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molecule man

  1. Robo432343

    Molecule Man Low Godly Regeneration (Marvel Comics)

    Molecule Man's profile states that he has High regeneration because he Reconstructed himself from complete[5] physical, and possibly mental destruction. This should be changed to Low Godly because he also came back from mental destruction which is a a non physical aspect of himself
  2. Recap_

    Chrysalis (Eternity Girl) vs Molecule Man

    Chrysalis (Eternity Girl) vs Molecule Man SBA Bloodlusted Speed equalized Chrysalis (Eternity Girl) : Molecule Man : Inconclusive :
  3. Confluctor

    Marvel Comics: Molecule Man rework

    Here is my rework of his page https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Confluctor/Owen_Reece At a glance: Shit ton of new abilities and stuff New key There is no need for "Unknown" physically or whatever, my man has a varied mechanism and can bring his powers and up and down, so that thing is...
  4. Minor Power Addition to the Molecule Man

    Minor power addition for the Molecule Man. Incorporeality: Is a being made of energy that can take the form of a human. Source = Secret Wars II #1 ~ Page 13
  5. Confluctor

    Molecule Man CRT

    The Post-Cosmic Cube Retcon should get a varied tier. "Varied, up to 2-A". I have explained it in this album here. To summarise: his mental (and emotional) state plays a role in his power levels, which is then later on expanded in Dark Avengers where he is emotionally unstable and he even talks...
  6. Rabbit2002

    Question about Low-1A/1As's Marvel

    Not sure what this means But the current wiki hierarchy only uses higher dimensions when they represent uncountable infinite higher lower dimension or higher layers where the lower dimensions/layers are nothing more than fictional. This is not even related or implied in any way So I wonder why...
  7. Tots_Real

    Doctor Manhattan Vs Molecule Man

    Molecule Man is Post-Beyonders Retcon Manhattan is at full power Fight Takes place on battle world
  8. DaReaperMan

    Battle for fifth strongest unknown! Bag Man vs Molecule Man!

    Speed Equal SBA otherwise Bag Man: 0 Molecule Man: 0 The Thought Robot: 0
  9. The_Impress

    The Quote CRT

    Add this quote to the Molecule Man page "I like stuff. I like making it and having it. I like alliteration too. "Molecule Man"! I mean, technically I worked with atoms, but... "Atom Man"? Ugh. No zing. No pizzazz. Even atoms seem big and clunky to me now. I should be... Proton Man. Or Quark...
  10. Owennoctis

    Perpetua vs Molecule Man

    who wins
  11. Maestro46

    2nd 10-B: Barker Sullivan vs Molecule Man

    A battle for 2nd strongest 10-B Both 10-B (duh) and speed equalized Molecule Ma: Barker Sulliva: Incon:
  12. SageF

    Child-Unit Beyonder Big Question?/ Highly Confusion?)

    Why isn't he Unknown/and or Likely Outervesal level due to him being a Sentient Cosmic Cubes to as races known as The Beyonders, The Beyonder is once again a creation of The Beyonders as a Child-Unit?
  13. EnnardTrap1987

    Marquis of Death upgrade

    Didn't this dude kill billions of characters (Including the Molecule Man) with just the wave of his hands? However idk if the Molecule Man had his Low 1-A powers. If he did, Marquis deserves a Low 1-A upgrade.
  14. TheDivineHost

    (GRACE) Battle for 1th 10-B: Tom Taylor vs Molecule Man

    Both at 10-B Speed Equalized Tom Taylor: 7 Molecule Man: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. Overlord775

    Molecule Man vs Little Treasure 2: Electric boogaloo

    Since Molecule Man now has a key with 1-A powers, i'mma gonna re-do this match Last key MM and 10-B LT Speed Equal Molecule Ma: 0 Little Treasure: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  16. VeryGoofyToddler

    Lucifer Morningstar and Beyonder Explanation

    Well fanboys drop the cap and ill give my most honest and unbiased answer. Answer: Lucifer Morningstar Explanation : Well here my explanation its quite simple Morningstar is just more powerful. Lucifer to begin with is a archangel and by that it means he predates creation, was responsible for...
  17. Iceber1234

    Anti-Monitor vs Molecule Man

    Anti-Monitor in true state
  18. The_Unknown_Warrior1

    Molecule Man's durability and powers (Post Beyonders Retcon) Also God Emperor Doom

    It's not really relevant I suppose but if Molecule Man completely absorbed the powers of The Beyonders shouldn't he scale to their durability and abilities? Basically I propose that his third key should to include the powers of The Beyonders and his durability should be "High Hyperversal level"...
  19. DamnINeedABreak

    Micheal Demiurgos/Lucifer Morningstar vs Beyonder/Molecule Man

    The Brothers Vs The Friends Whos Win I think Mike and Luci What Do You Think
  20. DamnINeedABreak

    Lucifer Is More Powerful Than You Think

    Lol I'm getting tired of theards like TLT vs Lucifer/Michael same goes for Beyonder and Mlecule Man its always a 2v1. Let me explain. Marvel Cosmicology isn't quite that of DC. As stated, but debunked the highest it goes before reaching infinte is 16th Demionisal. The thing is back in the...
  21. Udlmaster

    Your Throne is mine! (Molecule Man vs The Mage for 10-B)

    First Tier Mages vs Molecule Ma Round 1: The Mages are sane and aren't Marauders. The Mage: Molecule Man: Round 2: The Mages are Marauders. The Mage: Molecule Man:
  22. ZackMoon1234

    [#1 of 10-B] - Little Treasure vs Molecule Man

    A match to decide who will take the throne to rule as the #1 of 10-B Speed Not Equal Little Treasure - 7 (Nepuko, Daoist kon, Udlmaster, PsychoWarper, Zaratthustra, Karmicto, and The Unknown Warrior1) Molecule Ma - 0 () Inconclusive - 0 ()
  23. Unoriginal_Memes

    Extraordinarily Powerful Humans

    Jill Presto VS Owen Reece While these two may be physically uintimidating, they certainly make up for it with their god-like powers. For this battle, we will be using Post-Retcon Molecule Man and speed is equalized. Jill Presto: Owen Reece: Inconclusive:
  24. UnknownGodXXX

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder and Pre-Retcon Molecule Man solid 1-A rating

    Since LT is now accepted as solid 1-A, these characters should be as well for they are above LT.
  25. JackJoyce

    Michael Demiurgos vs Molecule Man

    Michael Demiurgos Molecule Ma This is post Secret Wars Molecule Man.
  26. CorporateJ

    Why add human stats to Molecule Man?

    What's the point of adding Human level to some of his stats when that's clearly incorrect? Lots of villains/heroes would technically be human level then because it's their powers that make them invulnerable. It looks way too unorganized and messy
  27. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Molecule Man upgrades

    According to Wokistan, Molecule Man should get a lot of resistances here: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2740970#23 And The Tetromino King also mentioned that Molecule Man should have Beyond-Dimensional Existence: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2634325
  28. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Molecule Man vs. Ultra Sonic

    1-A Molecule Ma 2-A Ultra Sonic Speed equalized Who will win?
  29. Q_ShadoW_Q

    Oblivion VS Molecule Man (After absorbing The Beyonders power)

    I'm not quite sure about who stronger, i'm pretty sure that Molecule man (After absorbing The Beyonders power) stronger than TLT (i guess so). Yet, i'm not sure who stronger between this two beings...
  30. Christian_Higdon

    I sincerely regret doing this: Molecule Man vs Bill Cipher

    This is likely a stomp, but I just had to see if it is or not. Speed Equal. Both are 2-A and in-character. Battle is in the void. Who wins? Not as OP as I thought: 0 The fodder of this place: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  31. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Molecule Man vs. The Transcendence

    1-A Molecule Ma (bloodlusted) 1-B Composite Human Speed equalized, standard battle assumptions Who will win?
  32. Q_ShadoW_Q

    Why there is no Molecule Man (post-retcon) page as The Beyonder has?

    I recently searched for Molecule Man power level and found that there's no post-retcon version of Molecule Man, didn't really got why it is that way if there's a reason for that I'll be happy to hear it. Just random question xD
  33. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Molecule Man vs. Archie Sonic

    So we know how broken is Sonic's fatehax. Let's see if it's enough for him to take on a 1-A 1-A vs. 2-A Speed equalized Post-Beyonders Retcon Molecule Ma vs. Ultra Sonic Who will win? Molecule Man (Marvel) he's actually much stronger than you think
  34. JohnCenaNation

    Why is Sentry weaker than Molecule Man?

    Even though he beat Molecule Man in a fight? No, I don't think this is an outlier feat since this fight took places two years later after his fight against World War Hulk, and Sentry himself even admitted that he didn't properly understood his Molecule Manipulation powers at the time and he was...
  35. Jockey-1337

    Molecule Man vs Downstreamers

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Molecule_Ma vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Downstreamers Standard Conditions High 1-B versions Let's start
  36. Elizio33

    Beyonders Attack Potency Justification

    Maybe there should be more justifications for Beyonders Attack Potency. As for example: With their powers, Doctor Doom had controlled the will of Multi Eternity and easily defeated Cyclop with the power of the Pheonix Force which will eventually become High 1-B. And they killed the Abstracts...
  37. Kerwin0831

    What's this?

    It's on MM's profile
  38. Warren_Valion

    Pre-Retcon Molecule Man AP Justification Change REDUX

    I made a CRT about how the justification for Pre-Recon Molecule Man is not entirely accurate. Pre-Retcon Molecule Man is considered comparable to Pre-Retcon Beyonder, and there is a vast supply of evidence proves that Molecule Man was not in fact comparable to the Beyonder. It started out well...
  39. Schnee_One

    Zenō vs Molecule Man

    (Breathes In, Breathes Out) Speed is Equalized, 2C versions, let's flip a coin. Zen'ō: Molecule Ma: 2 Inconclusive: