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lyle (paradise lost)

  1. Lapsad

    Lyle vs Nanashi

    Lyle vs Nanashi Both high-6A Speed equalized
  2. Tarang123

    Minor revision thread for shinza

    So this is really minor, but Lyle’s profile says that he has Beyond-Dimensional existence type 3. This seems to be an omen that even the platform wants shinza back at 1A. I think we should upgrade them back lol. But in all seriousness, that should be removed. There’s also the fact that madara’s...
  3. InfiniteDay

    Former Nazi vs Sin

    Mercurius (3-A) versus Lyle (Paradise Lost) (High 6-A key, Natch in control) Speed equal, SBA otherwise Not a Nazi I wear: Embodiment of Me After a Test: Inconclusive:
  4. TISSG7Redgrave

    Some minor PL revisions: THIS IS POWER edition

    That was suppose to be the title for DI revisions warren smh But for realz its some small revisions for some characters: Lyle: He'll get updated with affecting BDE type 3 due to his scaling and able to affect + kill muzan so I can add either the god's physiology page or abilities needed to...
  5. Warren_Valion

    For Strongest 5-A (BlazBlue vs. Shinza Banshou) - Takehaya Susano'o no Mikoto vs Host of Nacht Lyle

    I think this was done before but never concluded, so I am redoing it since Paradise Lost deserves some love. Host of Nacht Lyle vs. Takehaya Susano'o no Mikoto Votes: Note: This might be a stomp. Lyle: 3 (Everything12, TISSG7Redgrave, Ionliosite) Susano'o: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Stomp: Lyle...
  6. Eganergo

    Lyle vs Reinhard Heydrich

    Because why not? EoS Lyle: Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich: Nerose Satanael wins instead: EoS Lyle, 5A Reinhard (interview), speed equal, SBA.
  7. Blackcurrant91

    Battle for 1st High 6-A

    Battle for 1st High 6-A. The Wide Giant vs Chad Lyle Giant: Lyle: Thundermckween:
  8. Lapsad

    Battle for 1st 5-A

    Yuki vs Lyle Yuki susano'o key Lyle take his EOS
  9. TISSG7Redgrave

    Paradise Lost Revisions (I NEED MORE POWER edition)

    Alright so firstly our PL profiles are incomplete as hell. So it needs a revamp. However do note some of this stuff comes from atwiki which is a wiki used by Masada and some are not in the VN itself. Another note is some notes are from the side stories which are not uploaded besides side story 1...
  10. Daniel_Collinson

    The Paradise Lost (respect thread) that no one asked for

    So recently, i discovered a youtube channel called Mothra, that have been uploading PL's gameplay and translated it, also considering he also have his account here and on his wall said that the profiles of PL are pretty much outdated, so i think it would be better to create a RT and revamp the...
  11. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Lyle vs Accelerator

    What i'm done here? Alright folks,let's give Accel more challenge here and this time throw him against the protagonist of Paradise Lost,Host of Nact,who gonna win!!!? -Host of Nact Lyle and Black Wing Accelerator are used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in three...
  12. Celestial_Pegasus

    Liquidizer vs Lyle (Paradise Lost)

    Both are 9-B Who wins? Liquidizer: Lyle (Paradise Lost): Inconclusive: 6
  13. Kisaragi_Megumi

    The Beauty and the Deathscythe (Lyle vs Violet Evergarden)

    Introductio You know the beauty and the beast? the famous tales between the princess and a prince who turned to become beast. Why asking? Because this two people have similiar traits but in twisted way,an truth of fairy tales is really horrible,right? . "Violet...." . "Lyle....." Character...
  14. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Lyle vs Jason Vorhees

    Alright,i will do it this,and this is my 2nd Lyle match and i hope this not goes dying.........Alright lets go!!!! -Base Lyle and Uber Jason is used -Lyle have 1 week prep -Speed equalized -Both bloodlusted -Range is 10 meter and they start with CQC -Place located in inside of London...
  15. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Lyle vs Dark Schneider

    Alright,since someone request this,i will make it now,no more asking,lets go!!! -Both in high 6-A version -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in ruined Sodom and Gomorrah -Range is 3 km -Win via anything!!! Lyle : 7 (Nisan,Boo,si cecunguk Dot...
  16. MrKingOfNegativity

    Darth Vader VS Lyle

    Vote Count Darth Vader: 0 Lyle: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Rules High 6-A versions. (Legends Vader VS Host of Nacht Lyle) Speed is equalized. Battle takes place here. The combatants start off 30 yards away. Winner by any means necessary. Give proper reasoning.
  17. MrKingOfNegativity

    Lyle (Masadaverse) VS Caleb (Blood)

    This seems balanced enough. Also trenchcoats. Can never go wrong with trenchcoats. Rules Speed is equalized. 9-B Lyle. Caleb is restricted to 9-B equipment. (Possesses all Armours, but no Life Seed or 9-A weapons.) Combatants start within 50 meters of each other. Battle takes place here...
  18. Lyle vs Ado Edem

    Not sure if it's "close enough" but i'll give this one a shot. Lyle is in his fully possessed state as Nacht, Ado is in this fight using SE at it's low-end, and speed is equalized. Fight takes place on Earth...i guess. Host of Nacht: 5 Wielder of the Slash Emperor: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  19. TISSG7Redgrave

    Lyle (Paradise Lost) vs Julio

    After see Julio fight against the girls from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode verse and beating them Lyle intercepts the fight and challenges Julio to a fight. Location: Ichigozaka Speed Equalized They are in character but willing to kill and Lyle cannot go natch mode of he wastes and Julio is...
  20. EliminatorVenom

    Mister Monday V.S. Lyle

    Mister Monday V.S. Lyle This fight'll take place on a roman coliseum. RULES: Standard battle assumptions, but Monday isn't using his Key, and Lyle is possessed by Nacht.
  21. Character(s) that can take the Flames of Worthlessness from Lyle (Masadaverse) and not die

    Me again with another Masada-related thread.....totally not trying to give more awareness to the other characters and VN's of Masada's works..... So basically, this is like my Hiiragi Seiji thread but now this time, it's about Lyle from Paradise Lost (Masada Takeshi's earliest Visual Novel work...
  22. "Weakest" Villain character(s) who can take out the main male protags of Masadaverse

    Pretty simple as like my other Masada-related discussions. Basically, name any "weak" villain (by weak, its not saying weak as in literally weak. Just whose still powerful enough to take out all of these guys by themselves) who can take out all of Masada Takeshi's main male protags (Or basically...
  23. Lyle vs Kirei Kotomine

    Another Masadaverse vs Nasuverse fight from me, i suppose...i need somebody to do this for me next time. The human host of Nacht takes on the Knife wielding priest of the 4th and 5th Guild War.....if that works? Profiles of Combatants and Tally: Lyle: 0 Kirei Kotomine: 7 Inconclusive: 0...