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kamen rider

  1. Armorchompy

    Low 7-B Tournament - Neopolitan (RWBY) vs Kamen Rider Double

    Speed Equalized, fight takes place outside a McDonalds parking lot. Neo is 1 Megatons Kamen Rider is >>1 Megaton. AP advantage for Double. Neopolitan (Post-Haven/Atlas): 0 Kamen Rider Double: 0 Incon: 0
  2. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider/Super Sentai: Minor Civilian and Speed Revisions

    Before anyone asks, I'm allowed to do this since Kamen Rider and Super Sentai share a multiverse, as well as having had canonical crossovers with each other. Kinda like how I could cover the Raimiverse, TASMverse, and MCU in my No Way Home revision Lets get into it Eiji Hino Recently, this...
  3. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Blade: Civilian Upgrades and Revisions

    For this revision, there's four things I wanna cover: Upgrading three Blade Riders based on this approved durability calc for Kenzaki Making some adjustments to speed scaling and lifting strength scaling Removing the Joker Undead rating from Kenzaki's profile Move Hajime's rating as the Joker...
  4. Minaaaa

    Kamen Rider Revice Revision

    The Revice Profiles are a little outdated and need updating so let's fix that Scaling Changes Since Kamen Rider Jeanne is now 'At least Low 1-C Due to Girls Remix, This rating should apply to the rest of the revice riders (Revice, Live, Demons) Key Changes This should be simple enough New...
  5. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Wizard Base Styles Upgrade + Fourze key additions

    So with all the Kamen Rider revisions with Showa that have heavily impacted Heisei, I've still been bothered by how Wizard's Base Styles are stuck at High 8-C. The calc and feat isn't inapplicable for scaling or anything, but its far from his highest display of power. I figured I should cover...
  6. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions Final: Shin, ZO & J

    We finally reached the end of Showa Kamen Rider Revisions, a project that I started over a year ago, since I, a die hard fan of Showa Tokusatsu as a whole, could not let this wiki with only four Showa profiles (Ichigo, Nigo, Black and Shin). But now, they have their deserved respect, being the...
  7. The_King_of_Prudence

    Ride-Player Nico

    I'm pretty sure she's only called "Kamen Rider Nico" (jokingly, but still) in the entire show. I'm aware the rest of the cast have something similar ("Action Gamer", and so fourth), but it seems like a strange thing to call her.
  8. Robo432343

    Kamen Rider Oma Zi O vs Alpha (Xenoblade)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Oma_Zi-O vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Alpha_(Xenoblade)#Avatar SBA Speed Equal
  9. Gonzalo

    Requesting to add a scan of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

    My revisions are not impressive, as I only ask to add scans of something and I was watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I would like to add the following being resistance to Emu's Time Stop.
  10. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Zi-O Conceptual Revision

    Well, it's another thread of me with the Zi-O's shenanigans, i guess you wouldn't be surprise anyway. Today thread is about Ridewatch and its conceptual relation. Rider's power Rider are the axis of their worlds/universes, the power inside them are what keep the world in stable, Tsukuyomi's...
  11. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider G Revision

    Revision for the Greatest Rider in History Ever Made: Kamen Rider G! Kamen Rider G's Stats Currently, G is being rated as "At least 9-B untransformed, 9-A as G" for the following reason: As the justification put it, G was able to fight and defeat several Worms, aka the main antagonist force in...
  12. Nero Respect Thred

    Here's a respect thread focusing on the main villain of the manhwa Meow Rangers, Nero A genocidal cat who wants to cleanse humanity because of their horrible mistreatment of her kind https://webcomicvsblog.blogspot.com/2023/08/nero-is-purr-fect-for-death-battle.html
  13. BERRIES555

    Kamen Rider Saber Intelligence Upgrade

    Alright, this will be a simple CRT. By the end of Saber, Touma obtains the Wonder Almighty Book to recreate the Universe as well as Wonder World. By possessing the new Almighty Wonder Book, he recreated the entire universe, thus knowing everything from the world's beginning to its demise...
  14. Minaaaa

