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  1. MinecraftHater2011

    Update for Shrek's Profile

    Old profile here; new profile here. Agree: HonestlyBored24, DimeUhDozen, IDK3465, SamanPatou (unsure on Sound Manipulation resistance), Therefir Neutral: Disagree:
  2. That_moron2


    Megamind has all equipment Speed equal SBA otherwise Megamind: 7 (@XitSign, @SuperDino85, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @HonestlyBored24, @Accelerated_Evolution, @Oiguana2701, @TheMassivlyUnkn0wn) Schaffrillas: 1 (@DavidTPPM) Incon:
  3. King_Dom470

    Green Haired Bounty Hunter Fights a Cat (9-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place inside Baratie TLW Puss is used SBA for everything else Orange Cat: (DaReaperMan, Peppersalt43, Mariogoods, noninho, King_Dom470, EnderLord8, CBslayeR, Nierre, Accelerated_Evolution) Moss Head: Incon: Stuff: Puss has an ap advantage of: 4.28160021261x...
  4. ThePrimalHunter

    Furious Five vs Sinister Five (Kung Fu Panda vs MCU) (0-0-0)

    The Furious Five vs MCU's Sinister Five Ground Rules: Speed is equal for all Everyone is 8-C, everything above 8-C is restricted Fight takes place in the same area where the Sinister 5 fought the 3 Spider-Men The Furious Five have prior knowledge on the Sinister Five Both teams start 10 meters...
  5. King_Dom470

    Shrek back up to 8-C? Yippee!!

    Ap/Lifting Strength Revised this calc since I apparently got puss' size wrong and it got death up to building level. So everyone in the verse downscales from Deaths feat. As for lifting strength (Class 25) the whole verse should downscale from Death as well: Puss is able to fight off death even...
  6. Valiant_Abyss

    Chantel Dubois hunts a Puss in Boots

    After failing to claim Alex the Lion's head, Captain Chantel Dubois sets her sights on a smaller cat. Speed is equalized and pre-last wish Puss in Boots is used. SBA otherwise. Ze Lion: Fear me if you dare:
  7. King_Dom470

    Jack Horner really wants to slay a dragon (2-7-0) GRACE

    Rules: Jack has his optional equipment Battle takes place in the Dragons castle Dragon has prior knowledge of Jacks abilities SBA for everyone else Jack: (Oiguana2701, Serlock_Holmes) Dragon: (Arceus0x,TheGreatJedi13, Arceus0x, CBslayeR, King_Dom470, Gilad_Hyperstar,AThe1412) Incon:
  8. King_Dom470

    Metro man vs Super peasant (0-0-0)

    Rules: Battle takes place in Metro city Speed equal Super Peasant is bloodlusted SBA for everything else Super Peasant: Upscales by an insane amount from 500 Tons Metro Man: Upscales from 1000 Tons Incon:
  9. King_Dom470

    Peter Griffin has a bar fight with death (0-1-0)

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place in the Drunken Clam SBA for everything else I do love the smell of fear... It's intoxicating: Scales to 149.49013614 Megajoules There's A Message In My Alpha-Bits. It Says 'Oooooo: (CuteAnimeNekoGirl99) Scales to 707.1145372561413 Megajoules Incon:
  10. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Puss in Boots the Last Wish upgrades

    I'll upgrade two things: 1) Puss in Boots himself now has his own feat to scale to, putting him comfortably at 9-A rather than from downscaling to Death. Speaking of which... 2) Death's feat should be upgraded, as Death destroyed 2 crystals with the same level of difficulty as when he...
  11. King_Dom470

    "What's wrong? Lives flashing before you’re eyes?" (4-8-0)

    Rules: Speed equal Both characters are able to give up 9-A Frisk is used Frisk's optional equipment is restricted Death has prior Knowledge of Frisk's ability Battle takes place in the judgment hall SBA for everything else Death gives Frisk PTSD: (Gilad_Hyperstar, HonestlyBored24...
  12. MinecraftHater2011

    Victor Quartermaine vs. Gaston (5-2-0)

    Honestly only really made this thread 'cause Victor's own page on the W&G wiki mentions how similar the two are, which did kind of surprise me a little since literally nobody in the VS debating community has talked about this MU let alone the connections between the two, but w/e ig. Rules...
  13. King_Dom470

    Another Shrek CRT but an upgrade?? 😱

    Pretty cut and dry CRT, Death breaks those big crystal structures. This makes pretty much everyone in the verse Small Building level since puss downscales from Death and Shrek so yeah As for the lifting strength that was calculated from this. I guess it could scale to puss since he gets his...
  14. Just_Butchering

    Redhead Royalty - Princess Fiona vs Queen Maeve (Shrek vs The Boys)

    Princess Fiona vs Queen Maeve Forever After Fiona (scales to roughly 0.036 Tons) vs Season 2 9-A Maeve (scales to above 0.057) Speed is equalized Both in character Wins by death Fight takes place in the Far Far Away castle Starting distance is 10 meters, clear line of sight Maeve has sword...
  15. AceOfSpaces3709

    Ginormica Tries to Eat Her Fruits and Vegetables (GRACE)

    Susan Murphy wakes up confused in a dark room, her eyes struggle to adjust as an irritable repetition of flashing red light illuminates the room, before she even has time to figure out where she is, a wall behind her begins to close in, shoving her out into a massively open area. ''Hello?'' she...
  16. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    a crime lord fights a vtuber (Jack horner vs suisei hoshimachi)

    Jack horner suisei hoshimachi Rules: Speed equalized suisei is bloodlusted no knowledge of each other battle takes place at the national mall in washington D.C. Jack's optional equipment is restricted. they start 2 meters apart Victory Conditions: Incapacitation or death Note: If...
  17. EnnardTrap1987

    Metro Man VS A killer cyborg

    Both 8-B Speed equalised Fight takes place in NYC Metro Man: OvertKill: Inconclusive:
  18. GoCommitDi

    Shrek wants to commit suicide

    DreamWorks Shrek vs Book Shrek Speed is = Both are bloodlusted Fight is at a Florida swamp DreamWorks: Original: Incon:
  19. hippoishungry

    How to train your dragon revisions (Part 2): updated and revised profiles

    Pretty simple: revised profiles after the downgrades in this thread New profiles: Old profiles for reference Changes made: Attack Potency: applied the downgrades to the Red Deaths and Bewilderbeasts ap accepted in this thread. Changed a bit of the scaling for people like Hiccup and Dagur...
  20. GoCommitDi

    Shrek vs Jimmy Hopkins (0-7-0)

    Sarcastic ogre who initially got judged for how they appear on the outside and ended up defeating a sociopathic leader with help from their best friend and won over their sporty love interest vs. sarcastic teen who initially got judged for how they appear on the outside and defeated a...
  21. Just_Butchering

    Puss takes on another giant - Puss in Boots vs Eren Yeager

    Puss in Boots vs Eren Yeager Both have prior knowledge Both are in-character Battle of Trost District Arc to Clash of the Titans Arc Titan Eren is used Speed is equalized Fight takes place in Del Mar, where Puss fought the first giant Starting distance is 30 meters, no clear line-of-sight Wins...
  22. AceOfSpaces3709

    She-Hulk fights a Hippo (GRACE)

    Gloria once again busts out of Central Park Zoo which quickly alerts the zoo authorities and makes the national news, Jen, who happens to be in New York, hears the commotion about a Hippo being spotted near the Bethesda Terrace and heads on over to put Gloria back where she belongs. Starting...
  23. Flowerguy2

    "Living up to the legends" Puss in Boots VS Po (Shrek VS Kung Fu Panda) [0-0-0]

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules 1. Speed is equalized 2. Both are in-character. 3. Battle taken place inside of the Jade Palace 4. Both...
  24. CrackerVolley

    Going Commando (Skipper vs Rolento) [Complete]

