, Shizuka, The_Unknown_Warrior1, Ned...
  20. TyranoDoom30

    Destoroyah keys additions

    Destoroyah being just 5-B it's because of his Perfect form, not adressing the other forms which are clearly not that level. so it should be Key: Microscopic Form | Juvenile Form | Aggregate Form/Flying Form | Perfect Form Microscopic Form: Below Average Human level (Is a microsopic being)...
  21. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    10-A Tournament Round 1, Match 3 (SCP-008 VS Godzilla-kun)

    Let the tournament continue! Both are 10-A (Infected Article Canon 008 and Kid Anime Godzilla-kun are used here) Both have prior knowledge of each other Speed is equalized SCP-008 (SCP Foundation): Godzilla-kun (Godzilla): I flip a coin:
  22. 1000TonsofFun

    Slight MV revision

    According to this opening/viral marketing for Godzilla vs Kong Methuselah has beaten the Queen MUTO. Now this does have issues such as Godzilla and Ghidorah’s weights but there don’t seem to be many issues with this. Therefore, I think Methuselah should be upgraded but what are everyone else’s...
  23. Tllmbrg

    Video Game Gorosaurus CRT

    Okay so currently the thing is Island level of jumping high based on this calc Two problems: 1) Where'e the proof that this's a legit scenario to use this sort of calc for, this's hardly a direct attack so I doubt this's meant to be taken as AP 2) Using the canon height unless there's a...
  24. ZeedKrakenZilla

    Showa Godzilla small upgrade

    Upgrades We have an accepted "calc"/feat explanation of King Ghidorah absorbing the Sun energy with a prism, that he laters absorbs its power to himself, the feat being calculated as High 6-A. This affects: King Ghidorah (all keys) Zone Fighter (second and third key) Godzilla (second and third...
  25. 1000TonsofFun

    Monsterverse upgrades

    Okay so the mid end of MUTO Prime’s earthquakes and King Ghidorah’s storm push were accepted here. Should MUTO Prime and everyone who scales to him be upgraded to Country level+. Also the High 6-A tier should be removed from Atomic-Meltdown Godzilla as the more recently accepted version only...
  26. Dusty_Raider

    Chibeara vs Varan

    I want to give some unappreciated kaiju a match. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Chibeara 8-C key https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Varan Speed equalized. V: C: I:
  27. 1000TonsofFun

    Atomic-Meltdown Godzilla revisions

    This calc that I wrote and @Godzilla King of the Monsters has improved I believe has been accepted. This would put Burning G at around High 6A. Can I or someone else edit the page or can we not yet? I am new to this forum
  28. Dusty_Raider

    Godzillasaurus vs King Kong

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/King_Kong_(Universal) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Godzilla_(Heisei) first key Speed equalized K: 3 G: I:
  29. Apex_PredatorX

    '''Some minor Evangelion updates (Godzilla-Eva Hybrids)'''

    As many people should know there KE calcs are no longer accepted, so Godzilla-Eva hybrids will likely lose their tier and should be put in unknown tier.... Nah just kidding, I made a calc request for some feats in Evangelion Breaking Dawn the results were Al least Town level mechas from All of...
  30. Apex_PredatorX

    Shinkalion E5 feats

    According the Bio of Mad Feliz a kaiju from the anime he was actually producing actual Light lasers Mad Feliz  A monster created by gathering attractions from an abandoned amusement park in Fukushima Prefecture. The body length is about 50m. An omnidirectional attack with a flash of light...
  31. Apex_PredatorX

    Proposal to split some Godzilla profiles

    Alright, lets do it! When I made Snow Godzilla I forget to clarify certain things: 1. Godzilla damaged Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa Mark II the most powerful form of E5. 2. Godzilla is able to damage E5 with physical attacks and Atomic breath NOTE: Some profiles can be split into different...
  32. Dusty_Raider

    Zilla fights a bunch of worms

    Zilla was suddenly taken to new land that seemed to be a desert of some kind then he hears a rumbling sound. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Deathworm 1 Alpha Deathworm and 3 normal ones. 0.56~ton ap/dura for normal ones I believe with The Alpha scaling higher...
  33. ShrekAnakin