    Kamen Rider Zero One Ap Upgrade

    Hellrising Hopper Key In the RealxTime movie, Aruto gets a form called Hellrising Hopper, with the key being stated to be able to destroy the world. This statement means nothing until you combine it with another statement from the movie This shows that the hellrising key is able to not only...
  15. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Hercules (smite) vs Kamen rider build

    Build Hercules rules: Both Low 2-C War arc sento is used speed equalized sento starts with rabbit tank No knowledge of each other both in-character battle takes place in Central Park They start 3ft apart Victory Conditions: Incapacitation or death Note: If the rules have any bias...
  16. Kamenriderblaze

    question about saver 's beyond dimensional existence

    i still don't understand why "no longer constrained by material worlds and also transcends its space-time" part give him this. can you explain this to me would be thankful
  17. Robo432343

    Kamen Rider Saber vs Neron

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Saber vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Neron_(Pre-Flashpoint) SBA Speed =
  18. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Black RX

    Some of the stuff mentioned here were already accepted before the previous thread, so I'll just list the old version of the page that includes RX. Let me know if I have forgot something, since this was kinda rushed even though it took more than one month for this to be completed. Black Evolution...
  19. Kamenriderblaze

    so kamen rider wizard before gainning hope ring is the most powerful magic user on earth !!!

    he is said to be the most powerful magic user on Earth, according to Space Sheriff Sharivan.This would mean he's stronger than all the magirangers, their villains, and any other magic user ON EARTH, though magic users from other planets or universes may outrank him
  20. Minaaaa

    Toei Tokusatsu High 1-C Cosmology Upgrade

    Braneworlds In the series Engine Sentai Go-Onger, the robot Bomper states that the world is composed of 11 dimensions that exist on membranes And then goes onto say the worlds are layered upon each other like the layers of a cake Furthermore, it goes on to state the worlds exist on a space...
  21. Jamesthetaker

    Did you see the Black Sun - Kamen Rider Black Sun Introduction

    Welcome back to another Kamen Rider revision, this time introducing one of the most recent Kamen Rider series to our verse page: Kamen Rider Black Sun. Kamen Rider Black Sun's specs are taken from the official Kamen Rider Zukan. Updated: I added the AP scaling sandbox, and now we need to vote...
  22. Kamenriderblaze

    who would win in the battle of phoenix

    riser phenex from highschool DXD or the phamtom phoenix from kamen rider wizard stats equalise who would win in this fire bird battle
  23. Ask about Zi-O and Gaim Gaiden

    From what I understand that in the Zi-O timeline (either canon and Over Quarterzs) all the facts of each Rider are canon. So wouldn't Gaim Gaiden's facts make Zi-O's lines their own multiverse? (Since Gaim's novel takes place before the War Gaim x Drive movie.) I'm new to cosmology.
  24. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Battle for 6th Strongest 2-C Non-Smurf (Reimu Hakurei vs KR Saber)

    I'm only like a whole ass month late to making this. Saber is in his Wonder Almighty key, speed equalized, SBA. Reimu: @Quibster, @OverlordDonnelly, @Deidalius, @BERRIES555, @Dragonite007, @GlaceonGamez471, @Alfarro_Unlimited, @Jamesthetaker Saber: @Robo432343, @Lynieryz Incon:
  25. Minaaaa

    Kamen Rider Infinite Speed

    As the thread is titled, I will be talking about giving Kamen Rider infinite speed. First we have to establish that statements from Kamen Rider and Super Sentai have hinted that space is infinite, so this should apply to all the main worlds. Infinite Speed Argument In the series Mahou Sentai...
  26. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    immortality negation type 6 for oma zi-o

    oma zi-o has the abilities of all the riders which would include emu's powers this includes hyper muteki which could do this Regeneration, Immortality, and Resurrection Negation with Hyper Critical Sparking (Negated the power of Gamedeus Machina, who has regeneration and should have the...
  27. Kamenriderblaze

    About kamen rider decade and kamenr ider resistant to plot manipulation ?

    I don't really understand what feat could possibly imply that
  28. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Goku vs build (Dragon Ball vs Kamen Rider)

    Kamehameha Now, shall we begin the experiment Arto what were you smoking: speed equalized sento has knowledge of goku and is bloodlusted First key goku vs evolt arc sento (both 2-C) battle takes place on final destination super smash bros brawl they start 7ft apart Victory condition...
  29. MagiSinbad

    The Thought Robot vs Kamen Rider Gaim

    Thought Robot: Kamen Rider Gaim: Gaim is in his Man of Beginning key Both are 6-D. Speed Equalized SBA
  30. ZeedKZ

    Minor Kamen Rider Stronger CRT

    Expected the next revision being for Black RX? Me too, but then Kamen Rider Zukan surprises us with specs for Stronger. This revision isn't gonna be really big because it doesn't adds too much besides a few things. All references are here, just click on Stronger's icon. Kamen Rider Stronger...
  31. Sir_Ovens

    Kamen Rider Upgrades - Cosmology Update Edition!

    As we've gone through in this thread, the Kamen Rider cosmology has been updated. This will entail a few changes to the tiers and abilities of a few characters. 1-C Downgrade Due to the previous thread, all 8D characters that scaled to Saver will now be lowered to 6D. This is due to the Toei...
  32. ZeedKZ

    Old vs. Older, Green vs. Black - Kamen Rider Ichigo vs. Kamen Rider Black

    SBA Speed equalized. High 6-C versions used. Rider Power is restricted. Location: Tokyo at night. Kamen Rider Ichigo (New Ichigo) scales to 539.1 Gigatons. Kamen Rider Black (Bilgenia Arc) scales to 325.1 Gigatons. Kamen Rider Ichigo: 6 (@MagiSinbad @BERRIES555 @Doggo @Jamesthetaker @Mr._Arabe...
  33. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Black

    Here I am with another Showa Kamen Rider CRT, this time covering our black grasshopper, Kamen Rider Black. While I did revised the whole series in a few days, the thread took that long since college and depression were comboing my will to do it. This CRT will only covers Kamen Rider Black, so do...
  34. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Kid monkey fights a Brave Dragon (Goku vs Kamen Rider Saber)

    I will decide this battles ending Monkey Incon: Rules: Both High 8-C (Commander Red Saga Goku vs Beginning of Story (1-22) saber are used) speed is equalized Wonder guardian and resonated Rekka are restricted. anything higher than brave dragon and volume 2 forms is restricted. no...
  35. Robo432343

    Ji Ning vs Kamen Rider Ghost

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ji_Ning_(Three_Realms) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Ghost Both High 4-C SBA otherwise Speed =
  36. Sir_Ovens

    Toei Tokusatsu Cosmology Revision Tsuu

    Back at it again. Based on the disagreement in the previous thread, I have adjusted the tiers on the blog. Taking away the 7D statement, the hierarchy of the characters do not really change; the only thing that changes is their dimensionality. As such, I will simply list out the new dimensional...
  37. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Zi-O revision again

    This will be my last revision of Zi-O rider ever. Universal abilities Limited resistance to Time stop (They can remain the consciousness in time stop field, and move their body with limited extent) Extrasensory Perception (Can detect the existence of Another Rider) Nonexistent Physiology...
  38. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Faiz: Brief Addition

    This is very simple. Likely incredibly simple When fighting an Orphnoch (all of which possess enhanced senses), Takumi manages to vanish from its line of site, leaving it fairly confused while he hides. Stealth Mastery, of course This happens in episode 8 of Kamen Rider 555 Thoughts?
  39. Abscoolguy

    What is the proof of Kamen Rider Heisei Generations being canon?

