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  1. SpiteBattles

    “Brutalising Masks” (Rick Taylor vs The Mask)

    Is this a stomp..? I think it is… Maybe..? I Guess..? -Reboot Rick is used (8-A). -Later installment Mask is used (8-B). -Speed equal. -Both in-character, but want to win. -Battle takes place in Amity Arena, both are 10 meters apart. “The Terror Mask”: “Big Head Killer”: The Mask vs Walter...
  2. SpiteBattles

    Michael Myers vs Kevin McCallister, "Don't get scared now, Boogeyman..."

    (Is this based on that one Robot Chicken skit? Yes.) Kevin looks outside his house window, as he watches his family drive off to the airport. He walks into his living room before hopping back onto his couch and turning on his TV, as he switches past channels, something caught his eye...
  3. SpiteBattles

    Jason Voorhees fights… Jason Voorhees..?

    Somewhere in the FT13 universe… As Jason walks through the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, wearing his farm-like overalls, a sack over his head and with a machete in hand, he felt… something was off. He keeps on walking until suddenly, out of fuck-all nowhere, the timeline shifts into the reboot...
  4. SpiteBattles

    Misato fights "Do you know what time it is?"

    Misato fights Jacket from Hotline Miami. Funnily enough, this fight can also be called: "The Major of NERV fights a Vietnam war Veteran". -Jacket is equipped with a silenced pistol while Misato has her USP. -Both are 10 meters apart in an alleyway. -Speed equal. Maybe or maybe not Best Girl...
  5. SpiteBattles

    Double date: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie vs Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers.

    Hopefully this ain’t a stomp. After both groups somehow reserved the same table in the same restaurant, both groups get into an argument on who should get the table, which leads to a fight. -Speed equal. -Beacon Ren and Nora is used. -Post Volume 3 High 8-C Scott and Ramona is used. -Battle...
  6. SpiteBattles

    The fearless hero fights a- Oh my fucking god what the fuck is that.

    Puss in Boots fights Dead Hand. -Speed is equal. -Both are in-character. -Battle takes place at the bottom of the well in Ocarina of Time. Both are 10 meters apart. "Your favourite fearless hero": "Watch out for its i̴͍͌n̴̩̅f̸̠̦͗̈i̴̹̪͘n̴̟̘̂̚ỉ̵̡͇t̷͇̥͂̔è̸̙ ̷̧͊͝ḧ̸̫͚̍a̶͈̓̍n̵̠̺̔̐d̷̘̓͆s̷͈̠͌͝...
  7. SpiteBattles

    Senator Armstrong vs Jason Voorhees

    Senator Armstong vs X³ Jason lmao Both are 7-B, Speed is equal, and both are bloodlusted. Battle takes place in RWBY’s Amity Arena, and both 15 meters apart. Funni Nanomachines man: 1 ( @Doggo ) Scari Nanomachines zombie: 1 ( @Knifeman29 ) Incon:
  8. SpiteBattles

    Sans vs King Minos

    Oh god oh fuck. -Speed equal (even tho they are the same speed, I think.) -Minos Prime key is used (8-A) -Both in-character, but want to win. -Takes place in the flesh arena in P-1, 10 meters apart. “Wanna have a bad time?”: “And thy punishment… IS DEATH!”: Incon:
  9. SpiteBattles

    Billy Butcher vs Bryan Fury

    " y e s " -Temp V empowered Billy is used -Both are 8-B -Speed is equal -Both are in-character, but want to win. -Battle takes place in an alleyway. Both are 20 meters apart. Leader of the Boys: The Cyborg: Incon:
  10. SpiteBattles

    Ryu (Udon Comics) vs Koichi Haimawari (The Crawler)

    Also known as "Probably not a stomp? Maybe?" -SSF to SFU Ryu is used. -EoS Koichi is used -Both are 8-B. -Speed is equal. -Both in-character, but want to win. -Takes place in an unknown city. Both are 20 meters apart. The Martial Artist: The Skycrawler: Incon:
  11. SpiteBattles

    Magneto (X-Men Evolution) vs Magneto (Fox Post-Retcon) (0-2-0)

    2D Cartoon Magneto vs After Retconned Movie Magneto. -Horseman of War Evolution Magneto and Base Fox Magneto is used (Both 8-B) -Both bloodlusted -Speed is equal Magneto, but cartoon: Magneto, but movie after retcon: 2 ( @Doggo , @Mariogoods ) Incon:
  12. SpiteBattles

    Walter (The Mask) vs Kingpin (MCU)

    Cuz why not? -Both are 9-B -Both are bloodlusted -Walter doesn't have his toon force. -Speed equal. -Fight takes place in a parking lot. Walter: Kingpin: Incon:
  13. SpiteBattles

    An Undead Gunslinger fights the Control Devil.

