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Child-Unit Beyonder Big Question?/ Highly Confusion?)

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Why isn't he Unknown/and or Likely Outervesal level due to him being a Sentient Cosmic Cubes to as races known as The Beyonders, The Beyonder is once again a creation of The Beyonders as a Child-Unit?
You can ask Kepekley23, Matthew Schroeder, and Ultima Reality to comment here.
I feel, that is a bad analogy. Drawing energy from a place inherently 1-A does perhaps follows your analogy of the power being significantly reduced but why would it mean the power becomes significantly lower dimensional?
^But what about the fact that Kosmos has the power of both Beyonder and Molecule Man. Here my proof Maker
Comicbooks do not always make sense. We need more evidence than drawing small amounts of power from something else in order to scale.
The Beyonders cnsider him a child unit and btw the csmic cube was actually so much weaker than both pre recton and post so just knw that
Maybe the child Beyonder should have unknown statistics?
^Yes Child Unit Beyonder should be Unknown/possibly Outervesal(In theory not factual yet. And Kosmos I'm still doing research on that his/her power level
Just unknown. We have no idea about child Beyonder's power level.
I suppose. It depends on what other knowledgeable staff members think.
I think in the story they just refer to him as a child unit, however saying that would put him at a low when clearly by feats he was the most impressive and that was the imperative of the story so necessarly they probably created that just for the story especially because of cosmic cube and post recton because unlike dc crisis those events techinally never happen
Is somebody willing to ask PrinceOfTheMorning and Sandman31 to comment here?
Ok here The Child Unit Beyonder stated to be related to The Beyonders [1]. That should make him unknown tier at best.
I don't mind if somebody changes his statistics to unknown.
Yes, I know. Kosmos was still a cosmic cube though.
Preferably not on second thought. It seems like there is a rather valid explanation in his statistics key.
Then I'm satisfied to know there already a valid explanation for Beyonder. I suppose this thread should be lock.
Not open for further replies.