    Hi, I see 1-C stats for characters like Build based on this movie, the wiki says it's not canon and was confirmed apparently. I want to ask the evidence for this wiki treating it as canon
  40. Sir_Ovens

    Toei Tokusatsu Cosmology Upgrade

    Introduction Title is a bit misleading as we currently only have Kamen Rider profiles. But eventually we intend to have all Toei Tokusatsu properties on the wiki so this revision is important. Most of what I will be presenting can be found on this blog. Shoutout to the Toei Tokusatsu Discord...
  41. BERRIES555

    Ryuki vs Blade: Advent of Aces (0-7-1)

    This match will be our second team fight between Riders. This time, it is between the three primary Riders of both Ryuki and Blade Kamen Rider Ryuki, Knight and Zolda vs Kamen Rider Blade, Garren, and Chalice (James, Ixa, Magi, Meteor, Pepper, DarkWarths, AThe) Conditions: Ryuki and Knight...
  42. Unqver

    Why Kamen Rider buildexist2-c,even1-c,As far as I know,their world generally refers to the earth or contain the earth.

    About picture 1You should be able to see at a glance that there are many parallel worlds within the universe,And it refers to Earth Picture 2:平成ライダーシリーズにおいて番組終 了後のVシネ展開は定番ではあるものの 一度終わった作品をとのように起動する のか? という点には適切な舵取りが必 要で、送り手にとって難しい課題とも なっている。「ビルド」の次なる物語やい かに? V cine deployment after the end of...
  43. Robo432343

    Kratos vs Kamen Rider Saber

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kratos Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Saber Both 2-C SBA Speed =
  44. Sir_Ovens

    Little Red Riding Hood - Inui Takumi vs Ruby Rose

    What a cool belt you have, Grandma. The Wolf vs The Girl Base Faiz and Post-Haven Ruby. Axel form is restricted. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  45. Spinoirr

    High 6-A Tournament: Kamen Rider Zero-One in Metal Cluster Hopper vs Luffy (gear 5)

    Rules: All mentioned in the official Tournament thread Speed is equal Fight takes place on mobius Luffy (gear 5): Kamen Rider Zero-One in Metal Cluster Hopper:
  46. Kamenriderblaze

    Does ohma zi-o have reiwa rider power

    Again i have a friend said that he doesn't believe that Ohma zi-o doesn't have genm billion power Because that power was from reiwa ???
  47. Nicetoderp

    (8-5-0) Kamen Rider Zero-One VS Issei Hyoudo. (Battle for the 10th strongest non-smurf 7-A)

    -Workplace Competition and Juggernaut Drive Issei is used. -Zero-One start off is Shinning Assault Hopper. -Speed is equalized. -Otherwise SBA. The CEO of Precognition: 8 (MagiSinbad, Lynieryz, nicetoderp, Kisaragi_Megumi, BERRIES555, IxaSaga2, Jeodood, Lonkitt) Oppai Dragon Burst Mode: 5...
  48. Nicetoderp

    Scorpion VS Spider. (Horobi VS Alice Fuji)

    -9-B key for both side. -Horobi is restricted from using Attach Arrow and transform. -Both side have no prior knowledge of eachother other than the fact that Alice is an assassin and Horobi is an ex-terrorist. -Battle took place in an abandoned parking lot, 10 meter away from eachother...
  49. Kamenriderblaze

    Is there anyone know Vietnamese on this site please give me your thought on this video

    Can you please give me your thought on these video ? https://m.youtube.com/@AbyssDwellerthetokutuber/playlists I asked my friend to semt me this list
  50. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: ZX

    No Super-1 revisions as the series adds nothing to scaling or powers, if you haven't seen the new profiles, here they are. Kamen Rider Super-1 Dogma Kingdom (General Megarl, Emperor Terror Macro) Jin Dogma (Marshal Demon) This revision will be extremely short as Kamen Rider ZX's first...
  51. Sir_Ovens

    All According to Plan - Kuroto Dan vs Sosuke Aizen

    CEO of Genm Musou Corporation vs Captain of the 5th Division Musou Gamer Genm and Thousand Year Blood War Aizen. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  52. Sir_Ovens