    Caleb (Blood) vs Makima. -Both in-character, but want to win. -Speed is equal. -Blood 1 Caleb is used, but he does not have his absorbed powers. -High 8-C Makima (Without 8-A telekinesis) is used. -Caleb has knowledge about her controlled abilities, but not her innate powers. -Takes place in an...
  14. YoutubeForKing

    Obito runs into the Golden Dawn

    Juubito(controlled) vs The golden dawn. Yuno (first key), Langris(Second key), Mimosa(Second Key) and William(Second Key) They meet him in the middle of the forest and catch him by surprise. Speed is = Start distance 100 meters. Obito is bloodlusted Obito > 98.35 teratons Yuno (with spirit...
  15. SpiteBattles

    Izuku Midoriya (pre-final act) vs Ruby Rose

    Also known as “some guy who barely knows both series makes match that is probably- no, definitely a stomp.” -Atlas Ruby is used. -Endeavor Agency Arc Deku is used. -Both are Low 7-B (20% Deku) -Speed is equal. -Both are in-character, but want to win. -Takes place in Amity arena. Both characters...
  16. SpiteBattles

    King Minos / Minos Prime vs Gabriel (ULTRAKILL) (0-4-0)

    Gabriel has already killed King Minos, but he had his guard down and was not as powerful as his Prime form, so what would happen if they fought again? •Both are practically the same speed, but speed will be equalised anyway. •Minos is in his “Minos Prime” form •Battle takes place in that fleshy...
  17. SpiteBattles

    The Living Receiver fights The Apex Predator (Donnie Darko vs Andrew Detmer)

    -story- Sadly, I can’t think of a good story, due to me never watching both of these movies before, but if you want a story, all I can say is: “Dodgeball gone incredibly wrong.” •Speed equal •Both are 9A •Both are 10 meters apart, and they are located at a indoor sport court in a school...
  18. Could someone add this character in VS battles for futures versus ?? → "Boogie, the Oily One"

    This is the antagonist of his own movie "Boogie, the Oily One" unfortunately there is no page where he talks about his abilities and statistics (no lo eh encontrado en vs battles), I would dare to say that his abilities can make him comparable to John Wick (but in cartoons)... but as I mentioned...
  19. SpiteBattles

    Postal Dude makes Peter Griffin sign his petition (0-0-7) (GRACE)

    “Holy crap Louis, this is worse then the time when-” Before Peter could finish his joke to proceed to a cutaway gag, the Postal Dude kicks open the door to the kitchen. “Hi there!” This comically makes generic definitely copy-right free audience clapping play on the cue of the reveal, however...
  20. SpiteBattles

    The Riddler fights motherf—king Hitler

    -There is no story. There is no plot for this.- •Both are 10B. •Speed equal. •Both bloodlusted. •Takes place in a gotham alleyway, both are 5m apart. “If you are a debater, please do not lie, why does my ass get kicked, in front of your eyes?”: 5 ( @Doggo , @Artorimachi_Meteoraft ...
  21. SpiteBattles

    Postal Dude makes Master Chief sign his petition (0-0-0)

    The Petition reads: “Power armour is for pussies” •Normal mode Dude and Gen 1 MJOLNIR Chief is used •Both 9-A (Anything above 9-A is restricted) •Speed is equal •Battle takes place somewhere in GM_Bigcity and both are 10 meters apart “I regret nothing.”: “Our Duty As Soldiers Is To Protect...
  22. SpiteBattles

    Nick (L4D2) vs Francis (L4D) (0-0-0)

    In an alternate universe, Nick and Francis fight after trying to get supplies (gas and cola) for their team. •Nick is equipped with a Magnum and a AK-47. He also has access to a First Aid Kit and a Adrenaline shot. •Francis is equipped with dual M1911s and a Auto Shotgun. He also has access to...
  23. SpiteBattles

