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Possible Kefla profile

The 2nd Existential Seed said:
Already ?! Shouldn't we at least wait for the actual episode to come out ?
But yeah... I am all for it.
no, we can discuss it both until and after that episode
Awesome episode, wished the fusion had been done earlier. I would consider kafla as "at least 3-A, possibly high 3-A" in tier with AP, SS and dura as the same. Blitzed a ssj god Goku (stronger than ssj blue kaioken ×10 from universe 6 saga) with ease and will probably stomp him next episode even as a ssj blue, as goku stated he is gonna use kaioken in the preview. Just my thoughts for now.
may i ask anyone who knows how the heck did she get this so called 'infinite' power? vegito has never stated to have this.
Maybe the writers are just throwing stuff up for the hype lol. Not sure kefla is vegito level tho. Probably not now that i think about it.
Unless she also shakes the void , she won't be High 3-A. I would like to point out that there are simularities between Jiren's little pull at the beginning of episode 109 and the shaking here are almost identical.
goku's blue form got well over 10x stronger than in his fight with Hit (the adaptation power does last for ever, hit has even said it's what has made his stronger), and now he's stronger than that as just god, jiren was able to stop god goku's blows with a finger, yet blue goku was able to pressure this suppressed jiren. How strong would you say this goku is compared to super saiyan god, i'd maybe say 2x, without even blue, then he got 10x stronger, then way stronger.
Im suprised there haven't been copies of the same pages of people wanting to make them first and end up being a lot of them.
I agree with 3-A Kefla for now. She is bae tho.
Kale was actually doing decent against ssg, caulifla was the one getting stomp, so a fusion of them one who is relative to ssg and someone else which makes them tens of times more powerful, makes sense that they could take ssbkk.
Was talking about kefla not necessarily kale, their fusion being strong makes sense, as for where kale herself should rank being she tanked a ssb kamehameha, yet now has trouble with ssg, that's just a mess.

The only explanation would be that goku got stronger since that fight with kale, but that was never said, besides a statement of him surpassing his limits. But this is still an exhausted goku so... yea, just a mess.
Goku blue is having trouble against Kefla yet SSJ Rage Trunks oneshotted Fusion Zamasu. WHAT ARE POWERSCALINGS TORIYAMA!?
Moathon said:
Goku blue is having trouble against Kefla yet SSJ Rage Trunks oneshotted Fusion Zamasu. WHAT ARE POWERSCALINGS TORIYAMA!?
SSJ Rage Trunks had power lent from Goku and Vegeta + ontop of his own power and the genki dama sword.

and how does Kefla beating SSB have anything to do with trunks and zamasu?
Kelfa is Kale x Caulifla. Yes, their fusion is very powerful, but their power as far as we know is still finite. Thus, A 3-A rating will likely suffice.