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teen titans

  1. noninho

    [1-0-0] NOW we'll see peak best girl fight (Raven vs Sarada)

    Sarada is in her Pre-Kara Actuation Training Key, White Raven is restricted (meaning both at 7-C) This is at a Superflat Minecraft world, speed is equal, SBA for the rest Who dislikes this Heroine is not my friend: noninho Who dislikes this Kunoichi is not my friend: Edel Frost jumps in and...
  2. Maverick_Zero_X

    Toph vs Terra - Geokinetic Glass Cannons

    Yeah they’re the same tier now Terra (Teen Titans) vs Toph Beifong Both 7-C, Speed is equalized
  3. Maverick_Zero_X

    Teen Titans AP revisions

    Low 7-C and 7-C Feats Terra generates an earthquake Cyborg swings a building The Titans and Cinderblock cause and withstand an explosion Mark of Skath Slade tanks a huge beam With this currently 8-C characters like Cyborg and Starfire become Low 7-C and Low 7-C characters like Terra, Raven...
  4. Minor Ability Additions for Beast Boy (Teen Titans)

    Beast Boy's notable transformation list has aquatic creatures on it, as well as creatures like spiders and tigers. This should give him Underwater Breathing, Surface Scaling, and Natural Weaponry These animals also have varying sizes so he could possibly have Size Manipulation as well. And he...
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    Minor Terra Addition

    In her debut episode, Terra generated a small tornado: So she should have Air Manipulation.
  6. ByArrow

    Raven (Teen Titans) VS Willow (Buffyverse) |0-0

    Rules: Speed equal Base raven is used New Rules key Willow is used SBA for everything else Vote: Raven: Willow:
  7. MintyBoi1

    Teen Titans AP Upgrade

    So the scaling for Teen Titans seems iffy to me, and I feel some characters should be marked higher than where they are now at building. My main reason for this is Slade, who not long after being revived by Trigon goes after Raven and subsequently gets his neck snapped by a kick from Robin...
  8. Batman vs The Teen Titans

    vs I'm making this to find out if it's a stomp. Hopefully it isn't Post-Flashpoint Batman vs The Teen Titans Starting distance is 80 meters Speed is equalized Batman has prior knowledge of the Titans' Attack Potency and the number of opponents he's facing, but not their abilities Battle...
  9. noninho

    Azarath metrion...help?

    Hi, good night from Brazil. There's been 2 days since I decided to have the pleasure to rewatch the entire 2003's Teen Titans, my favorite cartoon in the entire existence. With that I'm planning to make a(t least one) CRT to get new profiles, powers and scaling to the verse. If by any mean you...
  10. noninho

    Would that be a EE or just RW?

    that's the feat. if he went elsewhere and i forgot, this may be ignored buuuuuut we can see him get deleted... should a CRT for that be made?
  11. DimeUhDozen

    Enid Vs Raven (OK K.O. Vs. Teen Titans)

    Speed Equalized Raven is in White Raven key Enid is in Season 3 Key Witch-Ninja: Witch-Demon: Incon:
  12. noninho

    [1-2-0] Just Ctrl+Z'd her anxiety cause x an Anxiety monster (Raven vs Anxiety Monster)

    a simple, afaik fair, match. nothing special both at 5-A, 30m apart Raven: noninho Anxiety Monster: JustANormalLemon, Oiguana2701 Incon:
  13. noninho

    [7-1-0] Earth's Witch x Amphibia's Paladin (Raven vs Anne Boonchuy)

    = speed Complete Calamity Anne and White Coat Raven Secret Spell is restricted, cuz it may make Anne's AP higher than 5-A 20m apart Rachel Roth: noninho, Mariogoods, Marvel_Champion_07, MintyBoi1, Peppersalt43, Da3ggman, SatellaTheWoE Anne Boonchuy: TauanVictor Incon:
  14. Ayewale

    Minor TTG Raven CRT

    Just trying to give her back her Extraordinary Genius rating. This was the original rating: And I think this is perfectly fine. Raven is explicitly portrayed as more of a scientific genius than Robin and, by default, is smarter than Starfire since the nature of the competition would require the...
  15. noninho

    [6-0-0] This Goth tries Subspace Emissary

    BONUS STAGE Rae-Rae is in a mysterious SSB Brawl's Subspace Emissary level, where somehow the Nintendo Wii doesn't crash when there are 60 Primids on the screen! Da rules: Rae has about 1 second of prep time (when the whole level just finished loading and the screen says "Get Ready") All...
  16. noninho

    Goth from our childhood x Spy from our childhood (Rae x B.W.) [0-0-0]

    Rae's on her White Raven key Natasha's on her Base (no stones) Raven: Black Widow: Incon:
  17. noninho

    Goth Material vs Apparently Instrument Material (Rae vs Bass) [1-8-0]

    Speed is =, both at 5-A (Which means Treble's fusioning restricted, since it makes him high 5-A). Bass's Optional Equip are restricted, Treble's equipment doesn't say he carries items, so he don't heal or have spare bodies for Bass, SBA for the rest Rae-Rae: 1 Bass: 8 Incon:
  18. Gwen vs Raven

    OS 10 Year Old Gwen vs Base Raven (Teen Titans) Starting distance is 100 meters Both are Low 7-C Who wins? Gwen: Raven: Inconclusive:
  19. Miles Morales vs The Teen Titans

    Insomniac Miles Morales vs The Teen Titans (Cartoon Network) Starting distance is 150 meters and speed is equalized Battle takes place in a large warehouse Win conditions are death, BFR or incapacitation (although I don't think either side usually goes for kills anyway) Base Raven is being...
  20. Knifeman29

    Classic Cartoon Villains: Slade Wilson VS Vilgax (0-0-0)

    Herald Of Trigon VS Herald Of Dagon OG Series Vilgax VS Herald Of Deathstroke Slade Scales To 3.7 kilotons and 0.5846c Vilgax Scales To 4.22 kilotons and 0.3522c Fight Takes Place In Gotham Vilgax Has Prior Knowledge The Terminator: The Conqueror:
  21. Knifeman29

    Deathstroke (Post-Crisis) vs Deathstroke (Post-Flashpoint) vs Deathstroke (Teen Titans) Free For All (0-0-0-0)

    vsVS Story Deathstroke was doin Deathstroke things. Deathstroke: Deathstroke Deathstroke Deathstroke When suddenly Deathstroke: Deathstroke Deathstroke Deathstroke Deathstroke Deathstroke Deathstroke: Deathstroke!?!?! Deathstroke: Deathstroke! Deathstroke: DEATHSTROKE!!!! Deathstroke...
  22. noninho

    The Human Hero x The Goth Waifu (0-7-0) GRACE

    20m apart, = speed Both at the most powerful, Finn can use whichever sword and has access to any optional equipment on his profile (crossbow listed on his range, Love Sweater, etc) scream loud af: meditate af: 7 (Noninho, Spilxson2, Mariogoods, LeoEpicGamer8910, Oiguana2701, Peppersalt43...
  23. noninho

    "Chao Chao" x "Azarath Metrion Zinthos

    Cheese and Raven are on 5-A 1 meter apart; = speed Cream's Lil buddy: Rae-Rae: Incon:
  24. JediMindTrickz

    Raven (Teen Titans) vs Starfire (Pre-Flashpoint)

    "My mind is a battleground, whipped and ripped asunder, torn from the very fabric of reality" - Raven Rules: Speed Equalized Bloodlusted 100m starting distance 5-A keys Raven: 1 (@MrKerf) Starfire: Cataclysm:
  25. JediMindTrickz

    Blossom from Powerpuff Girls (2016) vs Starfire from Teen Titans

    "Take hold and rip out your soul from your carcass" - Starfire Rules: Bloodlusted 50 meter starting distance 8-C keys used Blackfire: Blossom: Hell on Earth:
  26. Starter_Pack

    The Defiant Daughters of Destruction (Raven vs. Squigly)

