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captain marvel (billy batson) (post-crisis)

  1. Knifeman29

    Captain Marvel vs Gotenks

    Gotenks is Super Saiyan Both are 4-B Fight takes place in a City speed equal
  2. RanaProGamer

    The God Of Thunder vs The Power Of Gods

    Thor is at his peak and challenges Shazam to a duel which he accepts. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. 4-B versions. Thor (Marvel Comics) vs Shazam (DC Comics) Who wins and why?
  3. NostalgiaTrip

    Shazam - Captain Marvel - Major Revision

    So this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The Shazam and Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) pages have been a major mess for quite a while now. That’s not to diminish the work that the creators of them did, because it’s good… but it can be better. First of all, let’s start...
  4. NostalgiaTrip

    Shazam - Weakness and Other Forms

    So first of all, I would like to start by saying this. Shazam's major weakness is the fact that his transformation is triggered by his voice. If Billy can't speak, he can't transform. Both Black Adam and Superman have taken advantage of this before. We really need to put that down in the...
  5. M_Animefan

    Death Match: Shazam (Post-Crisis) VS Satan (The God of Highschool)

    Both are 4B! VS
  6. ShionAH

    Captain Marvel (Billy) vs Captain Marvel

    Both are 4-B Speed is equalized Both are in character No prep or knowledge Fight takes place in the middle of the space Captain Marvel (Billy): Captain Marvel:
  7. King_Clab

    Captain marvel (Billy Batson) fight's a cat?

    Both 4-B Fight's in open field Both start's 20 meter's away Who Win's and why? VOTES: Billy Baston:0 Zeraora:0
  8. DegenerateWeeb

    When Gods Clash - Mori Jin VS SHAZAM

    Both get an hour of preparation Supreme God Mori Ji: Shazam :
  9. NostalgiaTrip

    When Shazam lifted a with everything in it (With Help!)

    So I never understood why this wasn't looked into. Now correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't that the book of the endless? Here's the scan - Shazam and Superman team up again!
  10. Psychomaster35

    Four VS Shazam: All you need to screech out is, SHAZAM!

    Okey. This is happening. Speed is equalized, both are 4-B, and the Anti-Flying Button is restricted. Both start 100,000 km apart, and the battle takes place 10000km above New York City (What? Four is just too big to even fit on Earth.). Who wins? Not Baldi: Not the other Marvel: Not Ness:
  11. AB1124

    Who is faster, Silver Surfer or Shazam?

    Who has better speed feats?
  12. CaptainFinnigan

    The H Stands for Hercules Brother

    "Pff nice cape" "Hmm? Sorry buddy I can't hear you over my awesome cape" 4-B Speed Equal SBA Hercules: Captain Marvel:1 Bruh moment:
  13. AB1124

    Blue Marvel VS Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Post-Crisis)

    One month of prep. Blue Marvel Vs Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Post-Crisis) I'd like to say BM but honestly, he doesn't have enough feats. Also magic is so hard to beat when it's on the level that Billy has access to. Conversely, antimatter is so hard to scale when comparing even to things...
  14. NostalgiaTrip

    Captain Marvel - The Real Version - Power Update

    I was looking at his powers and noticed that he lacked self-sustenance. The Stamina of Atlas makes it so that he doesn't need to sleep or eat. Heck, he can fight against the Spectre without tiring out because of Atlas. He also doesn't need to breathe air which is shown by his ability to fly in...
  15. C2_of_Omegon

    Captain vs. King: Marvel takes on Hyperion (7-0-0)

    Captain Marvel vs. King Hyperio Speed Equalized. Big Red Cheese: 7 God-Emperor: Protector Conqueror
  16. The_Wright_Way

    A Thunderous Smashing ~ Shazam vs Hulk

    I'm going to have thousands of people coming at me because I called him Shazam aren't I? Anywho, Green Hulk is being used. Speed Equalized. Bruce Banner gets a bit to frustrated at the crappy service at a local McDonalds and accidentally Hulks out. Cus smashing spree. Billy Batson happens to...
  17. Fanbatant

    Captain Marvel (Binary) VS Shazam (DC Comics)

    A fight between two Captain Marvels, who wins? Carol Danvers is in her Bimary form and Billy Batson is at his best. The fight takes place in an uninhabited area in outer space. No additional equipment beyond standard, win by knockout. Speed is equalized.
  18. Jasonsith

    (2 A - 0 S) Aquaman vs the Original Captain Marvel

    4-B versions are used (of course) else SBA Battle starts at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Aquaman (Post-Crisis) - 2 - King_Clab, mariogoods Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) (Post-Crisis) - 0 - Thunder-ditto: - 0 -
  19. TitanCrusher101

    4-B Bracket: Brains vs Brawn! Round 2 (Ultron vs Shazam)

    Ideas for combatants? Leave them here! Rules: - Speed is equal - Victory via death - Ultron-20 (Age of Ultron) - This fight takes place in the sky. - Yes, Shazam is smart, but due to him being a child, I'm calling him "Brawn" Ultron is flying across the city "What could I do today...
  20. DragonEmperor23

    Black Adam and Captain Marvel's Regenerationn

    Both Captain Marvel and Black Adam's pages have Regenerationn listed on their pages without the level of regen explained.
  21. TitanCrusher101

    Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel

    So the next Death Battle is a super requested one. We're finally getting young kid with powers of a God vs Carol Danvers. Carol: 1 (Calaca) Billy: 1 (Peter) Darkseid: (0)
  22. Intruvious

    Captain Marvel (Comics) VS Iron Man (Comics)

    Rules Speed Equalized. Both 4-B. Both Bloodlusted. One sentence answers will not be accepted, there should be proper reasoning or *dash* for reasons above (FRA) If you have decided upon your final answer, write "Iron Man Wins" or "Captain Marvel Wins" or "Inconclusive" Win by KO Votes Iron...
  23. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Captain Marvel Vs Captain Marvel

    This thread has already been done, but it died. Since Captain Marvel just had a movie come out, and Captain Marvel is getting a movie in less than a month, I hope this matchup draws more attention. Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) vs Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) (BInary) speed is equalized...
  24. Jasonsith

    Death Battle Season Six Discussion Thread (2)

    Yes. In this thread, we will continue (from here) to discuss the upcoming season on ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE! (Note: The YouTube channel of Screwattack has been changed to Death Battle, but the team remains as Screwattack.) This thread is full. You are welcome here for our discussion thread...
  25. ZellTemplar55

    Thor (Base) vs. Captain Marvel (Post Crisis)

    Speed equalized, blood lusted, start 10 meters apart, takes place in an abandoned city, no prep
  26. TitanCrusher101

    Shazam vs Black Adam

    Captain Marvel vs Black Adam Both characters are bloodlusted. Who wins and why? SHAZAM! Billy: Adam: 2 (Cal and Dargoo)
  27. Yobo_Blue

    Minor Captain Marvel Revision

    So yeah, Billy Bateson is missing just a little Wisdom of Solomon allows him t know a foes abilities, Information Analysis probably Wisdom of Solomon also lets him see through illusions. Can drain foes of magic his lightning can negate mind manipulation Resisted a beam that petrified...
  28. ABoogieYesSir

    Mace Windu V.S. Shazam

    Both are at 4-B Tier. Speed is equal Who wins and why?
  29. Cropfist

    Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel

    Carol is Binary.
  30. Son_Gandhi

    Captain Marvel(Billy Batson) vs Captain Ginyu(DB)

    Both 4-B, Ginyu is in Tagoma's body, both in character, speed is equalized. Takes place in the sahara desert. Win by any means.
  31. Naim_Ishtiak_Ahmed

    Which issue is Invincible Man from?

    Which is is this Invincible Man from, from who Captain Marvel scaled?
  32. ZephyrosOmega

    Captain Marvel VS. Captain Marvel

    This is Carol Danvers in her BINARY FORM, against Billy Batson. Speed equalized. who wins?
  33. Yobo_Blue

    Popeye vs Captain Marvel

    Standard battle rules
  34. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Question about the New Gods & Other Interesting Scans i Found [ Not really "found" , i got it from Google+ . ]

    I know both DC and Marvel are pretty inconsistent. I know But i have found a few feats that imply a lot greater than their current levels. I am not saying upgrade them [ I would have put it in "Content Revision" , but would like someone to look over these "interesting" feats. 1:An interview...
  35. Muuuuh

    Some new keys for Captain Marvel/Shazam

    Can we add some new keys for him since in Day of Vengeance he could keep with Spectre? [[1]] [[2]] [[3]] [[4]]
  36. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    " God of Gods " Shazam Discussion

    Shazam, God of Gods https://plus.google.com/108621545055685115881/posts/WMH17DC9AjG Appparently the new Shazam has the powers of all of the most powerful New Gods currently, including Shi'va, who threatened to destroy the totality of Sphere of Gods with his power . And that is like 1/6th of...
  37. The_Wright_Way

    Shazam vs Sans

    Speed equalized. vs. It's a beautiful day outside...
  38. The_Wright_Way

    Captain Marvel (Shazam) vs. Jenny Wakeman

    Speed equalized if necessary. SHAZAM! vs.
  39. SuperKamiNappa

    Thor vs. Captain Marvel (Shazam)

    who wins and why?
  40. Zxankou14

    Shazam God Of Gods!?

    Hello everyone. When they decided to alter Shazam's (Captain Marvel) Powers during Darkseid War, I was interested. He always seemed like another Superman rip off with magic. But after seeing some of the new powers he gained, including the powers of a fire god for my favorite DC Alien Species...