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nicol bolas

  1. Npc170

    Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) VS Nicol Bolas (Magic: The Gathering)

    Both Fighter are at their 2-A Key. Speed equalize Rimuru is his EOS self and Nicol Bolas is in his Elder Spell state.
  2. StrymULTRA

    Magic the Gathering: It's 1-A Time

    This is a continuation of this thread made from @ActuallySpaceMan42 (so if you have doubts ask to him). Basically everything is in this blog, which in short will be explained here: Baseline World: Each world has its own dimensionality, with multiple statements of it being infinitely beyond...
  3. Promestein

    MTG Page Inconsistency

    Oldwalker Bolas is High 3-A~Low 2-C with justification and explanation and sourcing. Urza, however, is 2-A for no real reason. Yawgmoth scales to this and is senselessly 2-A. However, the Elderspell has a 2-A statement, and the Elderspell would've returned Bolas to at least the peak of his...
  4. Robo432343

    Madoka Kaname vs Nicol Bolas

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madoka_Kaname VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Nicol_Bolas#Elderspell_Nicol_Bolas_(War_of_the_Spark) Both at 2-A SBA SPEED =
  5. Sniper670

    God-Emperor of Madara Vs Almighty Sinnoh

    Nicol Bolas vs Arceus 2-A Keys Access to everything Both Bloodlusted Speed Equalized Win by Incap or death Location: Infinite Multiverse Nicol Bolas Arceus Inconclusive
  6. ActuallySpaceMan42

    Elderspell Nicol Bolas & The Planeswalker Passives (Magic: The Gathering)

    This CRT is to add the Elderspell Nicol Bolas Key to his profile as well as the reasoning that he should be potentially Multiversal. This adds the passives that The Planeswalker should have listed in his own profile. =Nicol Bolas= =The Planeswalker= Besides all of the stuff below I think it...
  7. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Yukari Yakumo vs Nicol Bolas (0-0-0)

    Sure, why not. Could be a stomp one way or another because I don't bother with VS matches very often. Nicol Bolas is in his Oldwalker key, speed equalized, both Low 2-C, fight takes place in Gensokyo, SBA otherwise. NLF Milf (Yukari): Balls in Spanish (Nicol Bolas): Incon:
  8. ActuallySpaceMan42

    Nicol Bolas & The Planeswalker CRT

    So I saw that the Magic The Gathering Profiles were pretty outdated and lacked a lot of scans. The main focus of this CRT is changing The Planeswalker Profile however a lot of additions to it require changes to Nicol Bolas's Profile as well. Attack Potency (Nicol Bolas) For Nicol Bolas, his...
  9. Genericstickman

    I fear nothing (Nicol Bolas vs The Creator (Final Fantasy))

    yup 4-A versions used Speed equalised Trogdor the Burninator: Funny Alien Crystal Maker: Nothing funny here:
  10. Ned_the_outer_god

    Nicol Bolas vs H̶o̶m̶u̶r̶a̶ ̶A̶k̶e̶m̶i̶ Dracula

    Ha ha, click bait nerd! Both are 4-A Speed is equal Dragon: Vampire: Incon: Probably will regret this, but okay
  11. Planck69

    Battle for 4th 4-A: Gongsun Wan'er vs Nicol Bolas

    Since Archean Bai is now 3-B, Wan'er is the strongest 4-A in Ergenverse, so yeah, we're doing this again. Full SBA. Speed is equalized. Spooky Waifu Dragon Husbando Inconclusive.
  12. ABoogieYesSir

    Nicol Bolas v.s Hero of Lore (AQW)

    Both are at 4-A Speed Equalized SBA
  13. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Magic: the Gathering Discussion Thread

    Why not? I know this will likely be oof'd by migration, but still.
  14. Iisdude1

    Bolas mind hax

    How powerful is it specifically? i've kept hearing on vs threads about how powerful it is but never specifically how many it can affect, some have even used in threads with type 1 abstracts
  15. Hunterzillas

    Nicol Bolas plays DnD Again

    Random Encounter with no prior knowledge Start within 10 meters of each other Speed = SBA for everything else
  16. Iisdude1

    Dormammu vs Nicol Bolas

    Both 2-A Speed equal Dormammu: Bolas:
  17. Ionliosite

    Why is the Ur-Dragon 2-A?

    Reading The Ur-Drago's profile, I came to question myself, why is it 2-A? It should just be straight up Low 1-C given his AP description.
  18. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Sadistic Sleuth's collection of Bad Ideas episode 3

    Nicol Bolas vs Calibor Pre-Mending Bolas vs Caliborn after killing Yaldaboth
  19. Sadistic_Sleuth

    MtG Upgrades

    Hax See here. Kozilek should have Time Stop and Space-Time Manipulation via This sca Speaking of that scan... "Emrakul warps biology, Ulamog warps physical properties and Kozilek warps reality." >Emrakul has Biological Manipulation, Ulamog might have Law Manipulation. Other stuff stated here...
  20. JooCipher

    Nicol Bolas fights a demon magical girl

    idk if this is a stomp or not speed = both at 2-A and with no prep The devil: There is no greater folly than standing against me: Incon:
  21. Ricsi-viragosi

    Nicol Bolas vs Mortal Renegade, the new 4-A guy

    Nicol Bolas The Mortal Renegade Speed Equal 4-A keys I have no idea about Bolas so might be a stomp.
  22. ZacharyGrossman273

    Tamamo VS Nicol Bolas

    Both at full power and speed equalized Insert joke about touching fluffy tails here: 0 Insert meme about MTG players here: 0 Donut Steele: 0
  23. Genericstickman

    Nicol Bolas vs Dracula (why am I doing this?)

    I'm highly certain this might be a stomp but how would I know if I don't try to make it 4-A versions used and speed is equalised Nicol Bolas:3 Dracula:9 Incon:4
  24. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Fate Gilgamesh vs Nicol Bolas

    Gilgamesh is 2-A now and I haven't made a Balls fight in forever so **** it! OG Power Gil (aka 2-A) vs Oldwalker Bolas (also 2-A), Speed Equalized, both seriously trying to kill/incap each other and fight happens in the Distortion World. Let the chaos begin. Gilgamesh Nicol Bolas
  25. Jinsye

    Harle vs. Nicol Bolas

    Harle Ze missing piece to zis world has been found. Zere iz not'ing we can do. You are now just an unwanted piece. ~ Harle If you had to chooze between ze world or moi... Which would you chooze? (...) Oh... Merci... Even if itz a lie. ~ Harle's final words to...
  26. PsychoWarper

    Battle for a Strongest 4-A spot (Nico Bolas vs MetalPhantomon)

    Nicol Bolas vs MetalPhantomo -Speed Equalised -Standard SBA -4-A keys Data: 1 (DragonEmperor) Dragon: Inconclusive
  27. Popdrove1

    Nicol Bolas vs Yukari Yakumo

    Oh boy. Round 1: Pre-Mending NB Round 2: Post-Mending NB If a stomp then who stomps?
  28. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Nicol Bolas and Ugin upgrade for War of the Spark

    Title. Nicol Bolas Extrasensory Perception: When I was reading the novel, I recalled Bolas feeling the movement and places off all the planeswalkers on Ravnica Power Mimicry: It says on his card that he has all the abilities of each planeswalker card on the battlefield, so that's straight up...
  29. PubliusQuinctilius

    4A Nicol Bolas vs All of The God of Highschool

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Nicol_Bolas 4-A Version vs All of these peeps https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_God_of_High_School Nicol Bolas accidentally finds himself planeswalking to The God of High School verse, he is now attempting to take it over for himself. No prep time, speed...
  30. SoulCandle1999

    Pre-Mending Nicol Bolas vs. Dr. Strange (Classic)

    1 Year of prep time, battle takes place in an empty universe. Speed equalized. Nicol Bolas can only prep in the MTG Multiverse while Strange can only prep in the Marvel Multiverse. No allies, but artifacts can be used. EDIT: Feat threads for both of them. Nicol Bolas...
  31. ZacharyGrossman273

    Nicol Bolas VS Homura Akemi

    ...In a dancing contest. Whoever can out-dance the other wins!
  32. PaChi2

    Sonic vs Bolas

    UltraSanic Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Pre-Genesis Wave) vs 2-A Nicol Bolas SBA Thoughts? S
  33. ZacharyGrossman273

    Luke Skywalker VS Nicol Bolas (I'm going to regret this)

    Speed equalized, both 4-A Nicol Bolas: 0 Luke Skywalker: 0
  34. Maverick_Zero_X

    "True" Enerjak vs Nicol Bolas

    Chaos Force Demigod vs Elder Drago This is True Enerjak vs Prime Bolas
  35. ZacharyGrossman273

    Bolas VS Vecna (Redo)

    Previously Bolas kind of stomped but now... Drago: 0 Wizard: 7 Incon: 0 Speed equalized so Bolas doesen't blitz, 2-A for both
  36. Moritzva

    Reimu Hakurei vs Nicol Bolas

    PC-98 Reimu vs Neowalker Bolas (I really want to see Bolas get more fights, win or lose.) Takes place in Dominaria, neither have any knowledge of the others, win by any means, both are fully dedicated to killing the other. Bolas: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Nicol_Bolas Reimu...
  37. Moritzva

    The Mad Titan vs The God-Pharaoh

    The Mad Titan finds himself on Dominaria, at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Now, Bolas won't let him escape. -Both are dedicated to the death of the other, but remain in-character. -No prep time. -2-A versions used: Prime Bolas and (Marvel Comics) Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet...
  38. Unoriginal_Memes

    Overpowered Dragons

    Nicol Bolas VS Asgorath Both are 2-A Speed Equalized Nicol Bolas: 1 (Wokistan) Asgorath: 7 (ZacharyGrossman273,Mr. Bambu,PshychoWarper,ZacharyGrossman273,The False Emperor1,Udlmaster,ABoogieYesSir) Inconclusive:
  39. ZacharyGrossman273

    Bo VS Bolas

    Landmine Bo and Oldwalker Bolas I draw used for the wiki of Niarobi
  40. ZacharyGrossman273

    Unicron VS Nicol Bolas

    Bolas Speed equalized, 2-A versions of both. Drago: 5 Mech: 0