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Either Human Level Attack Potency Upgrades or Real World Downgrades

A lot of stats for the real world animals are derived from the kinetic energy of how fast they run... but I don't see humans being maxed at kilojoules of energy, despite that being what they would rate as.

Hell, a 2.5 lb bunny moving 25 mph equals roughly 71 joules of energy. Isn't our baseline for human level 40 joules?
To be fair, rating real living beings sorely by speed is vague and kind of unaccurate, isn't like most living beings attack by tackle at maximun speed, and even if they did, isn't like they'll only suffer minor damages when crashing against immovable object.

There's pretty of data of how evaluate how strong animals are, and neither of these use speed, plus animals are as durable as the material they are made of (it doesn't work like the durability we use here).
Tackles also don't scale to human durability that great because you can hurt yourself doing them pretty easily if you don't know what you're doing (and even if you do).
So is punching force. KE alone isn't enough to determine the actual lethality of how humans attacking with their limbs work.
Yeah, force is the correct unit to measure strikes (although few disagree about that).

There's several ways to measure the human endurance: humans most likely survive falls below 7 m of heights, immune to currents below 0.5/2 mA (AC/DC), and survie an explosion at 1 m that yields over 7500 J; so I'll agree that KE is not the only way (nor the most accurate way) to evaluate the human capabilities.
Some animals charge at each other and at other objects at full speed as a way of attacking tho
Yeah well you don't take the full force of the tackle unless it's directly into a wall or the ground or you stop dead in your tracks by slamming something (Like headbutts). Similarly to how you don't take the full force of a car ramming you into the open unless it itself rams you into a wall.
Yeah, and that's my problem. A lot of the profiles, if they even have any, lack any true sort of justification for tiers other than KE, and it's not like animals are tackling each other into a wall every second.
There's also not a lot of feats you could even find to give them tiers so giving them Unknown is also not really a good option, though I believe it's just the IRL animals that fall victim to this and more often than not they're usually not big cats or other big mammals, I think those are fine as is.