    Perfect Evil - Ark-Zero vs Salem

    The kingdom of Atlas is under siege by the nefarious Salem. Her hideous Monstra had managed to breach the defenses of the floating city and now Grimm are pouring en masse upon the once thought beacon of hope. "The kingdom isn't fully evacuated yet. We must hold her back at all costs!" The...
  53. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Gaim Acausality 5

    This thread was held after the staffs have done their works with Acausality 5, though I have seen Acausality 5 being discussed again, so here it goes. In the previous thread, Destruction and Creation were treated as a fundamental aspect across the entire multiverse, an absolute fate and...
  54. koopa3144

    Stat equalization Tournament for the Undead Round 11! (Revenant vs Kamen Rider Blade)

    The zombies... are coming... Match rules: All stats except Intelligence are equalized. SBA are being used. The fight takes place in Helltower. Revenant is in Modern key. Revenant: 0 Kamen Rider Blade: 0 Incon: 0
  55. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider specs part 15 (1): Zi-O rider's forgotten abilities revision

    It's me again with Zi-O stuffs, there are few things i want to change in Zi-O rider's profile So here is the sandbox i've made for the revision https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Omazio2019/sandbox If you don't want to waste your time in reading my endlessly-text sandbox, i'll summary the...
  56. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Upgrades: V to V

    In shadows deep, where darkness reigns There lurks a king with wicked aims His name is whispered, feared by all King Dark, the villain, standing tall Expected Super-1? ZX? WRONG. Get back at 74' with our X-Rider because we missed some good stuff. Kamen Rider X His new specs are out and with...
  57. Omazio2019

    Gaim simple revision

    Gaim novel has passed for a long times ago but i think there is something missing from their profile. Kugai Kudo (Kamen Rider Saver) After died in Sengoku experiment, he had lost his physical body and became a pure higher dimensional energy or mental existence Scan Kouta Kazuraba (Kamen...
  58. koopa3144

    Stat equalization Tournament for the Undead Round 3 (Nomu vs Kamen Rider Blade) (0-3-0)

    The zombies... are coming... Match rules: All stats except Intelligence are equalized. SBA are being used. Fight takes place in Helltower Nomu: 0 Kamen Rider Blade: 1 Incon: 0
  59. Undylan

    GOD DAN KUROTO vs The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile (0-0-0)

    Why not? Can KAMI himself do something about that darn unkillable lizard? Both start out at 9-B. Dan Kuroto/Kamen Rider Gemn has prep time and prior knowledge of 682's powers and abilities. Expanded Canon 682 is used Dan Kuroto: 0 682: 0 Incon (Dan Kuroto just rides on the lizard and they...
  60. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Skyrider

    Sky... Henshin! Another Showa CRT, this time from one of my favorite Showa seasons, Skyrider. Expect some big changes in the stats of our Rider heroes. New Profiles Skyrider Neo Shocker General Monster Admiral Majin Great Leader GingaOh New Abilities The Seven Legendary Riders demonstrates some...
  61. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Genm (The Presidents): Tier 1 Upgrade

    More Kamen Rider shenanigans. This time with Genm. Specifically, we're going to look at Kuroto's Humagear self. I meant to get this out sooner, but got sidetracked with IRL stuff and bigger revisions for the wiki So Genm Musou is Kuroto's latest and most powerful Gashat. It isn't the most...
  62. Kamenriderblaze

    kamen rider saver higher plane

    Can anyone explain to me again about saver 8-D again Like i read the novel and i might think it like higher plane as in 7-D only because fusing with all existant Or maybe i'm just dumb , please explain again
  63. Kamenriderblaze

    kamen rider ohma zi-o and gaim MOTB power

    i was watching youtube and i saw a vietnamese claim that ohma zi-o doesn't possess gaim MOTB power so i want to ask every one here about it does ohma zi-o have it ? like i saw ohma zi-o was able to summon kamen rider Kiva violent so i just want to ask to make sure
  64. Robo432343

