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  1. PuffletronGaming

    Pac-Man vs Mickey Mouse

    Risking a stomp but... Rules: Speed Equalized Mickey has access to all of his equipment (except for lucky penny and paintbrush) Pac-Man has access to all of his equipment Both Pac-Man and Mickey are 5-B Fight takes place in Mascot Mayhem Zone 1 Battle Theme (milkyway at it again) Here comes...
  2. DimeUhDozen

    The Mickey Mouse Merge: Part 2

    Continuing from here... Here is the new proposed Mickey Mouse profile. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:DimeUhDozen/Mickey_Mouse The Theatrical Shorts, Fantasia, and Epic Mickey pages will need to be deleted and the new profile will simply be called "Mickey Mouse". Here is another...
  3. DimeUhDozen

    The Mickey Mouse Merge

    Composite Mickey, this is not quite. But I believe there is more than enough evidence to merge Mickey with his theatrical shorts, Fantasia, House of Mouse, certain comics, and Epic Mickey incarnations. Theatrical Shorts & Fantasia The theatrical shorts have been referenced heavily under the...
  4. Jinx666

    Jack-Jack Parr Power Additions (The Incredibles)

    Eyo, I watched the Edna Jack-Jack short again and noticed a few powers missing from when i last made the page -Water Manipulation: Jack-Jack can change his body into water -Smoke Manipulation: Jack-Jack can change his body into Smoke -Beserk Mode: Similar to his Rage-Power in his Demon form...

    Carnotaurus (Disney's Dinosaur) vs Spike (Jurassic: The Hunted) [0-1-2]

    The fight takes place on the island from Jurassic: The Hunted, it's both Carnotaurus from the movie fighting and speed is equalized. Carnotaurus : Spike : 1 Incon : 2

    Vastatosaurus Rex vs Carnotaurus (Disney's Dinosaur) [0-0-7]

    The fight takes place on Skull Island (2005) and both of them start out of sensory range of each other with a vague knowledge of the direction of their starting positions. Vastatosaurus Rex : Carnotaurus : Incon : 7
  7. That_moron2


    Megamind has all equipment Speed equal SBA otherwise Megamind: 7 (@XitSign, @SuperDino85, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @HonestlyBored24, @Accelerated_Evolution, @Oiguana2701, @TheMassivlyUnkn0wn) Schaffrillas: 1 (@DavidTPPM) Incon:
  8. ShockingPsychic

    About Mickey Mouse and Public Domain

    Will any media using Mickey Mouse as a public domain property be allowed on the wiki? While it is fanwork, it's fanwork for a character in the public domain. We already have pages for Dracula and Sherlock Holmes, but as Mickey is a much more recent character, I want to make sure
  9. King_Dom470

    Slightly annoying child speedsters fight (7-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Battle takes place in the backrooms They start 5 meters away from each other Speed is equal SBA for everything else Borderline sociopath: (AThe1412, King_Dom470, Peppersalt43, Mariogoods, Oiguana2701, Accelerated_Evolution, LeoEpicGamer8910) Scales to 126162.321244 Joules Superhero...
  10. ThePrimalHunter

    Winnie the Pooh CRT

    Quick CRT of Winnie the Pooh from Blood and Honey, one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen First, all of the feats Pooh does in the movie (Skull crushing, chopping off a mans hand, ext) would all be Street level, not Wall level. So Pooh would be Street level in AP. In durability, there's...
  11. Oiguana2701

    Centipede-like lizard fights a big snake 0-1-0

    Randall Boggs Vs Titanoboa (Jurassic World) Da rulez: SBA Centipede: Snake: 1 Ambulocetus (Incon):
  12. Bobsican

    Kingdom Hearts Low 1-C Ocean Between Re:Evaluation

    Yeah, I may as well do this before someone tries a similar thing but leading with misinformation or something. So... as some may know, as of this CRT qualifying for Low 1-C by upscaling in size from a tier 2 structure became way more strict, anyways, this thread will merely bring up arguments...
  13. MinecraftHater2011

    Wreck-It Ralph CRT (Ralph Profile Overhaul + Calcs for the Verse)

    So uh, for the longest time, Ralph (and by proxy the entire verse lmao) didn't have any calcs, so I went ahead and made a few and added them to this sandbox here (which I'd highly advise checking out since it includes most stuff like the new AP, LS, and speed ratings, and even a new and updated...
  14. Flashlight237

    A Bug's Life But Worse (Hopper vs Bullet Ant)

    Okay, so a bullet ant vs Hopper from a Bug's Life. It should be noted that Hopper is significantly stronger than a normal grasshopper, having one-shot a member of his own kind with a punch. A bullet ant took several minutes to kill a grasshopper in an enclosed space: Given these circumstances...
  15. SuperStar

    Deku Vs. Darth Vader

    Deku Vs. Darth Vader Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Joint Training Arc Deku be used Post Mustafar Vader will be used Starting Distance: 10 meters Speed Equal Both in character Win by any means Deku's AP is 711 Tons Vader's AP is 491 Tons Deku: Vader: Incon: Vs
  16. Shmooply

    Michael makes a deal with a different bokor (Shadow Man vs Dr. Facilier)

    trying to come up with shadow man matchups because i randomly remembered that game exists and we have a cool profile for it The Strongest Shadow Man - The Witch Doctor Shadow Man - What's the difference between voodoo and hoodoo (Incon) - Using Shadow Man's base (Michael LeRoi) key.
  17. MinecraftHater2011

    Victor Quartermaine vs. Gaston (5-2-0)

    Honestly only really made this thread 'cause Victor's own page on the W&G wiki mentions how similar the two are, which did kind of surprise me a little since literally nobody in the VS debating community has talked about this MU let alone the connections between the two, but w/e ig. Rules...
  18. Bill Cipher vs Maxwell (0-5-0)

    This was a slightly better idea than Bill Cipher vs Ben 10 Starting distance is 30 meters Physical Form 2-A Bill vs 2-A Maxwell Speed is equalized Who wins? Bill Cipher: Maxwell: ShionAH, Minion_Of_Pigsaw, JustANormalLemon, Oiguana2701, Spilxson2 Inconclusive:
  19. Bill Cipher vs Freddy Krueger

    This is possibly the 2nd worst idea for a Bill matchup I've ever had but let's see how this turns out Dream World Freddy vs Mindscape Bill Speed is equalized Who wins? Bill: Freddy: Inconclusive:
  20. King_Dom470

    Luke vs The Spot (You really thought i was done milking spot 💀) (0-0-0)

    Rules: Post-Multiple Collider Energy Absorption Spot is used Both High 8-C Speed equal SBA for everything else Jonathan: Luke: Incon:
  21. Flashlight237

    Hopper (A Bug's Life) vs Asian Giant Hornet

    So I made a profile on Hopper. While a match between Hopper and General Mandible from Antz would be nice, apparently Mandible is far more unimpressive in regards to the power department (at least that's what WickedBinge tells me, I'm not too sure) and most people on this site aren't big on...
  22. Bobsican

    Kingdom Hearts Tier 11 Cosmology

    No, I'm not downgrading the verse to tier 11, I'm merely proposing something that can have connotations to some profiles. So... as I've explained here, basically the plot of KH3D revolves on main characters traveling across the dreams of the world's hearts to restore them back to normal for the...
  23. Bobsican

    Light in the Darkness (Sora Vs Chaos (Fate))

    Battle for strongest non-smurf Low 1-C Speed equalized, both at Low 1-C Chaos Sora
  24. Ness vs Sora

    Speed is equalized and starting distance is 30 meters Early Game Ness vs Pre-Keyblade Sora Both are 9-B Who wins? Ness: Sora: Inconclusive:
  25. DimeUhDozen

    Disney Discussion Thread

    Honestly surprised no one has made this yet. Anyways, Disney is a seriously lacking presence on the wiki, and I thought it would be good to give our corporate overlords a place where we can discuss their feature films and other projects of that nature that would fall under the umbrella.
  26. Bowser-us

    Pixar Cars Addition

    in Cars on the Road, Mater's soul opened the door and came back alive. I don't know what that ability should be.
  27. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    beast vs suisei hoshimachi (disney vs hololive)

    beast suisei bloodlusted suisei speed is equalized no knowledge of each other bloodlusted suisei battle takes place in the cell games arena they start 3 meters apart Victory Conditions: Incapacitation or death Note: If the rules have any bias. feel free to point it out and i'll...
  28. AzuRizzz

    Shape-shifting Demigod minor abilities addition

    Keeping it short and quick. Maui should get Biological Manipulation - Buried an eel's guts and turned it into a coconut tree (1:40) Wind Manipulation - Harnessed the winds (1:05) Non physical interaction/Spatial Manipulation? - Lifted the skies (already accepted for his lifting strength)...
  29. Knifeman29

    Donkey Kong vs Wreck It Ralph

    Wreck It Ralph vs Donkey Kong Both High 8-C Speed Is Equal Banana Slamma: I’m Gonna Wreck It:
  30. Theglassman12

    Disney Hades revision

    It’s a pretty straightforward revision, Hades should have immortality negation type 1 and 5 thanks to the potion he used on Hercules, arguable one of the more blatant and iconic examples of immortality negation in fiction. Type 5 stemming from the whole “Gods cannot die” line from the previous...
  31. noninho

    Otaku Doctor x Astronaut Toy

    Alphys and Buzz are 9-B Speed is =; 20m apart. Hella Timid Otaku: You're Just a Toyyyyy: Were even am I, i'm only 6yo:
  32. Coolboy6

    Gorr’s next victim shall be a shapeshifting Demi-god (0/0/0)

    After the events of the movie, Maui is chilling on his island. That is until he sees a strange, creepy man in front of him. Maui is hostile, and asks who he is. The creepy man introduces himself as Gorr and that he’s slaughtered countless gods. Maui is shocked upon hearing this revelation and...
  33. Bobsican

    Captain Vs Sora (4th strongest 2-B)

    Both at 2-B, speed equalized Sora Captain
  34. Bobsican

    KH Low 1-C 6-D Upgrade: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Here's the arguments and justifications, but in summary, the argument is based on that the Ocean Between (aka, what's currently accepted as a qualitative Low 1-C 5-D structure) has its own time axis from several implications, some which the plot overall relies on to work in the first place and...
  35. HonestlyBored24

    Mickey Mouse fights Mike Wazowski (Mickey Mouse vs. Loox) (0-0-0)

    Why don’t we have a Mike Wazowski profile yet? Da Roolz Loox is being used. Speed is equalized. Both start 10m away, are bloodlusted, and have no prior knowledge. No optional equipment for Mickey. Battle takes place in The Ruins. Da Vouts “I said I HAD cancer, not that I WAS a cancer!”...
  36. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Cuphead (The Cuphead Show!) VS Mickey Mouse (Theatrical Shorts)

    Cuphead fights the mouse that inspired his design. Speed equalized. Both are in character but are determined to win. Battle takes place in a random field. They start 10 meters apart. SBA for anything I didn't mention. The Cup: The Mouse: The Incon:
  37. Bobsican

    Kingdom Hearts Tier 1 Hax Evaluations

    So apparently I have to do a CRT on this. Anyways, it has come to my attention that I basically have to prove that the hax of the characters is Low 1-C as it doesn't inherently scales from AP or the like (such Low 1-C AP/cosmology being accepted here), so... - For Sora's fate manip we have the...
  38. Bobsican

    Arceus Vs Sora: Smurf Edition

    Arceus apparently is being upgraded later, so I better do this while I can, I'm bored : P Both at 2-B, speed equalized Sora Arceus
  39. Mantidil

    Hercules vs Crowley (Disney vs Good Omens)

    This looked fun to me, but unsure how it goes. Both are baseline High 4-C from what I can tell. Herc uses his lower speed of superhuman. Hercules: Crowley: Inconclusive:
  40. DaReaperMan

    A Stats Equal Tournament" Terminated Edition: Kamen Rider Ichigo vs Baymax

    Good afternoon, gentlemen, and welcome to the third match of our tournament, this should be interesting... I have already given your chosen contestants the appropriate amount of preparation and the full appearance of their opponents, I do hope they dont disappoint." "Your contestants will fight...