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Fairy Tail Speed Revisions

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The Low End of this calc was accepted and the High End of this calc was accepted

This is how I think the scaling should go

X792 Characters: Sub-Relativistic (2.23% SoL)

100 Year Quest Characters and God Tiers: Sub-Relativistic (3.2% SoL)

This seems good to me
Well, maybe not all characters of F100YQ. But why not, I can't really know they're speed.
The X791 Feat scales to people who can keep up with Jura

The 100 Year Quest scales to people who can keep up with Base Erza
Sub-Relativistic is consistent, cause we have 2 feats in the 100 Year Quest that put them on that level of speed
but we do not know when Jura or how he moved, he could have dodged it and then charged at Orga
Erza dodges Lightning is 1.2 %SoL, Laxus Outspeeds Lightning is 1.7 SoL %, two characters have feats on this level
@Prince of Counters

Jura (Mach 7763)<Laxus<Base Mard Geer<Ice Devil Gray<Etherious Mard Geer<Dragon Force Natsu<Ikusa-Tsunagi<Brandish (This is where Sub-Relativistic would begin)
you would want to try this

(3.39 meters distance from Laxus to Erza * 440000 m/s) / 0.183645 meters (distant from lightning to floor) = 8499145.29915 m/s = .027 SoL

Oh, Jura's feat is finally being discussed.

I have a few words about this but you will have to wait for me.
I know it's a pain in the butt what I'm about to ask, but could you post the scan from the anime when Orga's lightning was as close as possible to Jura? I have no connection to WiFi so I can't watch videos.
The camera pans right up to Jura's face implying that the Lightning got right up in face before he moved

Jura Blitzes Orga
well he could have just dodged and then moved at any sort of time between and when the lighting reached it's apex distance.
First of all, yeah. Orga seems to be comparable to Laxus who dwarves Natsu who we consider 1.7m.

I noticed that at the moment when Jura one-shoted Orga, the lightning reached the building behind him at the same time, if not before than Jura. The anime portrayal supports this.

In a few words, Jura moved that distance in the timeframe that the lightning went and vaporized the building, not a foot step towards Jura.
but then again, there was not vapor coming off the building, so it has to have a different value
So Mitch needs to calc the distance between Jura and the building, the time it takes for the lightning to cross it, and Jura crossing the distance between his position and Orga's? Well this calc figure is gonna take a dive.
@Blank yeah, it's not gonna be impressive at all. Even if the lightning travelled only two meters, Jura moved a bit less than that, and the result would be below Natsu's calc. Let alone if he angsize the windows. Several if not tens of meters.
The 100YQ calcs have the same issue for Laxus' height. The first part places Erza at 1.7m and the second also has Laxus at the same height but uses Erza's previous height in this part for some reason.
I can edit the calc for Laxus's height if you want, looks like the Jura calc is dead tho

It should give a small upgrade
Do it. Height upgrades usually improve the result when the calc relies on angsizing.

I have to read it to see the context, however.
Also wanna point out that you should draw the line according to Laxus' stance as he is hunched over with his legs spread wide in the pic you use to calc the distance between them.
AnonymousBlank said:
Also wanna point out that you should draw the line according to Laxus' stance as he is hunched over with his legs spread wide in the pic you use to calc the distance between them.
This is true. I forgot to point this.
I'll just use his head as distance, since I don't you can use non vertical or horizontal lines for angsizing
it looks like Jura calc is over, so it would be better to calculate the 3 deeds Gajeel has to replace Jura

also has another Erza feat in chapter 44 of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest

FB IMG 1576100935418
FB IMG 1576100939910
Normally just the head would be fine but it looks really small compared to the rest of his body ..... more than usual that is. I swear every other part of him is thicker than his head aside from his ankles and feet. Maybe use his torso and head?
His torso should he fine. Laxus is usually drawn with giant shoulders, but I can get why we wouldn't use his head.
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