    Gilgamesh vs Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gilgamesh_(Fate_Series) VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Oma_Zi-O Both at 8D SBA Speed =
  65. Robo432343

    who tf is the strongest kamen rider character

  66. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider Blade & Zi-O AP Revision

    The current profile of Blade Riders isn't looking so good, especially because the fusion rate multipliers make it look even more confusing. First of all, I want to address this calculation that gives them the Low 7-B rating. Not only is it outdated, but it also lacks scaling images, just like...
  67. DemonicDude

    Tier 5-C The Sky Apocalypse Tournament (2023): Regenesis Shockwave vs Kamen Rider Chaser

    Decepticon vs Kamen Rider DaReaperMan vs Kisaragi_Megumi Rules: Attack Potency: (38 Exatons to 400 Exatons) (Willing to make exceptions) Speed: Equalized speed in all matches Distance: 50 meters apart from each other Win: Win via killing or Incap or BFR (As long as both are not the first...
  68. IxaSaga2

    Kamen Rider Sabela takes a trip to Penjamin City

    If you know, you know. Gonna roll out Sabela's revision a bit earlier. Abilities: - Dimensional Travel (With Book Gate, Sabela is able to travel from Earth to the Wonder World and vice versa.) - Instinctive Action: While in her smoke form, Sabela’s smoke passively dodges incoming attacks by...
  69. Omazio2019

    Heroic Demon King vs Aspiring Hero Killer

    After her victory agaisnt Kamen Rider Amazon, Ihwa once again encounter another rider-type hero. No, that's a demon king with power of heroes, an interesting boy who want to be a king Ihwa: So you are the so-called horrible and villianous demon king who gonna make the whole world suffer, huh...
  70. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider Double AP/LS + Scaling Chain Revision

    It's time to downgrade some Kamen Riders. Basically, our standard for storm calculation changed, so this calc, which scales to numerous KR characters, needs to be redone. This is the redone calc that would downgrade the AP value from 7.9 Megatons (City level) to 1 Megatons (Low 7-B). But I'm...
  71. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Gaim: Intelligence Revision

    I've noticed that our Gaim pages, while receiving lots of much needed attention regarding AP and abilities additions, hasn't covered the intellect of the Riders in question. More specifically, they haven't covered the skill of these characters in detail. I'll be covering this category for the...
  72. Lynieryz

    Fire Jesus vs Fruit Jesus

    Shinra Kusakabe(Fire Force) Vs. Kouta Kazuraba(Kamen Rider Gaim) [SBA] [Battle takes place in Tokyo] [Speed Equal] [5-B keys for both] [Gaim has prior knowledge] “I smile whenever I feel tense”: "I’m Kamen Rider Gaim. Umm… What’s the best way to explain this? I’m currently a space god… I...
  73. Sir_Ovens

    Kamen Rider Ex-Aid vs Heimdall

    Epic Gamer vs The NSA Heisei Generations FINAL Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid and base Heimdall. Speed equalized. Victory via SBA.
  74. Maverick_Zero_X

    Homelander vs Kamen Rider Alpha

    Homelander (TV) vs Kamen Rider Alpha (The Last Judgement) Speed equalized; SBA
  75. IxaSaga2

    Kamen Rider Faiz's Photon Blood Revision

    As the Kamen Rider supporters all know, deconstruction is a widely used ability for a majority of the characters in Faiz. That's because most of them has Photon Blood as their main source of power. All Faiz Riders: - Deconstruction (Photon Blood is an energy source that is able to disintegrate...
  76. ZeedKZ

    Kamen Rider Gaim CRT (New Keys)

    Not a Showa CRT this time! Only here to propose some quick changes and additions based on the movie Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle. Gaim AP Rewrote The current justification for the Low 5-B rating is the following. The scaling itself is not wrong, but...
  77. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Toutetsu Yuuma vs Kamen Rider Ghost

    ALTERNATE TITLE: THE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY THROUGHT THE HELL REALM ~ GLUTTONIOUS EMOTION Yeah, turn out that Kamen Rider vs Touhou MU is pretty plausible than i thought, that's what happen if you didn't dive deeper enough lel That being said, i can't just randomly put those Riders against 2hu Girls...
  78. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Stronger

