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  1. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Spriggans Scaling to Etherion

    This is something I always knew would happen one day… Since the start of my career on this site years ago, I’ve been putting this off for so goddamn long because it was a topic that was so fervently opposed by others… Hell it was hard for us to even scale the God Tiers to Etherion. I’ve even...
  2. Eseseso

    Was the death of High 6-A Human Form Acno and DG's greatly exaggerated?

    OK, so as we all know, back during the Dragon King Festival, Acnologia killed thousands of Dragons in his human form, with nothing implying that he went Dragon Form during this time. Now, Warrod stated that "when Dragons were around so long ago", just one of them could wipe out whole countries...
  3. Eseseso

    Etherion Calc based on one that I found, but modified for country size

    So I found a calc for Etherion that takes into account that it completely vaporizes its target (such as a country). To quote the guy who made the calc quoting the Fairy Tail wiki: "Etherion, once successfully prepared, fires an extremely large, destructive beam of Magic upon the desired...
  4. Eseseso

    Some Interesting Fairy Tail Calcs I Found

    So on this one website I was on, I have found quite a few feats for FT that (if accepted) could lead to some tier changes (assuming they are accepted). Now, some of them I wasn't too sure about, but that's why I'm showing them here to get your feedback. Now let's begin: Here's a calc for the...
  5. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail: Small Etherion Upgrade

    Etherion has been accepted and upgraded to High 6-A (10.22 Petatons) based on this calc The reason that this version should be used over the previous versions is that this calc uses the average of all the destruction values for all of the countries in Fairy Tail. It is said multiple times that...
  6. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Fairy Tail God Tier Revisions

    Yeah, we're not supposed to have CRT's, but we're already discussing everything in the main discussion thread anyways, I think it's be better if just moved the convo here Here's my Explanation Blog on everything this discussion will be about Why Fairy Tail God Tiers scale to Etherion and...
  7. CNBA3

    CTR for Etherion Downgrade

    This has been on my mind lately, about estimating the size of an Etherion blast which people assume is Fiore, which is based on a massive assumption, we do not know if it was the actual size of the nation, yet we do know how big it is from when we have shown how it works here. And before people...
  8. UeTa

    Etherion AP and Power Upgrades

    By visiting the Fairy Tail Wiki,Etherion's page I have found that a Etherion blast releases an energy strong enough to reduce matter down to their smallest components. In addition of being capable of transcending space-time . (Chapter 79, Page 9) I'm pretty sure that Etherion's DC calculation...
  9. 1997KD

    Etherion scaling(and possibly some dragon cry discussion )

    As fh suggest it have infinite magic power, it provide magic power, not just stamina cause zeref have infinite stamina(in his profile) FH stats to able to fire etherion, also as ultear stats, the more magic power you have, the more stronger spells you can use. Also as mavis says FH is strong...
  10. 1997KD

    Zeref scaling to Etherion and Acnologia Durability

    We stated that acnologia can be defeated by etherion,now it's wrong for many reason 1)makarov answer happy question and said it's possible to defeat acnologia by using etherion(and fh as power supply),now at that time none of them was know acnologia real power(that he can absorb magic itself)...
  11. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Wahl's Etherion, and Magic Confinement

    Yes, another Thread made by me, what Fun 😊 The creator of the Blog actually wishes to redo this calc once agin, as he got this one wrong, so for now, it's pretty much about the legitimacy of using a magnetic confinement tactic, and if anyone wanted to calc it they ca So I was reading through...
  12. Antvasima

    Top tier Fairy Tail scaling?

    Continued from here: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1650240 Basically there are two different calculations of the energy output of Etherio, and we need help to decide which method that is more appropriate to use, or if somebody needs to combine the different methods into a single version...
  13. CinCameron20

    Challenging High 6-B Fairy Tail

    Edit - Stop reading this initial post. The argument has shifted greatly from this as the thread progressed. Move on. Indeed, if an explosion engulfed Fiore and widespread destruction or near-total fatalities engulfed the country to its coasts, it would be 6-B to High 6-B. However, why use these...
  14. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Ravines of Time, and Dragon Cry

    Since Fairy Heart and Etherion have Pages of their own, I believe we should make a page for both ROT and DC, the thing is what do we quantify ROT as, it is said to be a void of Time Magic, that could reset time, now by no means am I saying that this scales to ANYONE, however I'd like to see...
  15. Captain_Torch


    So, Etherion is currently High 6-B because of the statement that he can destroy a small country, and Fiore is a "Large Country" and one of the smallest countries on the continent. However recently there's been a discussion about Etherion at Naruto Forums. And there they actually calced the...
  16. Captain_Torch

    Acnologia Upgrade

    Acnologia is currently stated as "At least High 6-C" because there is no proof that he is higher. But there actually is. Even before the war started, FT characters weren't sure if Fairy Heart, which can spam infinite Etherion blasts(which are 6-B), would be enough to stop him. At the end of...