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Trunks vs Kale


CHAD mango
Joke Battles
these two just have wierd ways of matching against gods, so they are eligible for a fight.

Round 1: SSR Trunks vs Breserker Kale

Round 2: Spirit sword trunks vs same Kale
I don't for sure but let me think...

Breserker Kale should take this but not easily, my reasons?.

SSR Trunks could hold his own against SSR Black but couldn't win and this is before he became stronger after his beating from Goku and then Vegeta.

Breserker Kale could Tank with no damage, SSB Goku's Kamahamaha, note that this Goku is post Black Arc so he's stronger before (though you should know several people think Goku was using like 20% of Blue in his fight with Kale, so you would get different opinions on this) and even made Jiren come for her and when Jiren comes for you you know your strong but I'm not actually using that as a real justification for her winning, I just brought it up.

I truly can't say though, I just think Breserker Kale is stronger.
I think that Kale is definitely stronger. I really don't see trunks being able to tank a full power SSB Kamehameha from Goku as easily as she did (A much stronger post-Goku Black arc Goku at that).
SSR Trunks has more control and stays sane in his from, kale is basically a female version of broly that with significant damage will revert to her normal state or something along the lines of that
Considering Toppo viewed both SSB and SSBKK as no problem and more of a nuisance and could make Goku go " Well beyond " it... and on the other hand made Toppo comment that he is "strong" and made him fearful when Goku couldn't... Kinda speaks volumes already.

Two-Three "At least" Post-Trunks Arc SSB opponents, who should be well above Trunks by now , viewed Kale as more of a threat than most. I would definitely put Kale in the SSB Tier for sure...
Beerus actually thought Goku killed Toppo with that Kamehameha. Lol Toppo is anything but equal to SSB