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  1. InterFIGHTER123

    these 2 are completely violent

    Chris Walker https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Chris_Walker VS Yor https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yor_Forger#In_combat_terms BOTH ARE AT 9-B Victory Conditions: KO. State of mind: Characters will employ their usual battle strategies Knowledge of the other character/verse: No prior...
  2. Dusty_Raider

    Bonnie and Chica vs The Twins

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Twins_(Outlast) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bonnie_(Five_Nights_at_Freddy%27s) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Chica_(Five_Nights_at_Freddy's)?so=search Canon Bonnie and Chica are used and both Twins are present. Fight takes place in the facility...
  3. AceOfSpaces3709

    Miles! You're suppose to be on lockdown! (0-0-1)

    Prior to the events at Mount Massive Asylum, Miles Upshur was a typical journalist working for a typical news company but then one day he was fired due to the said company finding his articles unacceptable. Now working as a freelance journalist, Miles receives an anonymous tip about a mall...
  4. Comiphorous

    Chris Walker VS Springtrap: Fat dude fist fights a rotten rabbit

    Chris Walker vs Springtrap William is in his 3rd key Chris is Chris. Speed equalized Fight takes place in an alleyway Springtrap: Chris Walker:
  5. AceOfSpaces3709

    Strongfat VS The Incredible Hulk (GRACE)

    Speed was equalized Battle took place at Mount Massive Asylum Chris Walker: Hulk (1970s): 7 Inconclusive:
  6. BlackDarkness679

    Resident Evil: Outlast (8-0-0) (GRACE)

    RE2 Remake Mr. X (base form) vs Chris Walker SBA and speed = Fedora bulk man: 8 Fat pig man: 0 Pursues back to their targets: 0
  7. Jackythejack

    Minor Outlast Revision

    https://outlast.fandom.com/wiki/Variant_Postmortem This states that a generic Variant was able to withstand enough tranquilizers to put down an entire hockey team. This seems like it'd be good for resistances, yeah? Resistance to sleep manipulation I'd imagine. This would specifically scale to...
  8. The_Wright_Way

    Hunting grounds ~ Jason Voorhees vs Chris Walker

    Ki ki ki, ma ma ma. Ki ki ki, ma ma ma. The familiar sound echoed across the dark sewers, the sound of a silent slasher stalking his prey. It indicated that Jason Voorhees was on the prowl. He had done as mother asked. He had punished all who entered those cursed grounds. But then they came...
  9. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) vs. Chris Walker (Outlast) 2:Monster Mash Edition

    I've done this thread before but now it's time to pit Remake Leatherface against Chris Walker. Both are in-character and the fight is to the death with no prep time. The location is a generic forest at night with Thomas getting his chainsaw, axe, and mallet while Chris gets his snare traps and...
  10. TheArsenal1212

    TA's 9-B Bracket | Round 4

    Round four is next. This round we have Chris Walker represented by The Wright Way who is up against Frank West represented by Jackythejack. This is the tournament standings: https://challonge.com/p7oir0xj Takes place in a standard arena (all tournaments matches will be here) Speed Equalised...
  11. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Michael Myers (Halloween) vs. Chris Walker (Outlast) (1 More Vote)

    Two of the most infamous asylum inmates in the horror genee fight to the death. Fight takes place in a Haddonfield neighborhood. Michael Myers is the 2018 timeline and gets a claw hammer along with his kitchen knife and an hour of prep. Both are in-character. Michael Myers:3 Chris Walker:8...
  12. QrowBarr

    That's not a zombie, is it?: Part I - Frank West vs Chris Walker

    New VS series, Frank is pitted up against guys that he thinks are zombies, but in reality their just beef jerkies. Fight takes place in Mount Massive Asylum, in main lobby. All doors are locked and they fight in pitch-black darkness with only a dim light bulb in the center as their...
  13. Antoniofer

    Outlast Revision

    From the most recent calculation, not only was agreed that the method of the calculation wasn't acceptable if not that the current rating of non Variants (mostly Miles Upshur) is considered an outlier. From the same post, these are Kepekley's reasons why is considered an outlier: Miles getting...
  14. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Ryuuguu Rena (Higurashi - When They Cry) vs. Chris Walker (Outlast)

    You liar! Little pig! Virtual horror is perhaps the most modern horror medium with arguably only comics as it's only rival to that claim. But this isn't about the history of horror video games, visual novels, etc. No, this is about who would win in a fight between two of the biggest icons in...
  15. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    The True Kings of First Person Horror (The Gatherers vs. Chris Walker)

    The Dark Descent. Little pig! Let's settle the old Amnesia vs. Outlast debate for good with their mascots in a duel to the death. The Brute is in the fight and the fight takes place in the sewers of Castle Brennenburg. No prep and in-character. The Gatherers:0 Chris Walker:3 Inconclusive:0
  16. The_Wright_Way

    Headhunters ~ Chris Walker vs. Amisia Erdhen

    Speed Equalized. vs.
  17. Jinsye

    Yandere-Chan vs. Chris Walker

    Speed Equalized just in case Composite Yandere-Chan vs. Chris Walker Both have half an hour of prep Fight takes place in a Mental Asylum This format was not stolen from Dodo maybe
  18. Jinsye

    Sokka vs. Chris Walker

    Speed Equalized 9-B for both, Sokka has his Meteor Sword. Who wins? Sokka: 1 Chris Walker: 1
  19. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Chris Walker Standard Equipment

    After revising Ryuuguu Rena's profile, I decided to revise my other favorite virtual psycho's profile and I have to say it's pretty good except I feel that Chris Walker should at least have his chains listed as standard equipment as they can provide some protection and possibly snare traps as...
  20. Jinsye

    Snow Golem vs. Chris Walker

    Kek, Mentally Insane Zombie Thing Guy vs. Snowman Speed Equalized or else the Golem is gonna be chucking snowballs at mach 300 or smth. 9-B both are yeah. Who wins? Chris Walker: 0 Snow Golem: 0
  21. Paladinporter

    Mulan fights something she never wants to see again.