    Mechagodzilla AZ canon calc

    Okay, so inspecting this calc with a friend on Discord, we've discovered that this calc is massively inflated https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Lucifer_Queen_of_the_Underworld/Kiryu%27s_Absolute_Zero_Cannon Reasons being it uses sub-atomization, when the description in the movie is...
  34. Tllmbrg

    Godzillas Downgrade

    Aight so the following versions of movie Godzillas (Outside Monsterverse, I'll have a separate thread for him) need to be downgraded and people who scale to them and downgrade what ever faulty stuff they scale from Original The durability is wrong, him swimming in the waters he boiled would not...
  35. Tllmbrg

    Showa and Zone downgrade

    Okay so Zone Fighter and Showa Era Godzilla has Low 6-B rating off King Ghidora shaking Venus and from there some 10 times multiplier thing The multiplier I do not have a problem with, the feat on the other hand is pure boloney Here's the thing, we only know KG shook Venus, we do not know how...
  36. TyranoDoom30

    a robot vs God Of Monsters

    Zero vs Godzilla (Senki Zesshou Symphogear Version) size is equalized Heisei Godzilla but stronger: Blonde guy: Inconclusive:
  37. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Godzilla vs Gamera: Showa Edition

    Both high 6-C Speed = * Godzilla * Gamera
  38. Unwanteduser48

    Unpopular Opinion: my own version

    My Unpopular opinion: I like JoJo but not at all: The writer is inconsistent with the world he created. In Johnathan saga, we learnt about masks and Harmon and it continues in Joseph's saga where we learnt about Pillar men and why harmon was effective weapon to defeat them. But when it entered...
  39. TyranoDoom30

    Godzilla profiles Content Revisions

    Part 1: Godzilla Vs Megaguirus Godzilla upgrade I dont understand how GVM Godzilla is only Mountain Level When in Reality he's way Higher than that. On the profile,It listens the Black hole resistance then the tiering placement just ignores it. If you survive a small Black hole and destroy...
  40. Unwanteduser48

    Gipsy Danger vs Gamera (Heisei)

    Speed Equalized Both are High 7-A Evangelion in America Gamera: Godzilla comes and destroys both of them Battle theme: If Gamera wins: (kinda cringe) If Gipsy Danger wins: If they both lose:
  41. Ionliosite

    Mother of all Monsters vs King of the Monsters

    Echidna vs Gozilla Burning Godzilla is being used Speed equal Echidna has her Immo and Regen restricted and Godzilla can affect her This match obviously can't be added, but I made it anyway because it was thematic.
  42. Unwanteduser48

    Kars vs Shin Godzilla

    I got advice from a user named "Thebananaworkshop" which named after his banana company Rules: Speed is not equalized because I used the 7-C Goji (It's just Godzilla with his abilities) Ultimate Life form Kars is used 4th form Shin Godzilla is used...
  43. Unwanteduser48

    Ultimate Life Form Kars vs a big ass 8-C (Not sure if this a Stomp)

    Ultimate Life Form Kars vs Godzilla 1998 (TriStar) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Godzilla_(TriStar) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kars#Kars Speed Equalized Music used in the battle: Anyway, vote: "God"zilla: The "Ultimate" Lifeform: Incon:
  44. Arceus0x

    Godzilla - the new General discussion thread

    The last thread seemed dead and with the new forum i decided i might as well make this one to discuss anything about godzilla.
  45. ZeedKrakenZilla

    A small addition to GMK Godzilla.

    So, shouldn't he have Resistance to Soul Manipulation since he contains multiple souls? Shang Tsung, Ermac and Photoshop Flowey have resistance to soul manipulation via containing multiple souls, so i think that Godzilla should get this.
  46. Spinoirr

    Godzilla vs towa

    Speed is = and both are 2-A (xenoverse 2 towa) Towa: Godzilla (Super Robot Wars):
  47. Eva132

    Tanjirou vs Godzilla!

