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Gohan vs Kale.

SSG Goku was trashing kale until both U6 sayians fused together. Gohan on the other hand was going toe to toe against SSB Goku and even forced him to use Kaoiken I vote Gohan
SSG Goku was not trashing Kale at all. In fact, she was shown to be capable of swapping hands with him. Plus, that SSG Goku had broken his limits with Ultra Instinct Omen and was much stronger than his SSG from the beginning of the ToP and arguably stronger than his SSB from the beginning of the ToP.

I'll write up an explanation as to who I believe wins later.
Okay, Kale should have the superior AP here. Mystic Gohan is relative to SSB Goku (Pre-UIO), who is a Super Saiyan multiplier stronger than SSG Goku (Pre-UIO). LSSJ Kale is, at the least, above Pre-UIO SSG tier. Post-UIO Goku gained a nigh-Super Saiyan 2 level multiplier as his base form was now only slightly beneath SSJ2 Caulifla, who was equal to Pre-UIO SSJ2 Goku.

LSSJ2 Kale was able to somewhat swap hands with Post-UIO SSG Goku. This should put her above Gohan in AP. This is because Gohan is only a Super Saiyan multiplier higher than Pre-UIO SSG Goku, while Kale should be about a Super Saiyan 2 level multiplier higher than that same Goku. So Kale has the advantage here in AP/durability and likely speed as well with how these multipliers work. Gohan only has the advantage in skill and intellect here, which I don't think is enough to overcome Kale.

So, my vote goes to Universe 6's Legendary Super Saiyan.
Both at their strongest?

Gohan's showings are fighting on par with SSB Goku, and be able to keep with FP Dyspo who at Base is superior to Pre UIO SSG Goku. He's also portrayed to be at No. 17 level who along with him were able to last in a fight with Toppo who kept up with SSB Goku and Vegeta. Gohan imo is probably in between SSG to SSB tier, maybe SSB if you push it.

Kale on the other hand, with her BSSJ state she dominated Super Saiyan Blue Goku in a fight and made Jiren step up to take her down. Though later her strongest form has trouble keeping up with a Tired SSG Goku, I really believe Goku was just sandbagging with Kale in their first fight as he was totally fine after getting beat up. So Kale's strongest is SSG post UIO1 tier.

So I am not sure who has the AP advantage, but despite that Gohan has an advantage in skill and intellect while Kale is technically just a brawler.

My vote goes to Gohan with mid difficulty. I seriously doubt post UIO SSG > pre UIO SSB, real gains came after UIO2
All the UIOs gave some high increases, like I said UIO1 allowed Goku's base to contend with SSJ2 Caulifla, who was equal to him, and later UIO3 made his base comparable or superior to Pre-ToP SSB.
Goku contended with Caulifla due to sheer skill though? Unless Caulifla got 100x stronger all of a sudden since she fought on par with SSJ2 Goku not a lot of time after that.

UIO3 gains are iffy, if SSB Goku after UIO2 surpassed SSB Vegito from the Black Arc who in Base was already above his SSB FT arc self then post UIO2 Goku in Base could perfectly be above pre ToP SSB.
There were points where Goku clashed fists with her, and Caulifla is shown to get stronger very quickly. In that same fight, she adapted to match SSJ2 Goku again. And this is just my headcanon, but I think Caulifla got a Zenkai after the whole Pride Trooper incident.

That wouldn't make sense though, as Post-UIO3 Goku was able to damage a fatigued Jiren, who was basically on par with Golden Freeza. Base Goku base only got near Pre-ToP SSB at that point, definitely not at Post-UIO2.
Gohan stomps kale got beaten by a weakened ssjg goku who was noted numerous of times to be weakened in there fight while gohan fought Max Speed Dyspo who in Base was superior to ssjg goku and overpowered The U3 Mecha who stalemated a combined attack from ssjb goku and Vegeta
I wanted to mention that SSGSS Goku wasn't actually trying when he was fighting Kale, which is supported by the fact that he was completely uninjured by her assault and the fact that he was outperformed by a heavily exhausted SSJ2 Goku after his Zenkai.

As an SSJ2 he fought against a much stronger version of Kale PLUS Caulifla

Overall, Gohan should stomp cause he scales to SSGSS Goku
Nope, SSJ Kale and SSJ2 Caulifla fought on par with SSJ2 Goku. Kale masters her berserker form and as a SSJ2 she along with Caulifla dominate SSJ2 Goku, then SSJ2 Kale is seen struggling with SSJG Goku but can keep up a little with him unlike Caulifla.

But eh the point still stands, I don't think Kale is SSB tier. Neither Gohan is exactly equal to SSB Goku but he's closer.