    Chisato Nishikigi vs Not Important (Hatred)

    Another shitty story (yaaaaayyyyyy) : The DA informs the 1st ranked Lycoris, Chisato, that a man who claims himself to be "the crusader" or "the hero" has been going across the city causing genocide and death where ever he goes. They stated that even though they have sent in many, MANY...
  24. SpiteBattles

    “Se7en Zodiacs” (0-0-0)

    --r u l e s-- •Both are 10A,with their 9C weapons (their guns). •Both are 25 meters apart. •Speed equalised -Location: “dark alleyway”- “John Doe.”: “The Zodiac”: Incon:
  25. Kingcollapser


  26. YoutubeForKing

    Meruem vs MHA heroes.

    The hunters of HxH were able to end Meruem, can the Heroes of MHA do the same? Meruem (Post rose) vs Endeavor, Jeanist, Mirko and Crust. Speed is =, they start 10 meters away and everyone here is bloodlusted. Nen crush restricted Meruem scales to 550 megatons of tnt. The heroes all scale to...
  27. SpiteBattles

    Misato fights another clown. (7-0-0) (grace)

    Misato fights Sweet Tooth. Lets see if it will take less then a minute for Misato or Sweet Tooth to kill one another. •Both equipped with a pistol,Sweet Tooth has a machete. •Both are 10 meters apart in a hospital. •Speed equal. Maybe or maybe not Best Girl: 7 ( @Vizer04 , @Peppersalt43 ...
  28. SpiteBattles

    2 PS exclusive zombie game characters duke it out! (0-0-0)

    While both are scavenging for supplies,they manage to come across each other and now must fight over the food. •Both are 9B •Both are equipped with 9mm pistol with only one clip remaining. •Once they run out of ammo they must resort to hand-to-hand combat. •Takes place in a small grocery store...
  29. Blackchocolate77

    Large size type 10 and infinity speed

    large size type10 why can't they? The speed was infinite through size if they used that large body in motion. And I'm wondering why some of the larger ones don't apply to the speed stats.
  30. Kingcollapser

    Why does (original) Devilman’ profile make him look so weak?

    Devilman’s profile has him at (possibly) continental when he has universal feats in the Sequal manga. He got a huge power boost while he was traveling through hell but his tier is so low.
  31. Shadow_Somnius

    Its that time of the year again... Anos Voldigoad VS Rimuru Tempest

    Both are at their full power. Speed is equalized. I expect arguments that actually elaborate on the topic rather than Venezdona GG or Anos stomps because he's 2A or something.
  32. SpiteBattles

    Kyle Crane (Dying Light) vs Demon(s) (Metro 2033)

    (Goofy ahh story once again) Kyle Crane’s Narration: As I walked towards the Antizen drop,I would hear some guy screaming,it was Rais’s men,but he wasn’t going to attack me,he was running away. “Demon!” He shouted before some big ass flying thing scooped him up from the ground and lifted him...
  33. SpiteBattles

    Artyom (Metro) vs Violatile(s) (Dying LIght) (7-0-0) (grace)

    (goofy ahh story :)) Artyom’s Narration: As I walked through the tunnels of the Metro,I started to hear screaming, the sounds of panicked footsteps and the cracks and whizzing of randomly fired bullets, before hearing the sounds of bones cracking, limbs getting torn to pierces and the...
  34. SpiteBattles

    Manny Pardo vs The Son (Hotline Miami)

    Starting a new series where I put Hotline Miami characters against each other (except jacket, for now). Both are 20 meters apart in an alleyway. Both start behind cover. Manny is equipped with his revolver while The Son has a pistol. Speed equal. Guy with Thick Skin: Leader of the Russian...
  35. SpiteBattles

    Jacket vs A.A.H.W Grunts

    the first part of the “grunts vs hotline” trilogy (if this can work) Grunts are equipped with combat knives 3 Grunts are present (can be changed) Jacket is equipped with the Tony mask (can also be changed) Speed is equal and both are 10m apart The Masked Maniac: A bunch of jobbers: Incon:
  36. Maitreya

