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grand priest

  1. Maverick_Zero_X

    Grand Priest is stronger than Zeno?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Grand_Priest_(DBS_Manga) Isn’t Zeno stated to be the strongest character in the setting?
  2. CloverDragon03

    Dragon Ball Super: Grand Priest Conceptual Manipulation Removal

    Hi, it's me. I felt I should make this at some point, as I'd developed some grievances with this ability toward the end of the thread that it was accepted in, but I didn't want to be the guy spontaneously bringing up problems in a concluded thread. So, here's my response thread on the Grand...
  3. Quasar002

    Simple Update for the Grand Priest.

    So, the update is for your manga version. Some abilities are missing from your profile (which, by the way, have already been accepted for your profile in SDBH). The abilities include: Type 1 and Type 5 immortality. All types of self-sustainment. Biological manipulation and power nullification...
  4. LuffyRuffy46307

    Dragon Ball Conceptual Manipulation End Closing

    Space and time in Dragon Ball is represented in a different, way time in Dragon Ball shapes all reality, the living proof of this is the canon materials stating that space and time is a concept and that in the place you are in there are no concepts of space-time. It is said many times that...
  5. LuffyRuffy46307

    Small addition to Grand Priest and angels

    The energy of destruction was permeating everywhere in the arena, it turned everything purple and Daishinkan was in the middle and remaining unaffected by the energy of destruction. It is also shown that Vados and Whis can also resist without leaving the place, so they must also receive...
  6. LuffyRuffy46307

    Manga Angels

    I noticed that there is still no profile for the angels' manga, even though they have shown some differences, like type 5 immortality and some things in the manga and such So I decided to open this crt so we can have authorization to create a profile for them or we can simply create a key to...
  7. LuffyRuffy46307

    Small addition to DBS angels

    It's just a small addition to the angel profiles Manipulation sense Agree: @DarkDragonMedeus, @Boyinluv2002 ,@Lightning_XXI, Neutral: @Nullflowerblush Disagree:
  8. ProfectusInfinity

    Small DB Revisions

    Standard equipment for Korin: Senzu Beans (Korin is the only one who grows senzu beans, and his tower is the only place in the world they are grown) Character summary for Cymbal: Cymbal is a mutated Namekian, and the third son of King Piccolo since his release from the Electric Rice Cooker...
  9. Matrixxxx

    Whis and the grand priest hax revision

    immortality type 5 and 1 Angels have no life span. Goku stated that angels cannot die. The response was that the only way to get rid of an angel is to erase them from existence. existence erasure and biological manipulation Angels can bring others back to life. He resurrected Merus after...
  10. Aachintya31

    Dragon Ball - Angel Acausality+ Grand Priest EE Downgrade

    All angels including Grand Priest have Acausality Type 1 without any justification. Grand Priest have EE ( profile says by whis statement) Can a supporter of verse give a scan for this so it could be added to their profiles or it should it be nuked to oblivion.
  11. Zeno can predict the future

    This will be a simple revision The omni king was stated by Grand Priest to foresaw the outcome of the tournament.
  12. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Dragon Ball Super Minor Class Y LS Revision for the Angels

    Basically, this CRT is just to give a quantifyable value to the feat that the Angels scale to, which is Vados carrying the Super Dragon Balls The feat is calculated here: This of course only scales to their lifting strength via TK
  13. Quantu

    Dragon Ball Super: Grand Priest Small Change

    scaling from Vados, Grand Priest (DBS) should have his lifting strength changed to: Lifting Strength: Unknown physically. At least Class Y, likely higher with telekinesis (far superior to Vados, who casually carried around 6 Super Dragon Balls, with each Dragon Ball being the size of a planet)...
  14. RisingIons

    Confusion about Zen'o's erasure/Future as a whole

    I feel like Zen'o didn't really erase all of the future timeline, but more so he erased a frame of time, which allows the present (and by association any concept of a future) to not exist. This could explain how the past can be so freely travelled to. Though I still don't understand Trunks's...
  15. Grand Priest vs. Dante

    Hopefully not a stomp Both 2-C Dmc 5 dante used Both are 10m aparts Speed Equalized Grand priest is bloodlusted here because I don't any discussion about what he uses as his 1st move in character. Grand Priest: Dante: This guy stomps both:
  16. Teezar

    Wally west vs whis.

    Wally west (post crisis) Vs Grand priest(DBH) 2-A versions. Speed equalized. Round 1: both in character Round 2:both are bloodlusted. Speed equalized.
  17. Teezar

    Superhero vs Angel.

