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perception manipulation

  1. Valeska24

    As Nodt madness manipulation type 2 and Perception Manipulation addition

    hello everyone, again As Nodt and again me :D MADNESS MANIPULATION TYPE 2 First of all, we know that the fear instilled from Äs Nodt's thorns left the shinagami screaming before they died, but it can be said that this is not due to pain, but the fear loaded into their minds. We can also see...
  2. AzuRizzz

    Small CRT for Otosaka Yuu And Tomori Nao

    Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to inform you that I'm making a small CRT to change Yuu and Nao's "imperfect" invisibility into "perception manipulation" It's not really that important but whatever. While both of them does render themselves unseen to naked eye, it only works on one...
  3. Sniper670

    About Perception Manipulation and Illusion Creation

    I've looked at both Perception manipulation and Illusion Creation pages and I can't for the life of me tell the difference. Is there a reason for the distinctions?
  4. Garchomp777

    Small Pokemon additions

    Broadway Force Episode 53 of SM 14:31 timestamp teeter dance was causing everyone around to dance as well DP117 16:10 timestamp This would apply to: Lusamine's Lilligant, Meloetta, Oricorio, Vileplume(Breeding move), Buneary, Pichu(this event and this event), Pikachu (this event,this...
  5. Resistance to Perception manip question

    So if someone resists perception manipulation and someone else uses it slow down time. Would the dude with the resistance negate his powers?
  6. Nicetoderp

    What kind of power would this be count as?

    During the very first episode (2:20) of Kamen Rider Zero-One. Aruto Hiden get his hand on Zero-One Driver which wirelessly connecting his brain to Satellite Zea. Which allow him to boost his thought process to an A.I. Level. The result allow him to think and see at a speed that make everything...
  7. UchihaSlayer96

    A Raiden question.

    Why doesn't Raiden have Self-Perception Manipulation with Blade Mode? We clearly see time slow down around him when he activates it. I know Stats amping might cover this, but I think it might be both. What do you guys think?
  8. YungManzi

    Problems with Mind Manipulation and Equalization

    Okay a few issues brought up in the recent Top 5 Characters for every tier thread. What is Mind Manipulation I think when most people talk about mind manipulation, they think of Mind Control. An ability which previously had a page, but no longer does and was merged with Mind Manipulation. This...
  9. Sir_Ovens

    Supernatural Abilities in Real World Settings

    It has come to my attention recently from threads such as this and another thread discussing Weather Report's Social Influencing which I can't find at the moment, that we have an issue regarding "supernatural" abilities in settings where there are no superpowers. Or more precisely, powers that...
  10. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Why Bill's Perception Manip was removed?

    In the thread for the reasoning of Bill's abilities, this ability was removed because it was though to come from the weirdness bubbles. However, it doesn't come from the bubbles at all, but rather, from Mabeland, a prison bubble made of bugs and other things, but is disguised as a paradise for...
  11. Kidkinsey

    touch the sword or gg

    its often said that you NEED to touch aizens sword to get out of KS and it turns into a huge NLF, however it can be said that that is only the case if you have little to no reisstance to preception/sense manipluation. Do you think if you have good resistance to preceptiation manip you would be...
  12. DMB_1

    Perception Manipulation and Sense Manipulation

    I noticed that Perception Manipulation and Sense Manipulation are somehow two different pages. If those are indeed different enough to be classified as two distinct abilities, can we add to each other's page as of why that's the case (heck, in the former, it's even stated how Sensorial...
  13. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Perception and Resistance to Existence Erasure

    In Vol.1 of the LN, Veldora says this: "Hmm… To tell the truth, I do not need any core at all… You can keep a secret, I trust? As I said, I am both unique and the most perfect of my kind. A fully unique creation, one that takes purely spiritual form. I have no particular attachment to this...
  14. CCMac27

    Most "Out of Place" Character for Every Tier

    For this list, suggest characters that either: - Look weak, but are in a surprisingly high tier - Look strong, but are in a surprisingly low tier. Let's go! 11-C: SCP-2747 11-B: Disembodied Thought 11-A: 10-C: 10-B: 10-A: 9-C: Iggy 9-B: 9-A: Iggy 8-C: Happiny, Bug-Eate High 8-C...
  15. Eficiente

    Agent 47's time slow

    Can someone show me this? Seems like Self-Perception Manip as opposed to real time manip, was it stated to be so?
  16. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Question about hallucinations

    I'm confused about psychedelic drugs/poison being Illusion Creation or Perception Manipulation. There's a panel in the MKX comics where Scorpion gets drugged by one of his students who was possessed by a demon. He was experiencing hallucinations until he snapped out of it, and I want to know if...
  17. Lightbuster30

    Slow Motion Perception vs Resistance to Time Manipulation

    How would altering the rate at which you view time affect people with time-stop immunity, or people with infinite and immeasurable speed (speed equalized obviously). People with time stop resistance resist having the flow if tine reduced to zero, but if you manipulate the way you perceive time...
  18. Creaturemaster971

    Battle results Fan Art

    While I reluctantly can't participate because I'm not good at drawing yet, I had an idea for what I thought might be a cool thread. Anyone who's good at fan art, draw or describe ideas for before and after pictures of matches that have happened, based on how the conclusion was decided. e.g...
  19. LordGriffin1000

    What power is this?

    If I could only be seen by the kids but can't be seen by Adults or those who actually like adults. Is that just a different type of Invisibility or something else.