    Henshin... Stronger! Here with another Showa Kamen Rider revisions which took that long for two reasons; 1) Lack of sources, 2) Me lazy. First, I'll be presenting the new profiles, take note that I only had done sandboxes for actual relevant characters. I got no interest and will to create...
  79. Sir_Ovens

    Kamen Rider Humagear Physiology Addition

    I made a page for Humagear Physiology. Naturally, every Humagear character on the wiki should get it. Notably, the "evil" Humagears like Horobi and Jin will get type 2, while normal Humagears like Genm and Izu (page still in progress) will get type 1. I'll post the actual page for the ability...
  80. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider specs revision part 15: Zi-O overhaul

    It's been a while since the last specs Rider revision so i think we should get back sometime. So here some few specs of Zi-O I, Universal Abilities II, Inated specs 1. Kamen Rider Zi-O 2. Kamen Rider Geiz 3. Kamen Rider Woz 4. Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi 5. Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O III, Zi-O...
  81. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kamen Rider Blades vs Youmu Konpaku

    ALTERNATE TITLE: FREEZE MY LOVE 雪 の 花 び ら で 踊 る (Dance In The Snow Petal) Oh yeah, looks like Touhou vs Kamen Rider can be a thing ....Albeit very limited for a certain tier and haxes lel, but still i'll take it nonetheless I feel like only some of the MC Gang that can be used often due of...
  82. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kamen Rider Kuuga vs Godzilla Terrestris

    ALTERNATE TITLE: 厄 災 竜 大 狩 り の 話 (Yaku wazawai ryū dai kari no hanashi/Tale of Calamity Dragon Great Hunt) Back to Kuuga matches, and this time our 2000's poster boi are going to join in a hunt against the three legendary monsters That'a right, it will be Kuuga vs three different version of...
  83. BERRIES555

    Kamen Rider Den-O Stat Revisions

  84. NoMoreTalking

    Ex-Aid's Tier revision

    From Mighty Novel X, you can read it here Ex-Aid base form in the Novel tanking Genm God Maximum's attack, but nearly died: Genm God Maximum is comparable to Hyper Muteki, and it's not easy for Hyper Muteki to defeat him, Emu also stated that if he use Hyper Muteki to fight Genm God Maximum...
  85. Nicetoderp

    (2-0-0) Ihwa (Hero Killer) VS Monster (Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha)

    Two people who has bloodied their hands in order to wipe the stains of society of the face of the earth...one is in the middle of her journey while the other is nearing his end. One has recently finished his hunt, hands stained with the blood of monsters in human-skin. The Hero-Killer...
  86. Peppypony

    Kamen Rider Slash VS Jadaclaw

    Starting distance: 5 meters Speed is equal Legeiel/Zooud Arc Slash is used Otherwise, SBA Jadaclaw: Slash: Inconclusive:
  87. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Riders LS Revision

    Revision is needed for Heisei Phase 2 lifting strength because my dumbasses keep forgetting about it. Currently, Kamen Rider Double scale to this feat that put them at 7-B. In the clip, Weather Dopant has created and moved the clouds at once, which have a mass of 1.3229794e+13 kg, or...
  88. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Mukuro Ikusaba vs Kamen Rider Ouja

    ALTERNATE TITLE: I DON'T NEED YOUR CIVIL WAR ~ MURDERER AND MURDERER High 7-C Danganronpa is a thing now, should get my attention 👀 I feel High 7-C matches with Danganronpa will be wacky in good way so let's see the progress of it Anyway going to contributing the matches, imma pick the most...
  89. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Neptune vs Evolto

    ALTERNATE TITLE: LOVE ~ EVOLUTION OF EMOTION Oh, an Kamen Rider Build match let's go! Their very high tiers making it hard to find an notable matches for the Build team and our favorite sassy alien, but well with my hands, i can give them some of matches to do And of course, it will be the...
  90. Omazio2019

