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scarlet witch

  1. Jirenoffical

    What If? An Immersive Story- The Player

    The story in short: The Player has a mission... To collect all six Infinity Stones from different timelines. That's what the Watcher tells us. As we do, we got powers like creating shields (in the training), sealing (in the training), telekinesis (in the training), changing the reality (in...
  2. YungManzi

    Yung's Battle Party Tournament: Twitches! (Sabrina & Scarlet Witch (MCU)) Vs. Devil Will Cry! (Dante & Doomguy)

    Twitches! (Sabrina & Scarlet Witch (MCU)) Vs. Devil Will Cry! (Dante & Doomguy) Rules: 1) Equal Base Stats 2) 2 minutes of prep time. 3) Otherwise SBA
  3. The_originator_of_ideas

    Composite savitar vs Egoc Scarlet witch

    Who is the winner of this matchup?
  4. soulusboy

    Smaller Storm crt

    Some smaller additions to her page. Her magic was removed so now that's added back. The replacement scans are the same ones that broken links used, so they're already cited on the page. Magic - Scarlet Witch notes Storm's mystical lineage, Storm also casted a spell and removed a magical...
  5. Caduz213

    Anos vs Scarlet Witch

    I always wanted to do this fight. I don't care how unbalanced it is. Who would win? Anos Voldigoad: Scarlet Witch: Inconclusive: Restriction: Venuzdonoa equal speed Both in berserk mode
  6. KrovzDX

    Possible upgrade acasuality type 3 for Scarlett Witch and Doctor Strange

    hello, Today I'm going to discuss possible upgrades for Wanda Maximoff and Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Maddnes. In this feat, The characters I mentioned earlier have variants of themselves in other universes. and their original bodies were unharmed if the variant bodies were attacked. In my...
  7. MAGIC vs ROBOT(0-0-0)

    SCARLET WITCH vs MEGAMAN VOLNUTT ●RULES: ----They both at high 6-C; ----Volnutt will be equipped with the shining laser; ----This is Age of Ultron Scarlet witch; ----Battle lacation:Sokovia; ----They want to kill each other; ----The speed is = ; THE BLUE ROBOT: THE RED WITCH: Volnutt's...
  8. Passes

    Life Force Scarlet Witch tier up

    Hi, I was wondering if Life Force Scarlet Witch could get a tier up. Right now, her HoM key puts her at 2-A to low 1-C. In Avengers: The children’s Crusade, Victor Von Doom steals the life force from Wanda and states that the power of PRT Beyonder is nothing compared to the one of the life...
  9. soulusboy

    Should comics Scarlet Witch be given a new key?

    There was a thread recently that added some powers to Scarlet Witch P&A from Trial of Magneto, however taking into account full context, Marvel has stated that the Darkhold comic chronological comes before ToM. In Darkhold Wanda absorbs the Darkhold book and Cthon. I think this powerup could...
  10. Iloveyou1

    Scarlet Witch with preparation and HoM can be more powerful?

    In my opinion, HOM and Wanda with Preparation should be far higher than low1-C ( possibly low1-A ?) She possibly can threat to The Omniverse and Omniverse is beyond than entire Multiverse and Megaverse This is an evidence that the Omniverse is beyond than entire Multiverse and Megaverse...
  11. Passes

    Scarlet Witch new abilities (temporal duplication, immortality lvl 4)

    Hi guys, this is my first thread so I’m hoping not to make any fault! I just wanted to talk about Scarlet Witch’s newer comics, where she displayed some new abilities, hoping that they could be added to her profile. 1) In Trial of Magneto, Issue 4, she displays the ability of resurrecting...
  12. Iloveyou1

    Scarlet Witch HoM can be tier up??

    Wanda HOM should be low1-A I think the life force came from WHR, so Wanda's powers in HOM connected to WHR This Feats can prove that Wanda's powers connected to WHR in HOM (Maybe white-hot means WHR) (Power of creation (Life Force)) (WHR is the core of creation) The Life-force is powerful...
  13. Rasputin

    A question about Scarlet Witch

    In her profile it says that her Chaos Magic was stated to equal the Phoenix Force, but why isn't she 1-A like Phoenix?
  14. masaaki

    General discussion about new ability for Wanda comics

    Hello guys, this is my first thread, I want to add new Hax/ability for Wanda comics, wich is not in her profile yet. And here we go!!! 1. [Void Manipulation] Void Manipulation also known as Nothingness Manipulation is the ability to control and manipulate a void, nothingness, or...
  15. Seventy96

    Diavolo vs Scarlet Witch

    Speed equalized In character SBA No prior knowledge Post-endgame Scarlet Witch Diavolo: Scarlet Witch:
  16. Confluctor

    Scarlet Witch Vs Zatanna (1-2-1)

    Both 4B. AP is irrelevant overall Few things to note; Wanda's Power Null and summoning aren't combat applicable. Power null comes from a statement of her full power and with a lot of prep, and cannot be used in battle, and also not applicable for her 4-B key. Summoning used to be combat...
  17. soulusboy

    Small Scarlet Witch CRT

    This isn't about her tier just adding in abilities her intelligence should probably be increased to gifted since she is currently a teacher of chaos at Strange Academy 1 Sleep manipulation: (Teaches pixie a sleeping spell; Knocks out the avengers and the x-men) "Witch's Sight" aka...
  18. soulusboy

