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  1. CiscoTheSoto

    Battle of the Legendary Super Saiyans: Broly vs Kale

    Broly vs Kale Battle location: World of Void Both in-character True Legendary Super Saiyan Kale and Base Broly are used. All of Broly's transformations are restricted. Universe 7 Legendary Super Saiyan: Universe 6 Legendary Super Saiyan: Inconclusive:
  2. CiscoTheSoto

    Changing Kale's Tier Justification

    Hey. This isn't a discussion to change Kale's 3-A rating or anything. I just wanted to discuss her profile and her main justification, which is that she was capable of withstanding a Kamehameha from SSB Goku. There are several things that I do not like about this, and I believe that this...
  3. Eseseso

    Manga Kale page

    Would it be possible for someone to make a page for the Chou Manga version of Kale from DBS? I mean, we know how powerful her SS form is. Just seems like a waste since Manga Kale was 10 times better than Anime Kale.
  4. Fanbatant

    Gohan vs Kale.

    Win by kill or knock out. The battle takes place in an is isolated planet. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goha
  5. ZERO7772

    Broly vs U6 Saiyans~

    I always wanted to make this match, I can't help it sorry ┬»\_(Òâä)_/┬» First round: Base Broly vs LSS Kale/SS2 Caulifla/SS2 Cabba Second: Base Broly vs LSS2 Kale Third: Ikari Broly vs LSS2 Kefla Let's see how U6 fair against the strongest Sayian~
  6. JohnCenaNation

    Update Kale's Powers & Abilities

    She has Legendary Super Saiyan 2 transformation, so why is this not shown in her profile?
  7. Mickey1940

    Kale vs Broly

    Mastered SSJ Beserk Kale vs God Broly (http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Broly_God) Speed equalized Who wins?
  8. LordWhis

    Piccolo vs Kale

    Both at full power. Morals off. No BFR Have At Thee !
  9. Yomi_Schwarz

    Future Trunks vs. Kale

    Time to do something experimental Conditions -Speed Equal -Super Saiyan Rage Trunks -Super Saiyan Berserker -Both are in character and willing to kill -Battle takes place on an Empty Earth
  10. Golden_Void

    DBS Revisions/Discussion

    Goku: Should we update/add to his AP justifications? Wow, there's a lot :^) For starters, thisisthebasisfor Post-Jiren Goku's newfound power. Currently, Goku is still not at 100% from his fight with Jiren. While he was much weaker than he was currently, he was able to fight with SS2 Caulifla...
  11. Megamangohan

    Possible Kefla profile

    discussion here for possible kefla character profile creation
  12. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Possible Kale Revision ( Not concerning her tier, but justification. )

    Super Saiyan Kale I am not expecting this to be replied to instantly. I know there is a revision thread going on... I just wanted to save this in case some membver wanted to talk about it .However, i'd like to make a reference to it anyways . Kale was able to break a Dimension/Barrier that...
  13. Megamangohan

    Trunks vs Kale

    these two just have wierd ways of matching against gods, so they are eligible for a fight. Round 1: SSR Trunks vs Breserker Kale Round 2: Spirit sword trunks vs same Kale
  14. Golden_Void

    Kale's Profile

    Can we please get rid of Super Saiyan Green on Kale's profile? Why???
  15. Fgrnbd123

    krillin and kale universe busters?

    goku used ssgss against krillin and kale. when he used a kamehameha on both of them, it seemed like krillin was able to keep up goku's ssgss kamehameha temporarily and when he used it against kale, she walked through it like it was nothing, but this however doesn't make them both suddenly...
  16. Kale is a universe buster. 3-A upgrade. obviously...

    soo.... kale just tanked a ssj blue kamehameha from goku with zero damage. then she proceeded to kick ssjblue goku's ass. guess we gotta make kale 3-A as well now.... yay...
  17. ReyFearsPsciosis

    Kale vs Doomsday

    In Death Battle, Doomsday has beaten Hulk. In DBX, Doomsday has beaten Broly. But how would he fare against Broly's female counterpart??? 1st Round: LSSJ Kale vs Doomsday (Post-Crisis) 2nd Round: Slimmer form LSSJ Kale vs Doomsday (Post-Crisis) Fight takes place in Toronto, Canada. Who...
  18. Golden_Void

    Battle of the Legends: Kale vs Broly

    Broly : Kale :