    Madara Uchiha VS Monkey D. Luffy

    JUUBIDARA VS GEAR 5 LUFFY 1 eyed Juubidara (pre shinju tree) Gear 5 Luffy Speed unequal 🗿 Fight takes place in the war arc battlefield. Juubidara: Luffy:
  37. SpiteBattles

    The Berserker vs Ultimate Predator (Predator franchise battle)

    The most dishonourable of the species fights (one of) the strongest. •9B versions are used,self-destruction is restricted. •Berserker has prior knowledge. •Ultimate’s Hell Hounds are restricted. •Takes place in a forest somewhere and both are 30 meters apart. •Speed is = Mr. Black: The...
  38. Mazdoesstuff

    Two blondes brawl (Kento Nanami vs Katsuki Bakugou)

    The battle takes place in an abandoned city The two start off 20 meters away Bakugou is in his War Arc key Speed is equal Who wins? Profiles: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kento_Nanami https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Katsuki_Bakugo_(Dynamight)
  39. YoutubeForKing

    Madara vs Garou

    Madara Vs Garou. BLOODLUSTED 😈 Inf tsukuyomi is restricted. Both 5-C SBA otherwise Garou is at his peak (Final/Third Post Sage-Centipede Form) Madara is at his Peak (Dual Rinnegan plus sharingan). They start 10 meters apart. Madara downscales from 201 Exatons. Notable Wincons - Existence...
  40. LUX

    Post Udon Training Luffy vs Baryon Mode Naruto

    What I mean by post udon training luffy is essentially just prime current luffy but without fifth gear. My own opinion is that luffy wins, and if you think i'm wrong then we can debate it. My discord is LUX#3835
  41. YoutubeForKing

    Konoha 11 invades the Monster Association?

    Ok so here we have the Konoha 11 vs the monster association, im only using 7-B forms to have the fight be (kinda) fair and speed is equalized. They are fighting outside the decimated monster association and it is a team vs team inside of Orochi's throne room. Here I am including garou here...
  42. YoutubeForKing

    Naruto Uzumaki vs Monkey D. Luffy

    Naruto vs Luffy. Both are High 7-C. Third Key luffy Third Key Naruto SPEED IS NOT =!!! One tailed Kid - 2 Rubber Boy - 4 Incon - 0
  43. Qawsedf234

    Defining what prep time actually means

    In regards to VS Matches and the like prep is used as a completely nebulous term that its up to the user to figure out. My goal here it to at least make basic overviews of different levels of prep. As an arbitrary example: The point of this thread is to mostly define what something like "Both...
  44. YoutubeForKing

    Raiden and Snake fight some OPM Demons.

    Raiden and Snake are both 8-B and scale to 23.55 tons of TNT and Class M. The OMP demons have Demonic Fan, Jumping Spider, Scaledon, Unihorn, Nyphm, Giant Snowman, Rafflesidon, The Three Crows, Showerhead, Vacuuma, Eyesight, and Super Mouse. They all scale above 34.98 tons of TNT and are Class...
  45. SpiteBattles

    Raiden vs Travis Touchdown (0-0-0)

    Assassin Weeb vs Emo Cyborg •Raiden is in his 3rd key (Updated Patriot’s Cyborg Body) •Travis is in his 3rd key (Late game NMH2) •Speed is equal •Takes place in a destroyed city,10 meters apart “Lets Dance!”: “It’s Game Time!”: Incon:
  46. YoutubeForKing

    Eren Yeager vs Magicicada Nymph

    Two type 1 sized creatures. First you have Eren Yeager in his Post Time Skip form. He's 11 tons with hardening, upscales from 0.25 without and he's class M. Then you have the Nymph It upscales from 34.98 tons and Class 25. Fight until death Attack Titan - 0 170000 Year Magicicada Nymph - 0...
  47. YoutubeForKing

    Thor vs Jeritza von Hrym

    Thor Vs Jeritza von Hrym The location is Saakar grand arena and Thor has the duel swords, there is also a giant hammer in the arena. Jeritza does not get optional equipment. SBA Thor is 3.75 Gigs Jeritza is Baseline (1 gig) Thor is class M Jeritza is Superhuman God of thunder - 0 The Death...
  48. SpiteBattles

    Niko Bellic vs Revy (GTA vs Black Lagoon)

    Niko’s cousin,Simon,gets killed in a gun fight between some Russian Mafia & the Lagoon Company,the main shooter being Revy,so he wants his revenge. Niko has his Desert Eagle,a Combat Knife,Combat Shotgun and Carbine Rifle. Revy has her Sword Cutlass (pair of customized Beretta 92Fs Inox with...
  49. YoutubeForKing

    Madara Uchiha VS Ji Ning

    Madara Uchiha Ji Ning Speed is =, Ji Ning is in his first key and Madara is Revived Ghost of the Uchiha - 0 Chinaman - 0 Incon - 0
  50. SpiteBattles

    The Son vs Jacket (Hotline Miami Battle)

    [Not like Father,Not like Son] •Son has his Drugs •Jacket has any mask of his choice(except any mask that gives weapons during the start of the level or spawns more weapons) •Takes place in the Apocalypse level and weapons are scattered around the map •30m apart,no line of sight •Speed equal...
  51. YoutubeForKing

    10 Commandments Vs Monster Association + Hero Association!

    The Commandments vs The Hero/Monster Association! A great fight For this battle we are only using the High 7-A's (No Grayroad as they cant fight with him here) Speed is = and the Hero/Monster Association will work together and forget all past quarrels. All of the commandments scale to 3.3...
  52. YoutubeForKing

    The Hashira vs COC Troops.

    We have the Hashira vs The clash of clans troops (Excluding Yoriichi cause he solos the everyone he one tapped prime muzan.) Speed is = and we're using the STRONGEST forms. (Meaning they have see through and marks if they had it when they were alive) Lets start off with the Hashira! So...
  53. SpiteBattles

    HUNK vs Thatcher (Resident Evil vs Clancyverse)

    Thatcher decided to train with Hunk,game mode:bomb [rules] Thatcher is a attacker and has his equipment Hunk is a Defender and is 9B Bomb is in the 2nd floor of “The Clubhouse” Thatcher and Hunk has 30 seconds of the “Prep Stage” Thatcher wins if he can Defuse the Bomb Thatcher: HUNK...
  54. SpiteBattles

    Simon Henriksson vs James Sunderland

    YESSSSS!!! SIMON HAS A PROFILE!!! [rules] Speed Equal Both 9B Simon does not have his special weapons (Book, Camera, e.g.) James does not have his Hyper Beam and Great Sword Takes place in a subway station Both are 10 meters apart Crippled Boi: Looking for Wife, Came out with a sick...
  55. Seferin

    Two of Nintendo's Archers Battle it out

    Decidueye vs. Claude von Riegan High 7-A for both. Claude gets a wyvern for an aerial battle. Speed Equalized. Who wins?
  56. Seferin

    Not Toriyama's Goku vs. a not Goku designed by Toriyama

    I don't really know how vsbattles fully works as of yet, but I checked what both these combats scale to (40 Teratons) from Crono being scaled to Lavos and Goku scaling to Piccolo. I am just worried about the "possibly high 6-B" rating on Crono's page. Anyways... 6-B keys for both. Who wins...
  57. SpiteBattles

    Patrick Bateman vs Daniel Lamb (American Psycho vs Manhunt)

    After some plot that im lazy to type in,they both got into a fight. •Both have an hour of prep •Speed equal •They only have ONE their 9C melee equipment of their choice •Takes place in Madd Dogg’s crib from GTA san andreas,Patrick is in the house while Daniel is outside Dr Lamb: A American...
  58. StekFence

    Gemini saga match ideas pls

    I some proposals of chars to fight Him who’s holding This. Ye. dont throw a tier 1 at me pls
  59. SpiteBattles

    Gaia vs Spy (BAKI vs TF2)

    Cause why not? •Both are in their last keys •Speed equalised •Takes place in a Jungle and both are 5m apart Mr War: Spy doesn’t like big chungus:1 Incon:
  60. Mazdoesstuff

    Bill Cipher vs Yhwach

    Speed equalized, both in their final forms. Who wins? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bill_Cipher https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yhwach (Their profiles)
  61. SpiteBattles

    Zombie Scarecrow (Horrorclix) vs Ash Williams

    •Both are 9B •Speed is equal •Ash has his Metal Gauntlet •Takes place on the street where Jeepers Creepers was filmed and both are 50 meters apart •Both in-character “Groovy”: “If only I had a brain”: Incon:
  62. NameIsForKing

    Maidens vs Absolvers.

    Cinder, Raven and Winter Vs Absolver and Risryn Speed is = Every here is 7-C Maidens know that removing the mask of the Absolvers is the best way to kill them. Absolver and Risryn are 68.44 Kilotons Meanwhile The Maidens scales to 21.8323246296 kilotons Maidens - 0 Absolvers - 0 Incon - 0
  63. NameIsForKing

    Superman vs All-Hunt.

    This is literally the best matchup. Same Tier, Speed and LS! Superman Vs All-Hunt Speed is NOT = Supes scales ABOVE 1.79 gigatons. I THINK All-Hunt scales above 2.64 gigatons. But you have to take into account that supes tanked this from a guy who scales above the 1.79 gigatons. So while i...
  64. NameIsForKing

    Justice league vs Team 7!

    This fight is only using the High 7-A of the teams! So no Batman, Sai or Yamato! For the Justice Leage Team you have - Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Speed is = here so the Flash would be pretty useless. The JL characters scale to 1.76 gigatons. All of the JL characters have...
  65. NameIsForKing

    Hulk vs 4th Raikage

    A vs Hulk A is High 7-A+ Hulk is 6-C Speed is = Lets say the fight takes place on sakaar when hulk was the gladiator king or whenever. It takes place in the Arena and this time the grandmaster wont stop A like he did to thor. Fourth raikage -0 Hulk - 0 Incon - 0
  66. SpiteBattles

    Hanami vs Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

    While going to his mom’s hospital,he gets notified that Hanami is causing chaos in the city and heading to the direction of the hospital,so he must stop him. •Dark Tournament Arc Kurama is used (High 7-C) •Hanami is High 7-C •Takes place somewhere near the Hospital •Speed equal •Both...
  67. NameIsForKing

    Wonder Woman vs Sakura

    Wonder Woman vs Sakura Both High 7-A Speed is = SBA New Era sakura being used Fight until K-O or death Wonder Woman - 1 Sakura - 0 Incon - 0
  68. SpiteBattles

    The Protagonist (Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion) vs The Player (Poppy Playtime)

    Some random shit happens,blah blah blah,and then here we are •Speed equal •Both 9-C •The Protagonist is human and has an axe •The Player has his Grab-Pack •The Protagonist has prior knowledge of the Grab-Pack •Both are 40 meters apart Dude in a mansion: Dude in factory: Incon:
  69. SpiteBattles

    Cat in the Hat vs Splendor Man

    Something about who should entertain the kid,or something…? Idk •Both in-character •Both 9B •Both aren’t allowed to kill each other,but can incapacitate the opponent •BFR is restricted •CITH has 1 week of prep •Speed equal •Battle takes place outside some kid’s house. Some cat in the hat idk...
  70. SpiteBattles

    Jeffery Keaton vs Tommy Jarvis

    •Speed equal •Tommy has 1 day of prep •Battle takes place in the barn in Camp Crystal Lake •Jeff isn’t torn-flesh •Both in-character “Go to sleep!”: A horror movie legend: Incon:
  71. NameIsForKing

    Could these Spider-Men Solo The Tier 9/8 Of Class 1-A/Third Years?.

    So on one side of the ring you have Raimi trilogy Spider-Man, MCU Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man (Black suit), Insomniac games spider-man, Comic Miles Moralis (High 8-C), High 8-C Insomniac Miles Moralis The Amazing Spier-Man and Comics Spider-Man. On the other side of the ring you have...
  72. SpiteBattles

    John McClane vs Max Payne

    •Speed equal •Both 9B •John has a legal blunt weapon of his choice and both of his Beretta 92 F & FS while Max had his Night Stick and two pistols •battle takes place in this house.John is in bedroom 2 while Max is in the patio •Max’s bullet time can only be used once •Both have prior knowledge...
  73. NameIsForKing

    Ikaris Vs Greymon (Taichi Yagami)

    Ikaris Greymon Both 6-C Speed is NOT = Standard Battle Assumptions. Ikaris - 0 Agumon - 0 Incon - 0
  74. NameIsForKing

    Skulduggery Pleasant Vs Aang

    Skulduggery Pleasant Aang Speed is = Both 7-B Start 30 meters away from each-other Skulduggery Pleasant - 3 Aang - 0 Incon - 0
  75. NameIsForKing

    Fortnite Vs Avatar

    The Player. Aang. Both 9-A/8-C Speed is = Season 2 Aang The Looper can only use 9-A and 8-C weapons. The Looper has access to all of these weapons. Avatar State restricted as thats 7-C The Looper - 0 Aang - 0 Incon - 0
  76. SpiteBattles

    Harry (Dresden) vs Skulduggery Pleasant

    Two Magic using detectives duke it out! •Lord Vile Skulduggery vs Base Harry with Magic is used (both are 9A) •Speed equal •Both are in-character Lord Vile: Wizard of the White Council: Incon:
  77. SpiteBattles

    Taiga Aisaka vs a Chimpanzee

    While in Ohashi High,a fucking wild Chimpanzee enters school perimeters. Now it’s up to Taiga to fight the Chimp since the Teachers were too [P U S S Y] •Both 10A (restricting bokken for now just cause of simplicity) •Speed equal •Both 10 meters apart •Taiga is in-character,Chimpanzee is...
  78. NameIsForKing

    Ikaris vs Airdramon

    Ikaris VS Airdramon Speed is NOT = Both are bloodlusted Fight until DEATH. Ikars - 0 Airdramon - 0 incon - 0
  79. NameIsForKing

    Ikaris vs Megatron

    Ikaris Vs Megatron Speed is = Both Bloodlusted Ikaris - 0 Megatron - 7 Incon - 0
  80. SpiteBattles

    P.E.K.K.A. vs Kafka Hibino

    After hearing about some Samurai Knight Robot creature roaming the city,thinking it’s a Kaiju,the Defence Force send Kafka to deal with P.E.K.K.A. Ooooh boy… •Level 99 P.E.K.K.A is used •Under Kafka’s Control Kaiju form is used •Both 8A •Speed equal •Everything else is SBA A Samurai? A Knight...
  81. SpiteBattles

    Tanjiro vs The Creeper

    Probs a stomp but ok •Speed equal •Post-Rehabilitation Training Tanjiro is used •The Creeper has his explosives,but his truck is restricted •Tanjiro has access to Dance of the Fire God •The Creeper has 1 day of prep(to eat and stuff) •Both in-character •Takes place in a cornfield The Kamado...
  82. SpiteBattles

    Ash Williams vs The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)

    •Both Speed and Flight Speed is equal •Ash has his Mechanical Gauntlet,the Necronomicon and Kandarian Dagger •The Creeper’s Truck is restricted •The Creeper had ate 15 people before the fight •Both are in-character “Groovy”: “Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those eyes?”: Incon:
  83. SpiteBattles

    Timekeeper Cookie vs Time Eater

    Cause why not •Both Low-2C •Both bloodlusted •Takes place where Sonic and Time Eater fought(idk if that affects the battle) •Speed equal Time Manip Cookie: Something that eats time: Incon
  84. SpiteBattles

    Spooky Ghost Fight

    Spooky(Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion) vs Sachiko Shinozaki(Corpse Party) •Speed is equal •Both 9C versions are used(for now) •Game version Sachiko is used •Takes place in a abandoned house Spooky: Sachiko Shinozaki:
  85. SpiteBattles

    Tanjiro vs Psycho Mantis

    •Speed equal •Both 8B(Post Pillar Training Tanjiro is used) •Both are 10m apart •both have Prior knowledge •Takes place in a snowy forest •Both in-character but want to win The Psychic: The Demon Slayer: Incon:
  86. Seventy96

    Why other sites don't like vsbattles?

