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krillin and kale universe busters?

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goku used ssgss against krillin and kale. when he used a kamehameha on both of them, it seemed like krillin was able to keep up goku's ssgss kamehameha temporarily and when he used it against kale, she walked through it like it was nothing, but this however doesn't make them both suddenly universe busters. although there is no true answer to why they were able to do this, there is one which may possibly be the true answer:


it's pretty obvious goku was holding back when he was fighting both of them. if he were to go all out on krillin, he would've killed him and destroyed alot of the city, and then android 18 wouldn't of even been able to stand even close to goku's kamehameha, goku also was testing krillin to see if he was suitable for the universe 7 team.

when he was facing lssj or super saiyan berserker kale, he only said, "im gonna let out more power", he didn't say anything about going all out on her, he actually meant he was just going to use more power than ssj2 against her and see how she'd react, if he used ssj3 it would've drained alot of his energy and only lasts for a short time.

although this is how i see it, does anyone else have any ideas how this even happened or do you agree with this?
im 100% sure krillin isn't universal but definitly planetary, but im confused with kale being universal because she got one shotted by jiren with a ki blast and it sent her out of her lssj form and she was knocked out after it.
Being one-shot by a Univeral Character =/= You not being Universal. 3-A is an insanely large tier. It simply means Jiren is that much higher on the 3-A scale.
No one should bring up Krillin but Kale was so monster like, Jiren chose to move and take here out even though his fighting style is wait and then act. If Kale wasn't that strong Toppa or someone else would have destroyed her but nope and she still destroyed the ring by walking and took a Kamahamaha from Blue Goku (tho he wasn't going all out).

I think Kale is solid 3-A.
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