    I hope is not a stomp Rules: Post-Breath of the Sun Mastery Tanjirou is used Speed equalized Both in character Tanjirou has his Standard Equipment Battle on Earth, on a distant forest All abilities allowed Win by death or KO Who wins and why? Tanjirou Kamado: Godzilla: Inconclusive:
  48. Arceus0x

    Possible addition/buff for Monsterverse big G

    currently godzilla is scaling from the Chicxulub Impact Event...kinda. There seems to have been something rewised in there but it doesn't seem to have affected anything. here is the godzilla feat page calc, call me out if im being an idiot here -...
  49. Lord_JJJ

    Mecha Goku vs Mecha Godzilla (Grace)

    Both 2A Both in character but willing to kill Speed is equal Both at thier Stroger Mecha Goku : Mechagodzilla :
  50. Sans2345

    The Giants (Trevor Henderson) VS Godzilla (Original)

    Both high 8-C speed is equalized win via by death incap or KO SBA Godzilla: 4 (EnnardTrap1987) (Roachman40) (ZeedKrakenZilla) (Ican'tthinkof1goodname) The Giants: 1 (LocalCryptidz) Incon: 0 VS
  51. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Godzilla attempts to clear the One-Punch Man-verse

    Round 1: Original Godzilla Round 2: Showa Godzilla Round 3: Heisei Godzilla Round 4: TriStar Godzilla Round 5: 2000: Millennium Godzilla Round 6: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Godzilla Round 7: GMK Godzilla Round 8: Kiryu Saga Godzilla Round 9: Final Wars Godzilla Round 10: MonsterVerse...
  52. Tots_Real

    Godzilla (MonsterVerse) Vs Smaug

    Fightt takes place in the middle of the great plain starting off 1 mile appart. Both know the other's possition. Godzilla is in his base.
  53. Eva132

    Homura Kogetsu vs. Godzilla!

    I hope is not a stomp Rules: Speed equalized Both in character Homura has her Standard Equipment Battle on Earth, on a distant forest All abilities allowed Win by death or KO Who wins and why? Homura Kōgetsu: Godzilla: Inconclusive:
  54. Kaijuzilla125

    Giorno Giovanna (w/Gold Experience Requiem) vs. Composite Godzilla

    Would Giorno be able to nullify all of Godzilla's attacks with GER?
  55. fandom_123d5678


    why composite godzilla got erased. please give it back you didt do the link why! (sobbing)
  56. The_Smashor

    "The longer Godzilla is on earth, the stronger he will become"

    Rules: Speed Equalized. Both are 7-A. Otherwise SBA. AP: 206.34 Megatons AP: 655.67848396272 Megatons Godzilla Earth: Icon of Si: Inconclusive:
  57. Apex_PredatorX

    Desghidorah posible upgrade

    I Made this blog Time ago explaining how many energy Will produce to absorb all bio Mass of a planet like Earth. Common_Feat:_Absorption_of_the_biomass_of_a_planet_like_Earth Desghidorah absorbed the life force of Mars and other planets. So I propose an upgrade to Rebirth of Mothra characters...
  58. Roachman40

    Moth fights a Termite

    Speed is Equalized Both are Low 2-C Mothra 1 Wood Termite: 1 Inconclusive:
  59. Adem_Warlock69

    Xeno Trunks Fights a High 7-A

    Trunks is at 2-B and Godzilla is at High 7-A Super Saiyan God/Keysword Trunks is used Speed is = They start 50 meters away from each other Both are In-Character Xeno Trunks: Godzilla: Incon:
  60. Adem_Warlock69

    The Conductor Fights The king of all monsters

    The Conductor was trying to make a Train-related Western that had Godzilla, But Godzilla wasn't having it The Conductor is at 4-A and Godzilla is at High 7-A Normal Conductor is used The Conductor has pior knowledge Speed is = Fight takes place inside Dead Bird Studio They start 50 meters...
  61. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs T-rex

    So this is a thing, eh? Godzilla (Monster Strike) vs T-rex (Weird n' Wild Creatures) Godzilla x Eva 13 Speed equalized
  62. The_real_cal_howard

    King Ghidorah vs Rayquaza

    This does work. Dragons. Base for both. Speed equal. Rayquaza King Ghidorah (Heisei)
  63. Apex_PredatorX

    Godzilla Earth Upgrade and King Ghidorah downgrade

    We are gonna disscuss two points today. 1. King Ghidorah anime downgrade. Our tiering system changes make Ghidorah not able to be Tier High 3-A anymore, I'll explain why: Being 4-D is no longer a warrante to be ranked on a higher tier unless the character can accomplish on of these...
  64. ShrekAnakin

    Bionicle takes on Godzilla

    Both 7-B, speed equalized, both in character, who wins and why? Nuju vs Godzilla, here we come! My second favorite kaiju besides Roda: 0 My favorite telekinetic toa: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  65. Buttersamuri

    Butters Misleading Brackets Round 1: Shin Godzilla vs Deathstroke

    Welcome to the first round of our misleading fighters! These people sound like they are powerhouses, but really, it's their wall level versions. Our first bout is between Deathstroke from the Knights and Dragons series, Submitted by CrazyLatin77, going up against Shin Godzilla, from the Godzilla...

    Doom Slayer vs Godzilla

    7-C 2016 Doom Slayer is used. Speed Equalized. Slayer: Godzilla: Incon:
  67. Christian_Higdon

    Azathoth vs Composite Godzilla (This is a joke kinda)

    You know how Demonbane got downgraded? Well, apparently Azathoth is decently powerful. Speed equal. Both are 2-A. Divine Godzilla vs Azathoth. Battle is across the multiverse. Who wins? Azathoth: 0 Godzilla: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  68. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Amira vs Godzilla

    aaaaahfwefwewgwlewlegwejklewwe Reverse Snake vs Gorilla Whale Lizard God Both are at their peak. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the Sahara Desert and they start 50 meters away from each other.
  69. Kiryu2012

    Fixing up Marvel Godzilla's profile

    First and foremost, when has this Godzilla ever shown low-mid to low-high Regenerationn? As far as I'm aware, he never showed Regenerationn of this caliber. Secondly, Godzilla only has radiation manipulation via his fire breath; this needs to be clarified on his profile.
  70. Gojii-san

    Shin King Ghidorah and scaling

    While there are no Rebuild profiles for the 3 pilots whom this Ghidorah fights, for the sake of making the profile as accurate as possible, some calculations on those guys should be done in order to get the stats on him. As it is, all you really get from it is the storm, which isn't even used in...
  71. Tots_Real

    King Ghidorah Vs King (Nanatsu no Taizai)

    Both 6-B Fight takes place in panama Speed Equalized
  72. Lord_JJJ

    Goku VS Godzilla : The battle of the Stronger incarnation (Grace)

    Xeno Goku VS Super Robot Wars Godzilla 2B VS 2A Speed is equal Both are in their strongest Son Goku (Xeno) : 9 Godzilla (Super Robot Wars) : Please do not be a Stomp
  73. Lord_JJJ

    Goku VS Godzilla.........AGAIN

    Black Saga SSJ Chou Goku with access to SSJ2 and SSJ3 is used both are not Low 2C or 3A and speed is equal They are 50 meters away from each other The fight takes place on an uninhabited island The King Of Monsters : The Saiyan From Earth :
  74. Psychomaster35

    Gojira Finds Out His Value

    Long story short, Godzilla decided to go raid Goiky and cause destruction there. Four was not happy about this since hes been disrupting his challenges, and proceeds to fight the kaiju. Speed is equalized, both are 5-A, and Godzilla has all his necessary powerups. Four doesnt have the AFB, and...
  75. Roachman40

    Godzilla Discussion Thread

    Just a normal Godzilla discussion thread, you can bring up anything Godzilla here, so have fun!
  76. Gojii-san

    Wall level 5th form

    Given how Shin is perfectly capable of synthesizing completely elements on a whim and his land forms are already partially composed of stupidly durable materials that prevent him from collapsing onto himself by simply existing (let alone moving much faster than any creator of his size should)...
  77. M3X

    Geralt Of Rivia Vs Shin Godzilla

    A contract to kill a monster, a big one this time. Geralt of Rivia (Video Games) Shin Godzilla Speed equal, Blood And Wine Geralt, 8-B key for Godzilla. SBA.
  78. The_Wright_Way

    Godzilla reads Homestuck ~ Godzilla vs John Egbert

    I'm so sorry, Goji. Before anyone brings it up, Mid-Godly only activates upon death. Godzilla can knock him out. Super Robot Wars Godzilla vs Base God-Tier John Egbert vs.
  79. Kiryu2012

    Kiryu vs Kiryu (Stats Equalized)

    Kiryu vs Kiryu Fight takes place in Kabukicho, Tokyo AP, speed, durability, and size equalized
  80. Spinoirr

    Nrg vs Godzilla

    Both are 7-A and speed is = Godzilla (Godzilla vs. Megaguirus): NRG:
  81. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs Kong-Zilla Round 2

    Godzilla (The Simpsons) vs Kong-Zilla Speed equalized.
  82. Spinoirr

    Low 7-B brakets nutshack dude vs godzilla

    Speed is = and both are low 7-B Godzilla (Atari) 5 Phil Matibag:
  83. Dusty_Raider

    Baby Yoda fights Godzilla...kinda

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Godzilla_Jr.?mobile-app=false https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Child Speed is equalized and Goji starts within the range of the force. Baby Yoda: 1 Goji jr: Incon:
  84. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs Rozan

    Godzilla vs Roza Fight takes place in Tokyo. Speed equalized.
  85. Kiryu2012

    Night Train to Mundo Fine Meta/Registration

    You don't know how it happened, but suddenly you find yourself in a strange new world, filled with somewhat familiar, yet still so different, lifeforms. All you can do is traverse this newfound realm, and hope that you can find a way out without succumbing to its primal forces. Character...
  86. Dusty_Raider

    Baby Zilla vs Velociraptor

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Baby_Godzilla_(TriStar)?mobile-app=false https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Velociraptor_(Jurassic_Park) Both 9-C and speed equalized Goji: 6 Raptors: 1 Incon:
  87. Ionliosite

    Shinji vs Asuka: Mechagodzilla Edition

    Asuka vs. Shinji Speed is equalized Kiryu Asuka and Type-3 Kiryu Shinji will be used All other Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins and why?
  88. Iisdude1


    Doomslayer vs Showa Godzilla Low 7-B Slayer: Godzilla: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Godzilla_(Showa) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Doomguy
  89. Kiryu2012

    Hobbes vs Godzilla-Kun

    Hobbes vs Godzilla-Ku Speed equalized Godzilla doesn't have his items Rawr!
  90. ZeedKrakenZilla

    Ghidorah Upgrade

    In "Godzilla in Hell", Issue 4, King Ghidorah and Destoroyah fought with Godzilla, that would make him High 5-A, right?
  91. Kiryu2012

    Orga vs Melone (Stats Equalized)

    Orga vs Melone Fight takes place in Yakushima AP, speed, durability, and size equalized Both have previously acquired the DNA of Shin Godzilla, with Orga becoming a hybrid and Melone creating a Shin-based Junior Orga can see and attack Junior
  92. Kiryu2012

    3-A Godzilla Duel

    Godzilla (Super Robot Wars) vs Burning Godzilla (Monster Strike) Speed equalized.
  93. Iisdude1

    Galvatron vs Spacegodzilla

    Speed equal Galvatron: 5 Spacegodzilla: Speed equal
  94. The_Wright_Way

    Cole vs Godzilla

    Base inFAMOUS 2 Cole vs 22,030 Godzilla Earth Speed Equalized. vs.
  95. The_Wright_Way

    Of Monsters and Men ~ Bertrand vs Godzilla

    Might eventually write a story for this. Base Super Godzilla. Speed Equalized. vs.
  96. Infera28

    Godzilla (Heisei) vs Thanos (MCU)

    Godzilla (Heisei) vs Thanos (MCU) Thanos has reality, space and power stones 5-A Equal speeds Both are bloodlusted Godzilla: Thanos: Inconclusive:
  97. DVD181

    Juubi vs Godzilla (1-0-0)

    Imperfect Form Juubi vs Heisei Base I Godzilla. Godzilla is at 6-A, Juubi is at High 6-A and speed is equalized. The Juubi is 5 Petatons with its' Bijuudama in this form, and 10 Petatons with its' Tenpenchii. Godzilla's Atomic Breath has an output of 2.5 Petatons per second. Who wins and...
  98. Dusty_Raider

    All Might vs MechaGodzilla

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/All_Might https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mechagodzilla_(Showa)?mobile-app=false Starting range is 50 meters, both are low 7-B, and speed is equalized MG: 1 AM: I:
  99. DVD181

    Finally found a match for both these characters...

    GMK Godzilla vs The Millennium Earl . Both at 7-B; speed is equalized. Win via death. Who wins and why? Zack Snyder Clown: War Crimes given physical form: YEET: Hope to god this isn't another weird stomp. Also, FFS, we need more D.Gray-Man fights on this site.
  100. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs Invisible Dragon

    Godzilla vs Invisible Drago Both are at their strongest and speed is equalized