    Barry Allen (post crisis). Vs The grand priest. Speed equalized. Round 1: both in character Round 2:both are bloodlusted. Speed equalized.
  18. Coolboy6

    Grand priest vs dormammu

    Both 2-C, speed equalized Grand priest: Dormammu:
  19. StrymULTRA

    2-C to 2-A standards, the return

    Finally I've returned after some pause, and I want to address an issue I noticed time ago. There are examples of characters who are 2-B because of scalings from 2-C characters, like Takion or Asriel Dreemurr, but there are also ones as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo or Grand Priest, who are extremely above...
  20. HrishikeshM

    whis and great priest

    why does great priest have existence erasure? where is the statement? why do angels have acausality?
  21. Zenkaibattery1

    Intelligence for the angels

    Shouldn't the Angels have gifted intelligence at the very least? I mean it is pretty self-explanatory. They know pretty much everything about their universe, are the greatest martial artists in Dragon Ball, knowing basically all forms of martial arts, etc. As I said, should be self-explanatory...
  22. Zenkaibattery1

    Heroes Grand Priest profile

    I was wondering if it is possible to make a Heroes Grand Priest profile considering GP is about to be banned from vsbattles. They have quite a bit of differences and Heroes GP can actually be debated. He has authority over all timelines. He knows what's happening in Xeno Goku's timeline and the...
  23. Ionliosite

    Grand Priest and Zen O Match Ban

    We were talking here that every single match involving the Grand Priest is basically 100% guesswork, given we have never seen him fight in canon, so we have no idea what abilities he uses and how does he applied them in combat. On that note, every other Angel should likely get the ban too, MAYBE...
  24. Zenkaibattery1

    Grand Priest vs Hal Jordan

    Grand Priest vs Green latern Speed is equalized SBA Grand Priest Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Inconclusive:
  25. Zenkaibattery1

    Immortality for the Angels

    The Angels should have Type 5 Immortality from the manga https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/dragon-ball-super-chapter-55/chapter/19651 I know it's from the manga, but we have used the manga slightly for the Angels since we don't know much about them. And the angels have showcased all the abilities...
  26. Ahmed_berserker

    grand priest vs OVER-1

    2-C OVER-1 Is used
  27. Zeitgeist77

    Daishinkan vs Malchanet

    Malchanet want to enslave the dragon ball super universe, she be able to solo?
  28. Azh'Voroph_the_Crypt_Lord

    Jesuschrist fights against an Angel, Bruh momento numero 6

    Yeeh boi Speed = Both In-character Battle takes place in the World of Void Who wins?? LI-ON-CHRI-ST! The lion from the future which defeat the evils with kisses and sweeties~ (Kill me plz): InFiNiTe SpEeD++++++++: Do you want to make a religious polemic right now???:
  29. Lord_Ace900

    Small Whis addition

    Passive Paralysis Inducement for Whis [[1]](starts 2:47)
  30. Mister_Death

    Can the GP solo Dragon Ball?

    Round 1: Vs everyone at once not including gods of destruction. Round 2: Including gods of destruction. Bonus round: Angels included too. Barring Zeno, obviously.
  31. Omegas03

    Goddess of Death vs. The Grand Priest.

    Grand Priest so this is Hela against GP, both 2-C and speed equalized. otherwise SBA. I hope this is a finally fair fight with a DB 2-C, but I may change the opponent if this is too one sided. They seem roughly comparable in AP and GP is kinda haxed to be a DB character (lolol) but I need to...

    Darkseid VS Grand Priest

  33. The_real_cal_howard

    Grand Priest vs Cresselia

    Cool, I can do this. Speed equal. Grand Priest; Cresselia When dreams come true
  34. Gothika47

    God (Supernatural) vs Grand Priest.

    They fight seriously with intent to kill each other. Speed is equalized. Win via death. Who win and why?
  35. SinbadDaGod

    Grand Priest and Whis possible revisions

    Whis claims Grand Priest is the strongest person in that world. Since Zeno is accepted as Low Multiversal I think its fair Grand Priest get an upgrade because of this statement. Whis' flight to Universe 10 seems far shorter in the manga...

    How much Grand Priest do you need to defeat Gabramelek ?

  37. KingEzran

    (Grace) Grand Priest vs Medea

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via any means Votes: Grand Priest: 4 Medea: 7
  38. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Dragon Ball Angel questions

    Where does Grand Priest's BFR and Time Travel come from? If it comes from Whis, should he not also get some of his other abilities as well? Also, how far does his scaling chain take him above baseline low 2-C?
  39. Inksanesss

    Ahri vs Grand Priest

    Who winz?
  40. BajaBlastoise1329

    Grand Priest VS Master Hand

    Equal fight, takes place in the World of Void.