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I recently ordered Mork Borg from Amazon, so I decided to make this matchup. I was bored, I guess. Its not gonna come until like 9 days or so.

-Both are 9-B
-By using a random D4 roll, Berserker is equipped with a Heavy Mace
-Battle takes place in a Colosseum, both are 10 meters apart
-Goblin Slayer's Gate Scroll is restricted
-Speed equal


"Because I am Goblin Slayer.":

"Hey does anyone want to smash a female Yautj-" (Incon) (don't judge me):
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Yo that's freaking awesome! I've been waiting on some scans recently. How many pages are on that book?
88 pages, according to a review
Also why not use the Bastard? Guy has combat skill and is a goblin and if you don't think it's enough, you can pair him with Nagel Krat
I mean, Goblin Slayer would be able to one shot, since both are 9-C and he is 9-B, unless they have some abilites I don't know or Bastard does that goofy ahh curse stuff.

Then again, Nagel did beat a 8-C and a possible 9-B so...

I'll keep that in mind, but for now, I'll just use Berserker.
Goblin Slayer survived an attack from a Goblin champion, which was 3.500e6 Joules/0.84 kg of TNT (They used the low-end, the calc is here)
Ah, that's why. I was gonna point out that MORK BORG's 9-Bs are a little higher up in the 9-B range so hey, not that big of a gap if I recall correctly

Alright so first issue regarding infamous characters like these. What are the slayer's skill feats?
What are the slayer's skill feats?
Me who tells people "Yeah, Goblin Slayer is in my top 10s", but can't remember jack because I have a memory of a Gold-Fish minus 100 divided by 2

In all seriousness though, I will use a (somewhat outdated..?) respect thread from comic vine, but its better than reading through the entire series again.

  • Goblin Slayer fights a group of goblins, starting off the fight by killing one with a pick ax throw before engaging with his usual sword and shield combo. He then kicks up an ax and uses that to finish off what goblins are left. -- (GS Ch. 30)
  • Goblin Slayer's father was a hunter and his mother gathered medicinal herbs so he can tell them apart. He also carries a sack of dried vegetables including walnuts, onions, garlic, and other useful seasonings. -- (GS Interlude: Of a Perfectly Ordinary Evening)
  • Goblin Slayer starts his day off before dawn and patrols around the farm he lives on. He does this knowing that it's perfect weather for goblins to attack and because it also gives him some more time to train and practice before others wake up. -- (GS Ch. 31)
  • Goblin Slayer views his equipment as nothing more than mere consumables because he knows they will wear and won't last forever and takes note that he can always pick up other weapons from his enemies. Although, he will diligently work to keep his weapons in good condition so as to not start a fight with a bad one. -- (GS Ch. 31)
  • Goblin Slayer spent most of the day beforehand sharpening and making wooden stakes and then spent hours in the night digging many pitfalls and placing the spikes at the bottom of them. Goblin Slayer was convinced that the goblins in the area had been too nonchalant and were planning something, and with a festival coming up for the town, he thought it would be a perfect time for them to attack. He dug his pitfalls and covered them in a direction he believed they would attack if they chose to. -- (GS Ch. 33)
  • Goblin Slayer is able to notice what type of sword is being used against him and that the wielder is comfortable with it as it's pointed at his neck. -- (GS Ch. 33)
  • Goblin Slayer is able to throw every single one of six small pebbles into a frog statue's mouth during a festival. He then tells some younger people around him that the trick is practice. This could be just for comedic purposes, but the elf archer in his party couldn't even land one pebble when she did it. -- (GS Ch. 33)
  • Goblin Slayer knows to avoid fish in the wild because the areas you find them can often breed bugs and cause food poisoning. -- (GS Ch. 34)
  • Facing an adversary in a dark room and not knowing their whereabouts, Goblin Slayer kicks a lantern across the room to help illuminate the rest of the space and thus forces a Rhea to come out of hiding and attack him. Goblin Slayer then defends against all of his attacks despite fighting a smaller and quicker opponent. This is a good example that Goblin Slayer isn't just built to fight goblins who don't showcase any noteworthy skill themselves. -- (GS Ch. 35)
  • Continuing the fight from above, the Rhea throws two knives at Goblin Slayer that he notices are coated in poison. This makes him realize that the Rhea isn't limited to aiming for vital points as any break of the skin will work, and correctly blocks a strike that was then aimed at his knee. He is then struck by a paralyzing dart in his right hip afterwards and pretends that it affected him, falling to the ground. This makes the Rhea come closer and try to kick him while he's down, which allows Goblin Slayer to catch him by surprise and stab him. Goblin Slayer made this call after realizing in their short exchange that he needed the element of surprise because the Rhea was too quick. -- (GS Ch. 35)
  • Goblin Slayer knows how to make a small ballista with sharpened wooden stakes. -- (GS Ch. 37)
  • Goblin Slayer set up a trap where he made a decoy soldier appear to be hiding behind a tree and when a group of goblins attacked it, it set off a swinging spiked ball that killed a large number of them. -- (GS Ch. 37)
  • Goblin Slayer throws his sword and hits a goblin standing on a roof. -- (GS Ch. 41)
So skimming through those feats, it seems to mostly be on knowledge on goblins and useful miscellaneous facts. By skill feats I was talking about combat skill
holy shit a MORK BORG page not made by Peppersalt

Yo that's freaking awesome! I've been waiting on some scans recently. How many pages are on that book?
listen man

it's like

four books I'd need to go through

and they aren't wordy or anything, it's just annoying

Anyways I think homeboy AP stomps Berserker, he doesn't scale to the Troll.