    "I never want to see another naked man again" -Mulan I never want to see a naked man agai OK Jokes aside, Mulan vs The Twins (Outlast) Both 9-C forms, both twins with weapons vs Mulan with her weapons, no cannon though. Win by KO, Death, or incap Who wins and why?
  22. Crazylatin77

    Cassidy VS Chris Walker

    The battle takes place in Mount Massive Asylum Both are in character Victory by death or incapacitation
  23. VersusJunkie54

    Chris Walker(Outlast) vs Pyramid Head.

    Both in their 9-B forms. Chris gets an iron pole. The battle takes place in Silent Hill. Both in character. We will assume for the sake of this battle that Pyramid Head will appear to Chris regardless of wether or not he desires to be punished. Pyramid Head's Type 8 immortality is...
  24. VersusJunkie54

    Chris Walker(Outlast) vs The Demogorgon(Stranger Things)

    The Monster vs The Soldier Battle takes place in Mount Massive Asylum Both in character. The Demogorgon cannot flee into the Upside down. Victory by death. Speed is equal. Who wins and why? Chris:0 Demogorgon:0 Inconclusive:1 Pygmy Hippo 2
  25. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) vs. Chris Walker (Outlast)

    Enough real world fights, it's time I got back to my roots with horror fights. It's Leatherface, also known as Bubba Sawyer the first slasher villian and the butcher of Newt, Texas against Chris Walker, one of the best horror game villians and the soldier of Mount Massive Asylum, Colorado...
  26. Paladinporter

    Chris Walker vs Necromorph Twitcher

    Twitcher Necromorph: The twitcher is a necromorph in dead space seen at Chapters 9, 10, and 12. Also in Dead Space 2' DLC, Severed. And Dead Space 3. Necromorphs range in tiers from 10-C to 8-C. The twitcher I assume is about 9-B because of speed and more deadlier attacks than normal slashers...
  27. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Outlast II

    I was wondering why Outlast II characters haven't been added yet. While the Langermans and Loutermilch probably shouldn't get bios, there's three different cults, Marta, Laird and Nick, and Val that could potentially be added. Although considering that Outlast 1's roster isn't finished, it might...
  28. MrKingOfNegativity

    Richard B. Riddick VS Chris Walker

    Brains VS Brawn: 9-B Edition These two seem fairly evenly-matched. Let's see how they fare against each other. Rules Speed is equalized. Firearms are restricted, as is Riddick's energy wave. (He doesn't really use it in single combat anyway...) Riddick is allowed to have his Ulaks. Battle...
  29. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Chris Walker (Outlast) vs. The Trapper (Dead by Daylight)

    Fight takes place at the Ironworks of Misery and both killers start off at opposite sides of the map. Chris Walker will get a snare trap as they are shown in his kill room but not the iron pole as that would be too much of an advantage and this will be Variant Chris. The Trapper has his...
  30. LordGriffin1000

    About the Walrider's AP (Outlast)

    On The Walrider's Profile it states he's Wall Level+, I have no problem with this. The only part I have a problem with is "can kill Miles and Waylan in one hit on higher difficulties"... Why is that their? Isn't that game physiscs?. That is just harder difficulties, it happens in all games...

    Relentless Killers - Jack Baker vs Chris Walker

    Killers who just won't let you go "Little Pig!" vs "Welcome to the family, son" Jack has access to his Shovel, Axe, Spiked Roller and Chainsaw Shears Jack is in BASE FORM, he cannot access his Transformed State Jack only has to get knocked out once in order to lose Location: Mixture of the...
  32. Hiyami

    Marta (Outlast 2) Vs. Chris Walker (Outlast 1)

    R1: Casual encounter. In the mental wards. R2: Bloodlusted. On flat grounds. R3: A village with neutral villagers and many obstacles to traverse and use as protection and weapons.
  33. Xanxussama1010

    Chris Redfield vs Chris Walker

    Chris Redfield vs Chris Walker, the match between two Chris. Fight in abandoned village at midnight, both hiding from each other at start of fight. Redfield has flashlight for see in dark, and hasn't any healing items and weapons that have AP more than 9-B. Ok, who is the winner?
  34. The_Wright_Way

    Pyramid Head vs Miles Upshore (Walrider possessed)

    Victory by any means.
  35. Pygmy_Hippo_2

    Chris Walker vs. Springtrap

    Fight takes place at Fazbear's Fright at 12 AM. Both combatants are in-character. Let's see which modern horror game icon wins. Chris Walker vs. "I will make you fit!. IN TO A COFFIN!"
  36. Talonmask

    The Tank vs. The Variants

    "You've crawled out of one hell... God help me but I somehow hope you didn't find another." Battle Music Who wins? The Tank
  37. AidenBrooks999

    Wendigo vs Chris Walker

    Speed is equalized. Battle take place at an abandoned city, 1 am. Who wins and Why? VS
  38. Talonmask

    The Walrider vs. Kei's IBM

    Mount Massive seems to have its hands full. Who wins? / Battle Music / Miles w/ Walrider: 4 Kei w/ IBM: 1 Inconclusive: 2 The Walrider Invisible Black Matter