    Question regarding Marvel reality warpers

    At least twice now marvel has stated that all reality-warping is either magic at its core or, at least in part, magical in nature. Assuming this is meant literally would it mean all reality warpers gain limited magic if they arent a true magic user? Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom's explanations 1
  19. soulusboy

    Question about Scarlet Witch

    Idk if this has been brought up but would these panels be a feat for Scarlet Witch and if so would anyone be able to determine how it would be scaled if it can be? For background knowledge this is from Avengers: No Road Home #9 and she's shielding the team from the House of Ideas.
  20. ShionAH

    Raven vs Scarlet Witch

    Speed is equalized Both are 4-B Raven (Post-Flashpoint) Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics) Both are in character 5 meters distance Raven: Scarlet: Sans:
  21. AB1124

    Scarlet Witch VS Skeletor

    Scarlet Witch (House of M) VS Skeletor (Death's Incarnate) Speed equal. Location: Castle Grayskull. Random encounter. Who reigns supreme?
  22. EnnardTrap1987

    Scarlet Witch VS Spawn

    Both 2-A Speed equalised Fight takes place in...**** it, The Cell Games Scarlet Witch: 0 Spawn merged with The Mother: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  23. LordTracer

    Minor Scarlet Witch Revisions

    Attack Potency - Her justification of being able to banish the Phoenix Force with Hope Summers should be moved to her first key's 2-A statistic, and the wording should be changed as she and Hope were stated to have seemingly erased the Phoenix Force from existence, not just banish it. Range -...
  24. LordTracer

    Scarlet Witch v. Zatanna (3-0-0)

    Both 4-B. Zatanna is in her Post-Crisis key, specifically. Speed equalized. Who wins? Scarlet Witch: 3 (Luck100, Schnee One, AshenCrow777) Zatanna: Inconclusive:
  25. Ayewale

    Scarlet Witch Vs Final Form Ultron

    Speed equalized, fight starts 100 meters away from each other. (NOTE: Ultron's weakness to his circuits getting destroyed and his weakness to electricity should be a non-factor due to Molecular Body control.) Scarl: Ult: Incon:
  26. Ayewale

    MCU Doctor Strange minor addition + Comics Scarlet witch MASSIVE revamp

    In Endgame, we see Doctor Strange BFR a few of thanos's minions by wayof purple tentacles. The tentacles grabbed a group of them, and then pulled them into a portal that materialized beneath them. This should be added to his page. He also started out with this in that encounter. This power flips...
  27. Ranzuki

    Pre-retcon Beyonder vs HoM Scarlet Witch with Chaos Wave

    Who wins?
  28. Ranzuki

    Frederica Bernkastel vs HoM Scarlet Witch with Chaos Wave

    Can Bernkastel stop the Chaos Wave?
  29. DanielIH15

    Questions about Scarlet Witch powers

    Where can I exactly find evidence of her causing ripples in the multiverse? I'm not doubt about the feat, I just feel curious about it
  30. JohnCenaNation

    Update Scarlet Witch's Powers & Abilities

    I'm not sure how reliable this image is, but yeah. Scarlet Witch can fly. So why is this simple information missing from her profile?
  31. Soratoum

    Scarlet Witch should be at least 2-A, in House of M

    Now, this is all about the Chaos Wave, you might think, it wasn't controlled by Wanda, but I've found some scans that actually prove it being controlled by Wanda. https://imgur.com/a/Zm4YKbx Here it says "..who knows how she'll change everything this time", referring to her House of M warp...
  32. The_Wright_Way

    Your mind is mine ~ Sasha vs. Scarlet Witch

    Both in Tier 7 forms. Speed Equalized. vs.
  33. ZephyrosOmega

    Zatanna VS. Scarlet Witch

    Zatanna is Low 2-C, speed is equalized. Zatanna: Scarlet Witch:
  34. Soratoum

    Scarlet Witch's speed?

    I think she should be FTL or MFTL+, scaling to Thor's Mjolnir, which she stopped from moving once And also, she stroke her brother Quicksilver who is also FTL
  35. YungManzi

    Minor Scarlet Witch problem.

    On Scarlet Witch's profile, there is a link to Polaris from Shin Megami Tensei and not Marvel's Polaris (Who I believe doesn't have a profile).
  36. UltraInstinctGoku

    Scarlet Witch vs Franklin Richards

    Whats up guys, i think these two would be a good match. In your guys opinions, which one would win and why? •Both at their peaks. (2-C keys) •Battle starts on planet Earth. •Speed Equalized. •Bloodlusted. (i think its the best for this fight to force them to use their best abilities) •Win by...
  37. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Scarlet Witch Respect Thread [ Including Jaspers, Jamie , FR , and possibly more ]

    Debatably the Most Powerful Mage in History , along with a few others , finally has a Respect Thread(s) . I'll only use their strongest feats for this one, which there are a handful that I'm certain most are not aware of .I won't be implying what tier I believe they falls under, but in...
  38. Marvel's Focal Point Of Magic VS The Man Who Knows Not The Meaning Of Limit

    Unless Marvel X DB is banned. Scarlet Witch VS Kakarot/SonGoku (Xeno)
  39. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Scarlet Witch Speed

    I think we should give her Normal Human speed since she's a normal human, or maybe comparable to Hawkeye?
  40. XING06

    Scarlet Witch Speed Upgrade?

    Ok so it says in her profile that she has "At least Subsonic combat speed (Placed on the same level as Mister Fantastic in the master edition of the official Marvel handbook)" but Mister Fantastic has much higher speed now. Should we put her speed up to MHS to match him?