    I'm back on my bullshit again. Sorry. Just for fun, there's various weapons from Final Fight Revenge for either of them to pick up. Fight takes place 10m apart at Rolento's SFA3 Stage Both gets their Standard Equipment Speed Equal Skipper (Upscales to 0.0205): 7 (Maidrips, Morgan, Atorimachi...
  25. Bruhtelho

    Reap What You Sow: Death (Dreamworks) VS Specter Knight

    Both at 8-C Fight takes place within the Lich Yard Speed is equalized Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap Both start 10 meters from each other Relics are restricted "I'm Death. Straight. Up.":0 "She granted me new life... So that I may take yours!":0 Inconclusive:0
  26. DimeUhDozen

    A Captain and a Skipper

    Speed Equalized Cap: Skipper: Incon:
  27. Marvel_Champion_07

    The daughter of Zeus fights a snow leopard (Wonder Woman vs Tai Lung)

    WONDER WOMAN vs TAI LUNG Pre-Awakening Wonder Woman is used Speed is equalised Starting distance of 10 meters Wonder Woman: 0 Tai Lung: 7 (@MaidRips, @Doggo, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @GyroNutz, @Mariogoods, @Popted2, @Sonuske) Inconclusive: 0
  28. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Gets Uncanny (Grace)

    Speed Equalized Mr. Uncanny: Obama's Strongest Soldier: Flashlight237, Board3659, Popted2, BigSmoke4269, Mariogoods, Tonygameman, MaidRips (7) Incon:
  29. DimeUhDozen

    Doomguy vs Skipper

    Speed Equalized Post Night Sentinel Training Doomguy is used. Skipper has all his equipment. Doomguy: Skipper: Incon:
  30. DimeUhDozen

    Travis Touchdown Vs Skipper

    Late Game NMH2 Travis is used. Both are 8-C I Wanna Be Number One: You Didn't See Anything...: Incon:
  31. Flashlight237

    Krillin vs Bacterian, But It's Shrek

    So heck with it. Shrek vs Krillin. So Shrek's main wincon is, unlike Bacterian, he's actually poisonous. Well, his farts are, anyway. I dunno if Shrek poisoning fish with his farts came from the fish's sense of smell or Shrek directly poisoning the water, however. That and Shrek survived getting...
  32. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Vs Korra

    Speed Equalized Seasons 1-2 Korra is used. Skipper: Korra: Incon:
  33. DimeUhDozen

    Sombra Vs Skipper

    Boop!: Some Kind of Wacked Out Conspiracy: Incon:
  34. DimeUhDozen

    Vi Vs Obama's Strongest Soldier

    Speed Equalized Oh The Misery: MRS. OBAMA, GET DOWN!: Incon:
  35. DimeUhDozen

    Penguins of Madagascar Canonicity

    A recent convo came up that put the canonicity of the Penguins of Madagascar TV series into question, whether or not it is canon to the events of the movie. And I am here to clear up that misconception. I don't have the screen-recording software able to catch all of my evidence, but I do have...
  36. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Vs Cassandra Cain

    Speed Equalized Batgirl is in her second key. Both have all their optional equipment except for Cassandra's Dimensiometer and Skipper's inflatium. Kowalski! Analysis!: The One Who Is All: Incon:
  37. DimeUhDozen

    The Last Nicktoons

    Speed Equalized S1 Aang is used Skipper's optional equipment is restricted Skipper: Aang: Incon:
  38. DimeUhDozen

    The Dragon of Dojima vs The Penguin of Madagascar

    Only Standard Equipment will be used. Kiryu: Skipper: Incon:
  39. ShionAH

    Jack Horner 5-B? Also abilities.

    So I realized jack has a profile which is pretty neat. Abilities: He should have all the abilities from the equipment he has Flying Carpet should grant flight Midas touch should grant Purification Those are the 2 realized. AP: But I feel like Jack needs a 5-B key with "All of the magic in the...
  40. DimeUhDozen

    Skipper Vs Lupin III

    Speed Equalized None have their optional equipment or prep time Skipper is not on a perfect day Battle takes place in The Louvre. Battle OST Skipper: Lupin III: Incon: