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Issei Hyoudo VS Eiji Hino

In thus alternate universe, Issei would goes through a trial in order to surpass his own limits by fighting hero from the past. The first one would be non other than the Unlimited King himself.

-Eiji in his EoS form.

-Issei in Cardinal Crimson Promotion (6-C)

-Speed equalized

-They are fighting inside a copy of Tokyo city, devoided of all life.

-They are starting 50 meters away from eachother.

-Both are in-character, but willing to goes all out against eachother.

-Eiji start off in Gatakiriba.

Some Pervert:

Some Hobo:
Hizack123 said:
If this key Eiji have type 8 immortality then he stomp
Eiji may have type 8 but it isnt nearly as potent as one might think. The reform does take a bit of time but still enough to be combat applicable with key weakness as well.
I mean, can't Issei just stat amp out the ass and halves Eiji's power?

He seem to do that a lot.
Nicetoderp said:
I mean, can't Issei just stat amp out the ass and halves Eiji's power?

He seem to do that a lot.
Well stat amp is probaly the win condition that issei has against eiji because i don't think issei using divine dividing a good thing against eiji . Divine divding main ability is divide oppenent attack to half and absorbed the energy from those attack . So the main problem here is that most of eiji attack has void atribute that EE people and i'm sure if issei use divine dividing he just going to faster the process of EE on himself.