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Heroes and Xenoverse speed revisited

Yes, I know, this has caused controversy before. However, let's try and be civil about it this time. In the latest arc with Mechikabura, this happened.

Chronoa seals Mechikabura and the demon gods outside of time


"Roam forever with me outside the flow of time, dark demon realm!"

"I saw it. Mechikaboola, the Demon Gods and even the troublesome Time Kaioshin were sealed outside of time"

It is very clear, and stated directly by Demigra, that the kaioshin of time and Mechikabura have been sealed outside of time. Needless to say with what happened afterwards, mechikabura escaped. Chronoa and Mechikabura, were outside of time. Thus existing outside of time.


In the manga as well

"Wonder with me forever outside the flow of time"


The time patrol existed in a place outside of time before.

"Yes, this place isn't apart of time"


Stated once again that Mechikabura was sealed outside of time and that from there he created the dark demon emprie.


They all moved in the CoT which is outside of time

This is hella consistent

There have been multiple occasions outside of just these examples, that the characters have been outside of time. There is no reason it would be an outlier especially if this was the only way to defeat Mechikabura, which failed. I think the stuff with Mechikabura, and the time patrol having existed outside of time before would warrant infinite speed.
It doesn't mean that they themselves exist outside of space and time. It is possible for 3D characters to be temporarily transported to higher dimensions and were totally unaffected. Chronoa sent them there to stop them from causing any more trouble.
I think if we are going to use this feat we need to know 2 things we have to set straight to be fair to both sides of the argument:

1. Infinite Speed (Able to move indefinitely while time literally stands still, travel anywhere instantly, or move an infinite distance within a finite amount of time. Teleportation does not count. For further information, see note 4 below.)

Characters who showcase the ability to move freely and naturally in a timeless void may or may not qualify for an infinite speed rating.

For specific information, see our Timeless Voids Standards explanation page.
2. *Type 2: Insubstantial Voids: Voids that have some properties of being timeless, but not enough to warrant Infinite speed, at least not most of the time. Examples: The Demon Realm in Dragon Ball Heroes and the Distortion World from Pokémon.

Are you trying to justify the characters having Infinite Speed based on Mecki escaping the Time Labyrinth or based on Mecki, Chronoa and the Demon gods being able to move with in the seal outside the flow of time?

* If this is based on Mecki escaping then we need to prove that this was done without teleportation.

'*' If it's because of their movement throughout the Time Labyrinth, which has been shown before by Trunks who was able to move within the Time Labyrinth and escape via Key Sword, then we need to prove that being sealed Outside the Flow of Time is not Insubstantial.
Make sense to me and SSJRyu stated in another thread he was in favor of it (he's still a knowledgeable member for DB, right ?)
There's a million statements like this. Still don't see why it was rejected, also some of the scans are different
Elizhaa said:
I do lean that Timeless Voids Standards in DB are Type 2.
Ironically enough, the World of Void is listed as Type 3 there, but there's nothing on it that implies anyone there having Infinite speed.

I personally think there's way more evidence on Mechikabura being Infinite, so I agree with at least him being it.
I added that H for DBH that since I mean since I meant only for Dragon Ball Heroes.
Xenoverse statements would scale to heroes. we've done that for the longest time. They were also moving in the CoT in Heroes
Xenoverse is canon to Heroes

Heroes is not canon to Xenoverse

So yeah, what Zenkai said has been how it's been since forever.
All the heroes characters since they fought against Mechikabura and have similar feats to him, and the future warriors from xenoverse
I don't see how the void in SDBH can be more timeless than it is given that Mechickabura litteraly eat time entirely and then get sealed (time being sealed along with him), leaving everyone in the void, Toki Toki even needed to basicaly recreate it in it's entirety.
Reminder, simply being outside of time do not grant any special speed rating if it's not a requeriment to move/be there (technically that island from Peter Pan is outside of time, but yet certain speed is not a requeriment). If any it would grant Immeasurable, and only in contrast.
The scaling chain doesnt grant inconcsistencies. Only the relevamt time patrol members and demon gods and characters granted powers to be stronger than base demigra would scale. And they are the only ones who have profiles.

Xeno Goku makes sense, chronoa makes sense, demigra makes sense, grand priest makes sense, towa and mira make sense, the future warriors make sense, fu makes sense
Matthew, no offense, but could you give reasons as to why this is inconsistent, especailly considering the feats and statements have been repeated multiple times. Instead of saying it "goes against every series ever"

Why is Demigra being imprisioned in a space outside of time itself inconsistent, especially when other demon gods and time patrol can still move there too. Why is Mechikabura being trapped outside of time and then commanding the dark empire from there inconsistent, why is the time patrol being and moving outside of time inconsistent.

From what I can see, there is no inconsistency in site since they have they move outside of time every other arc
Matthew Schroeder said:
Infinite speed is grossly inconsistent and goes against our standards for this sort of thing in every series ever. We will not be giving Dragon Ball any special treatment.
Half 2-C also goes against the standards, how does that refute against the evidence presented?
Hey, I'm not sure if this helps at all, but in the first chapter of the Dark Demon Realm Mission, Mira's body manages to shake, and he rattles his fist(?) even after Chronoa used her Time Freeze ability on him. Then, he began completely moving after transforming, but Chronoa mentioned that he broke out of it, so I don't think that counts.
They have never demonstrated anything remotely approaching infinite speed outside of moving in a possibly timeless void as far as I am aware.