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As Zoe is about to undergo CRT's for abilities that would allow her to resist ALL of Yuuki's passives but doesn't have it yet this should probs be closed till the CRT.
Yeah i was gonna suggest just putting her and yuuki in 5th place and sharing it until those crts are done before making a match lol
Well better to put this on hold and I doubt she resist all of Yuuki's passive since he's basically 2-B Rimuru (composite character of the verse) without the AP and Reactive Evolution. There's might be some abilities or passives that I forgot from other characters
This is a stomp thread lol, Zoe does have type 2 conceptual manipulation.

even Rimuru will be effortlessly killed by Zoe
Milly Rocking Bandit said:
Mind, soul, death, madness, radiation, fate, stats reduction, and some more I forgot.
How does Yuuki survive from reality warping passive of Zoe? that passive works on 5D plane of existence.