    After receiving word of civil unrest in the area, Raven was sent on a covert mission from Teen Titans headquarters to the Canopy Kingdom to discover the source of the unrest. Eventually stumbling upon information about an artifact known as the Skull Heart, she eventually made her way to a crypt...
  27. noninho

    Goth Waifu x Angry Alien

    Our Little Rae-rae and the biggest baddest multidimensional alien so far are both on a plain ambient with no obstacles White Raven and Isshiki reincarnated (if the time limit becomes a huge problem, i'll edit and use Isshiki ) Speed is = Raven: 1 Isshiki Ootsutsuki:
  28. Vizer04

    Winter Soldier vs Beast Boy (0-0-0)

    Both at 8-C and Speed Equalized. Bucky: Beast Boy: Inconclusive:
  29. Mariogoods

    A suggested rule for Category:Teen Titans

    I have found that https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Teen_Titans has included characters from Teen Titans animated series. However, the name can be misused (since "Teen Titans" can refer to team name) as https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Superboy_(Jonathan_Lane_Kent)_(New_52)...
  30. Spinoirr

    What if teen titans go Robin was in apocalypse war

    Based on this tweet So What if teen titans go Robin was in apocalypse war, this little toon force mf is in apocalypse war now. Will he make it a better movie and will he solo with toon force
  31. JediMindTrickz

    Charmy Bee vs Raven (Teen Titans)

    Charmy accidentally buzzes into Raven right after she defeats Trigon. Please just let me have a bit of fun, hopefully Raven doesn't stomp out the bee. Both 5-A Charmy is baseline (2.7 yottatons from what I can tell) Raven has 2.9 ninatons. Speed Equalized Starting distance: 100m Win by K.O...
  32. Aguywhodoesthings

    DC Animated Discussion Thread

    A discussion thread for any animated DC stuff
  33. Dusty_Raider

    Battle of the Blockheaded Villains

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Cinderblock https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Rhino_(Spectacular_Spider-Man) Speed equalized and both are completely in character. What’s more important in a fight between these two brute force bruisers? AP/DURA or Lifting Strength? Cinderblock: Rhino: 4...
  34. JediMindTrickz

    Starfire vs Cyborg (Teen Titans)

    I wish Raven was a tier lower as I’d rather do a battle between the two heroines. Regardless I think this is an interesting battle nonetheless. Cyborg seriously needs a profile update by the way, it makes no mention of his tower merge. His AP should be far superior with this. They both have...
  35. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Control Freak intelligence revision

    Control Freak should have either Extraordinary Genius or Super Genius intelligence. He created a remote that could bring inanimate objects to life, teleport him, take him inside TV, bring movie characters into the real world, change the language a person speaks, and "reboot" his entire reality...
  36. Coolboy6

    A demon/human hybrid fights a dog version of Superman (2-0-0)

    Raven (Teen Titans) vs Super Goof Both 5-A, speed equalized Raven: 2 Goofy:
  37. RanaProGamer

    2 Angry Dads Go At It | Trigon vs Asura

    Trigon comes to Gaea to conquer it but does one thing that he shouldn't have, making Asura's daughter cry. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 5-A Version Asura Used and both dads are in character. Trigon (Teen Titans) vs Asura (Asura's Wrath) Who wins and why?
  38. RanaProGamer

    Deathstroke Attempts To Assassinate Samurai Jack

    Deathstroke gets hired by Aku to take down Jack, does he succeed or gets added to the list of everyone who failed? Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Low 7-C Deathstroke and Jack can use Ancestral Power. Samurai Jack vs Herald Of Trigon Deathstroke Who wins and why?
  39. Coolboy6

    Kid Flash (Teen Titans) vs Quicksilver (MCU) (2-0-0)

    Kid flash is 8-C+ while quicksilver is high 8-C Speed equalized Quicksilver: 2 Kid Flash: Quicksilver’s AP: 2.39 tons Kid Flash’s AP: 1.78 tons
  40. Coolboy6

    Cyborg vs war machine

    Both 8-C, speed equalized, fight takes place in NYC Half human, half robot: Human in robotic suit: