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yuuki kagurazaka (web novel)

  1. Wikisource

    Tensura WN CRT: Quantum Manipulation and Resistance

    From @Astral_Trinity439 's propasal simple upgrade, Rimuru and Yuuki will have quantum manipulation through the Akashic Records. It actually failed to evolve, but the Akashic Records can recreate all skills so Yuuki and Rimuru were able to recreate it. But this a Unique skill, and Ultimate...
  2. Jozaysmith?

    WN tensura revisions: Infinite attack speed

    disclaimer now lets be clear here i am familiar with this thread how infinite speed was rejected but why? The reason was because Velzard essence of Declaration clashed with her acceleration automatically causing time stop to be reversed Now time for new arguments which op didn't bring up The...
  3. Wikisource

    Small upgrade for Yuuki and Rimuru.

    An upgrade for Yuuki Kagurazaka, my favorite character in Tensura. And a little bit for Rimuru too. Suspended World •Those possessing the Ultimate Skill have all been released from the Law of world •However, some are still affected by the Suspended World. An example is Luminas when she also...
  4. CodeCCLL

    Tensura (WN) Revisions

    Revisions Range Universal+ Range for Gluttonous King Beelzebub Beelzebub could swallow the universe completely with the space-time continuum. Interdimensional Range for Space-Time God Yog-Sothoth and Space-Time Continuous Strike Space-Time God and Space-Time Continius Strike can damage...
  5. Wikisource

    Tensura WN question

    I want to ask if Yuuki Kagurazaka (WN) can achieve tier 2C or higher when he uses more different skills, also I also want to reevaluate Yuuki's profile because I find it lacking quite a lot feat that he should have had
  6. Digital_Franz

    Tensura Web Novel Revision : Abilities, Durability and Speed for Rimuru and Yuuki

    Today I would like to talk about tensura more precisely the Web Novel. I would like some changes to be made to Rimuru's and Yuuki's abilities and stats. I'll start with abilities first. I would like to add immortality negation to Rimuru and Yuuki thanks to Beelzebub and Void God Azatoth. Indeed...
  7. AzuRizzz

    What's with the sudden 3-A slime upgrades?

    The last time i visit it, it was High 4-C for most demon lord tier characters (Milim, Guy etc.) But it's 3-A now, can't find the CRT for it tho. Where is it?
  8. Catpija

    Very Small Upgrade to Tensura(WN)

    Been wondering about this ages ago and now i decided to make a thread about it, this is a pretty small upgrade that probably(or not) scales to the Top Tier of the Verse(hopefully), but we can discuss how the scaling works in the thread while now i will explain the new rating. Low 2-C 3-A As...
  9. AzuRizzz

    Shido Itsuka VS Yuuki Kagurazaka

    EoS Versions. Speed Equalized.
  10. NakagawaOuraan

    Yuuki Kagurazaka vs Anos Voldigoad

    Aos voldigoad vs Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) TO
  11. Bernkastelll

    Yuuki Kagurazaka, the forgotten king in terms of CRTs

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuuki_Kagurazaka_(Web_Novel) He still have ''Immunity to mind hax'' in his profile, despite that a CRT already was made to change it to ''Unconventional resistance'', because Yuuki still have a mind, but it is on his soul, so, to affect his mind u need to...
  12. Ikki Kurogane vs Yuuki Kagurazaka

    . Yuuki : Ikki : 4 Meters Both Willing to kill Strongest Version Speed Equal
  13. YungManzi

    Yuuki Kagurazaka Vs. Novel Kars

    Not sure if this is already a thing yet, and it is possibly even a stomp. But I'm bored and want to see other's take on it. Kars (JORGE JOESTAR) Vs. Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) Both at their strongest and speed is equal.
  14. Elizhaa

    Zoe vs Yuuki Kagurazaka

    Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Both at 4-B Vote: Zoe (League of Legends) : 0 Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) : 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Overlord775

    Yuuki Kagurazaka Downgrade

    Because of changes made to High 3-A, you can no longer obtain the tier by destroying parts of space-time. Thus, Yuuki's last key should be downgraded to at least High 4-C, probably 4-B because of Neutron Stars being celestial objects and him destroying all celestial objects This also apply to...
  16. Elizhaa

    A large Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken WN

    WN Revision Natural Weaponry is now a thing. Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) would have it from Body Armour Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) would get it on his first. Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) would get it on his With Veldanava's Power's key as he got roughly all skills except. Proof for Yuuki's...
  17. Elizhaa

    Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka Rematch

    Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) Speed equalized Both at High 3-A Vote: Meltlilith: Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel): Inconclusive: Old threads for info: Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka Match Removal Discussio
  18. DontTalkDT

    Former Grand Master with a ton of powers vs Old Man with a single power

    Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) vs The Old Man of Wandering Mountai Yep, I decided to do this match. High 3-A keys for both.
  19. Elizhaa

    Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka Match Removal Discussion

    As you know, I said I was going to remove a match: Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka but the topic seems to have turned to a large misunderstanding where some believe I did not have a valid discussion before removing the match when even being willing to wait for hours. In any case, this thread is...
  20. LukaSolosYourVerse


    Ok so melt beat him earlier but since I'm mean like that Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) vs Goetia Speed is equalized Both are High 3-A GKB and AAS are allowed *Insert long speech about shooting us with a sky laser or something* Blah blah we all know the drill, victory by death or...
  21. TheUnshakableOne

    The fight for 2nd place. The strongest of High 3-A's!

    This is for spot #2 in strongest High 3-A's on this tier list. https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3169391#119 Speed equalized. Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) Vs BB (Fate/Extra CCC)
  22. The_King_of_Prudence

    Xue Ying versus Yuuki Kagurazaka

    Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel): Xue Ying: Inconclusive:
  23. Overlord775

    Gilgamesh vs Yuuki Kagurazaka

    High 3-A versions Both are Bloodlusted and Speed Equalized (With Yuuki's Time Control's speed amp being already active at the start of the fight, so his boosted speed is the one that gets equalized) Composite Fate:0 Composite Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ke:0 Inconclusive:0
  24. TriforcePower1

    Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka

    Why am I even doing it when I know neither character? Oh, yeah, someone asked me to. Meltlilith vs Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) Speed equalized Both at High 3-A Generally I put jokes instead of the actual names, but given that I know nothing of either character, they may not be accurate...
  25. Elizhaa

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Immunity to Mind Manipulation

    Credit to NeoSuperior: I think it's great and would scale to Spiritual Lifeforms and those with Perfect Memory skills in the verse since Perfect Memory is a gift/blessing from Rimuru given during the Harvest Festival and Rimuru mentioned it is a skill of spiritual life form. Translation errors...
  26. Elizhaa

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Ultimate skills Users Absorption resistance

    Something I never thought is that Ultimate Skills User should have resistance to Absorption. Absorption is a lower skills and too a common Slime skilll thus, it is a lower skill that should not affect Ultimate SKills Users. Slime specific skill [Dissolve], [Absorption], [Restoration]...
  27. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    TSSDK Damage Transferal CRT

    In Chapter 180, Esprit reveals her Unqiue Skill, Retaliator: "The special ability to replicate damage that she has taken onto her attacker, such was Espirit's unique skill『Retaliator』. The incredible amount of damage that had been caused onto a demon's body. A human's body would never be able...
  28. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    TSSDK Resistance Negation

    In Chapter 246, Yuuki reveals a new power called Primitive Magic, stated to be the source of all magic: "《Additionally, I've confirmed that Yuuki's words harbored some kind of power. This is probably the Primitive Magic, "Power of Words". I presume that Thought Guidance might have evolved.》...
  29. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Mind Manipulation & Resistance

    These were gathered by Elizhaa, so props to her. Anyways, this is about Yuuki's mind manip getting upgraded. ~ Chapter 112 "Oh well, as I expected. I seemed to have received the 『Thought Guidance』 that was the first stage of brainwashing, I attained some proof. Thought I had doubts if there...
  30. Dragoscaleisbest

    this is the pain

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuuki_Kagurazaka vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/ENIAC high 3-A yuuki 2-c eniac
  31. Elizhaa

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Power Absorption Revision

    Hinata Power Absorption (Can gain the abilities of others) _ I believe Rimuru at least his last he should have as he have all abilities in the end of the series. I think it is Usurper: The ability to gain the knowledge, techniques and abilities of her opponents. She does not need to kill...
  32. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    The one who seeks peace vs The one who seeks destruction

    Ness (Post-Magicant) vs Yuuki Kagurazaka (End of Series) Speed Equalized Order: Disorder: Thunder McQuee:
  33. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Yuuki Kagurazaka vs. Bill Cipher

    Both at High 3-A (Tbh, I might have to change it to 2-A Bill) Speed equalized Both bloodlusted Who will win?
  34. Phoenix821

    Yuuki Kagurazaka vs Ryouga Akizuki

    Both High 3-A Speed Equalized Yuuki Kagurazaka: 2 (ZacharyGrossman273,Milly Rocking Bandit) Ryouga Akizuki: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  35. Tanvir_Labib

    Alien X vs Yuuki Kagurazaka

    Alien X(low 2c) vs Yuuki Kagurazaka(High 3a) R1: Speed Equalized R2: Speed Unequalized Who takes the W and why???
  36. Celestial_Pegasus

    Rimuru and Yuuki Revisions

    So the better translations have come out and with that some changes need to be made. This is basically the same as what i attempted before here. Lets go over some stuff again. Veldanava and the System Veldanava who was God, created several parallel words and the system which governs the souls...
  37. Yuuki Kagurazaka Vs Sailor Moon

    Well that's been a long time i've not create a Sailor Moon Fight, so why not put her against a Slime? nope against the antagonist of the slime guys (Slime Roflestomp her like Hell), let's do his shit! Speed is Equalized First Key High 4-C Yuuki (for avoid a lolstomp) vs High 4-C Moon Both...
  38. Celestial_Pegasus

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Revisions: Part 2

    New chapters are out, think it's enough to do this since only the epilogue and side stories are left, though those will give some more stuff like acausality for rimiru, think of this as a preliminary thread for that one. Yuuki's Ap After absorbing the energy from gii and everyone which could...