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  1. MadaraZKX

    Hidan's profile revision

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:MadaraZKX/Hidan#Base Nothing particularly interesting to mention; I just added descriptions for his immortality and regeneration, his durability and range, as well as curse manipulation and durability negation for his cursed technique, for obvious reasons...
  2. Spectra_Schiffer

    Mahito vs Hidan

    Mahito versus Hidan Forms to use: ISB | Jashin Ritual SBA Bot are equal speed Mahito: Hidan: Incon:
  3. LuffyRuffy46307

    Goku vs Akatsuki

    Goku Classic 🆚 Akatsuki The only restrictions here will be Obito Uchiha and the Edo Tensei forms.
  4. Hidan vs Buggy

    This is a totally fair and serious matchup Pre-Timeskip Impel Down Buggy vs Hidan Speed is equalized Who wins? The Clown: Ryuga21 Number 1 Jashin fan: Goku shows up and nukes both of them: Yoh_Asakura8
  5. Amost6x

    Upgrade Hidan

    From this video, we can see that Hidan can defeat perfect 2 tails alone. even if you don't know how But I think Hidan's current tier is much lower than it should be. Which, if looking at this profile, you can see that the 2 tails in the video have durability 6-C, which Hidan should have the...
  6. PrinceofPein

    Akame vs Hidan (Rematch)

    Making a rematch of this thread, since it was SBA, meaning killing is the answer to it And all of the votes were based on Murasame killing Hidan, but well I came late and I proved that Murasame will not work on Hidan. So this to be a rematch to fix the match This time to make it fair, Either...
  7. V999

    Akame VS Hidan (8-0-0) This can be add

    Akame Ga Kill VS Naruto • Speed are equalized • Both are 7-B • EOS Akame is used • Akame is 33.43 megatons • Hidan is 53.15 megatons • Location : Random Forest Akame : 8 (@Popted2, @Arnoldstone18, @Tatsumi504, @Doggo, @V999, @Peppersalt43, @KobsterHope07, @DemonicDude) Hidan : Inconclusive :
  8. TauanVictor

    Zabuza VS Hidan

    "Demon of the Hidden Mist" Zabuza Momochi VS "Member of Akatsuki" Hidan Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character LOCATION: Zabuza: 4 (@Overlord1, @Nierre, @ItsOnlyDanny3, @Johnboy) Hidan: Inconclusive:
  9. TauanVictor

    Kakashi vs Hidan

    Kakashi Hatake VS Hidan Fight Location: Hidan vs Asuma Starting Distance: 100 Meters Part I Kakashi will be used Both in character Kakashi: 1 (@Popted2) Hidan: 3 (@theultimate5105, @ZetaMarishi, @ShadowWhoWalks) Inconclusive:
  10. Grandlewon

    Kaku vs Hidan

    -Enies Lobby Kaku Kaku's profile Hidan's profile Cultist: Giraffe: Inconclusive:
  11. Legacyadria

    Hidan VS Zabuza

    Hidan Profile Zabuza Profile VS They are 20 meters away. No prior knowledge. ******: 3 Demon:6
  12. Kidkinsey

    The artist vs the Immortal duo

    deidara and sasori vs hidan and kakazu battle takes place where team asuma fought kakazu and hidan who wins
  13. NoodIes67

    Kakuzu is Being Downplayed

    So I was searching through some of the Naruto character pages on the wiki and I have come to find there are multiple inconsistencies in relation to the akatsuki and their Attack Potency, specifically Kakuzu. I noticed that we have the bijuu set at large island level yet we have characters such...
  14. Carrollfire955

    Hidan vs Shura (One piece)

    Hida vs Shura (One Piece) The battle takes place in Skypiea Ordeal of string. Speed equalized. Win via Ko. Sky Rider: Immortal Boy: Inc: Who would win?
  15. Ricsi-viragosi

    an immortal fights his will to suicide. Hidan vs Thunder McQueen

    bloodlusted McQueen... I would like to remind that hidan has no regenaration whitout outside help
  16. Ricsi-viragosi

    freed vs hidan

    chimera freed whit excalibur 2 min prep time speed equalized
  17. Ryop

    About Hidan

    Isn't he has some kind of regenatinon or something?
  18. TheFinalOrder

    Roronoa Zoro vs Hidan

    7-C versions In Character Who takes it?
  19. Mobzzzzz5

    Uryu's Antithesis vs Hidan's Jashin Ritual

    I was thinking about these two abilities and how they essentially do the same thing so if they had only these abilities in a battle who do you guys think would win?
  20. Valar_Melkor_2

    Deadpool vs Hidan

    Speed equal if neccessary. vs
  21. Pocket-Chu

    A question about Hidan

    So he has immortality listed in his abilities but it doesn't specify witch type. Would you say he has type 2 or type 4 ?
  22. HokageMangaVox

    Bleach Vs Naruto Characters

    Hidan-From Naruto Lille Barro-From Bleach Vs. The rules apply to what the characters can do in each of their profiles alone, no speculations are permitted. Otherewise it will be closed. Location: World of the Living...
  23. Sheoth

    Ruby Rose vs Hidan

    VS. Round 1: -Speed equalized, in character Round 2: -Speed not equalized, Bloodlusted
  24. WeeklyBattles

    Ruby Rose vs Hidan

    In character No prior knowledge or prep time Who wins?