    I've noticed, that some sites like spacebattles or 4chan (co) don't like vsbattles, but I don't understand why.
  87. SpiteBattles

    Yoshikage Kira vs Hanako-San

    Two ghost/spirits fight each other •Dead Man’s Questions Kira is used •Base Hanako-San is used •Speed equal •Kira has prior knowledge •Both in-character The Vagabond Ghost: Mystery No.7: Incon:
  88. SpiteBattles

    SCP-001-A vs The Thing

    •Speed equal •The Thing had just assimilated 10 people •SCP-001-A has absorbed enough bio-mass to match The Thing •Battle takes place in a 10x10x10x10 room •Both have SCP-001-A has prior knowledge •Both bloodlusted Human Sun Sludge Monster: Mashed Human Tendril Creature: Incon:
  89. SpiteBattles

    10,000 punch man vs Togame

    [R U L E S] •Speed+Reaction time equal •Both are 10C(10000 punch man starts at 10C,but his tier can slowly go up) •Both in-character •Both are 10m apart •Since 10,000 punch man has multi-galaxy level dura,if he some how doesn’t kill Togame in 15 minutes,Togame wins •Togame has prior knowledge...
  90. SpiteBattles

    Rumi Usagiyama vs Taokaka

    Rabbits vs Cats •Speed equal •High-7C Central Fiction Taokaka is used •Low-7B Mirko is used •Both bloodlusted •Takes place in a city and both are 5m apart Are those ears fake or real?: Real rabbit ears:1(@It_is_i_wyatt ) Incon:
  91. SpiteBattles

    Baron Samedi vs Alucard

    Why did I do this •True Self Baron and Post-Schrödinger Alucard is used •Both are unknown •Both have prior knowledge •Speed equal •Both are 25m apart •Both Bloodlusted The Loa of the Dead: The No Life King: Incon:
  92. SpiteBattles

    Alexander Anderson vs Jesus

    Plot:Anderson goes to Nevada after hearing about a man named Jebediah Christoff pretending to be Jesus and goes there to punish him. After slaughtering a warehouse full of grunts,agents,ATP soldiers and a MAG agent,he confronts “The Savior”.After some monologues,both got into battle stence...
  93. SpiteBattles

    Boogieman(Gorillaz) vs Jesus/Jebus(Madness Combat)

    [R U L E S] •Speed equal •Both bloodlusted •Both are 9A •Both start 25m apart Rhinestone Eyes: The Savior: Incon
  94. SpiteBattles

    Donnie Darko vs Nagito Komaeda

    The living Receiver fights the Ultimate Lucky Student {RULES} •Nagito has ultimate luck •Donnie has his 9A powers •Speed equal •Donnie has a axe and a gun The Living Receiver: Ultimate luck: Incon
  95. SpiteBattles

    Sinbad(Magi) vs Sinbad(DreamWorks)

    Sinbad from Magi fights Sinbad from DreamWorks •Magi Sinbad is in base •Magi Sinbad has none of his powers and only has a normal Sword •DW Sinbad has his Swords and Knives •Both are in-character •Speed equal •Both are 10m apart •Battle takes place on a pirate ship Sinbad but DreamWorks...
  96. SpiteBattles

    Look-See vs Violet Evergarden

    Girl trying to understand “I love you” vs Creature who wants to you to release [RULES] •Non-Canon Look-See is used •Violet’s Standard equipment is allowed •Speed is equal •Both bloodlusted Look-See: Violet Evergarden: Incon
  97. Yuuki158

    Snowbird page creation

    Idk if this is the right place but this is my first time creating a pge for a character i know my editing is prett ybad but it is my first time,please don't be mean lol i wanted to ask if this is the right format https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Yuuki158/sandbox
  98. SpiteBattles

    David Dunn vs Donnie Darko

    The Living Receiver vs The Raincoat •Donnie is 9A and has a Axe and a handgun •David is 9B •Speed and reaction time is equal •Battle takes place in a Basket ball court (about 32m in length and 19m in breath) •Both start at the end of the court The Transceiver The Unbreakable: Incon:
  99. SpiteBattles

    Akame vs Ryu Hayabusa:REMADE

    Remaking a dead thread I made cause why not •Ennoodzuno Mode Akame is used •Ryu with Nin-Po is used •High 6-B Akame vs 6-B Ryu •Speed equal •Battle takes place in hidden leaf village •Both are 50m apart The Super Ninja: Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame: Incon
  100. SpiteBattles

    Tanjiro vs Guardian Ape

    While walking through a forest in the middle of the day,Tanjiro comes across a cave with an massive ape with a large sword stabbed into it’s neck.Tanjiro than notices the corpses of the deceased Demon Slayers on the ground.He realises that he cannot let this “Demon” live any longer,as it will be...