    Kamen Rider Zi-O Over Quartzer Revision

    After several days break from Transduality, my mind come up with the Conceptual Manipulation stuff for Zi-O rider. I'll get straight to point and make it quick so i can continue my job with TD So in Final Stage, after Barlckxs (Kagogawa Hiryu) obtains 7 Showa legend ridewatch give him the power...
  91. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kamen Rider Kuuga vs Q-Bee

    ALTERNATE TITLE: (NOT) INSECTA ENCYCLOPEDIA DISASTER: QUEEN BEE - FEATURING: THE HEROIC ANCIENT WARRIOR This time, we're gonna bring back the 2000 hero to the matches flows! We were have too much fun with the recent Riders like Zero-One and Saber (well, there is Revice but tier 2 is hard to...
  92. Nicetoderp

    Ability Page - Very Important Kamen Rider verse proposal.

    As stated by the title, this may be a simple but important proposal made by me. Add Kamen Rider verse among the examples given on Transformation page.
  93. IxaSaga2

    Kamen Rider Saber "Calm Before the Storm" Revision

    This is gonna be a short revision compared to a BIG incoming revision (Essentially reworking Saber's entire P&A, adding missing abilities to all Saber Riders, reworking intelligence almost all Saber Riders, adding and replacing current gifs with new high quality and with sound ones.) For now...
  94. Lonkitt

    Superman (Smallville) vs Neo Origin

    Superman (Season 4-5) vs Chihiro (Neo Origin) -Speed is equalized -Superman scales to 52.48 tons of TNT. Neo Origin heavily upscales 20.9 tons of TNT (for context, Neo Origin is much stronger than Neo. Neo scales to New Omega. New Omega is significantly stronger than Omega. Omega is stronger...
  95. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Judgement vs Kamen Rider Hibiki

    ALTERNATE TITLE: 悪 魔 と 検 事 と 狩 人 の 物 語 (Tale of Demon, Prosecutor and Hunter) It's been a while since i'm using the japanese texts for my titles....phew, thanks google translate and DeepL And yeah, now this time i'm going to use the Low-tiers Kamen Rider here that aren't in the most bs level...
  96. Lonkitt

    Kamen Rider Build: Tier 1 Key Additions

    So, we currently have a Build page and a Legend Rider Build page. There's two problems with this. One is that the page is not significantly different enough to warrant a Legend Rider page, ergo breaking the Legend Rider page creation rule. Secondly, the material within Build's Legend Rider page...
  97. IxaSaga2

    Potential Problem with KR Ghost Small Planet pulling calc.

    So, I was looking at a calc for Kamen Rider Ghost and I have some concerns. Link to calc. So in the calc, it says it is 50% hollow, which I don't think is right. It has clouds and an atmosphere exactly like Earth's. The cast of KR Ghost, including the humans where able to breathe the air...
  98. Kisaragi_Megumi

    black★Rock Shooter vs Kamen Rider Faiz

    ALTERNATE TITLE: JUSTIFY THE LAST HOPE - INNOCENCE DREAM My interest on BRS has awakened once again, which mean i'm diving in to this verse for the match My fave series when i'm still a teenager (junior highschool) btw, which i really love, hence why i feel ashamed for not caring this series...
  99. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Nico Robin vs Kamen Rider Sabela

    ALTERNATE TITLE: INSECTA ENCYCLOPEDIA DISASTER - THE FLOWER OF PLAGUE Didn't knew that 6-C One Piece is still exist so here we are And i recall that only one OP vs KR matches has made before, so why not we crack it up? Still i'm going to avoiding the controversial chars like Zoro and Katakuri...
  100. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Hongo Takeshi and Hayato Ichimonji vs Yor Briar

    ALTERNATE TITLE: THE ASSASSIN TRIAL HAS APPEARED! IS IT A SHOCKER'S ACTION!? Yor being upgreaded mean there going to be a lot's of new matches presented for her right now, and one of them would an another fight with the Riders Human Form once again, this time with no very brutal versatility...