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black clover

  1. BertieBootz

    Black Clover Paradox?

    Could Asta’s anti magic cancel another users anti magic? Let’s say a guy with an anti magic sword uses it as a broom to fly, but then Asta throws one of his anti magic sword at the flying guy’s sword, would the flying guy’s anti magic disappear so that he would fall?
  2. AnAverageUsername

    Ryoh Grantz and the Devil King [Mashle vs Black Clover]

    I wish I could write an interesting story for this, seems like it'd be an extraordinary battle RULES Speed equalized Ryoh starts with his Summons casted [At least 786 Petatons] Lucifero is in his Complete Manifestation form [3.564 Exatons] Fight takes place in the Clover Kingdom FIGHTERS...
  3. Robo432343

    Lucius Zogratis vs Starjun

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucius_Zogratis vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Starjun vs SBA Speed Equal
  4. ShadeyD

    Asta vs Coronzon

    Final Saga Asta (Judgement Day Arc) Speed equalized 20 meters starting distance Coronzon: Asta:
  5. Robo432343

    Asta (BC) vs Demon King (NNT)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Asta_(Final_Saga) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Demon_King_(Nanatsu_no_Taizai) Both 5-C SBA Speed Equal
  6. Robo432343

    Asta vs Negi Springfield

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Asta_(Final_Saga) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Negi_Springfield SBA Speed Equal
  7. Epsilon_R

    BC: Ability revisions

    Lucius should gain a layer of power modification, life, mind and soul manip as his Soul Magic works on Devils and Devil hosts, who already have resistance to these effects as listed on their physiology. Edit: I noticed the Devil Physiology page doesn't have life manip, soul manip and power...
  8. Robo432343

    Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki vs Lucius Zogratis

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hagoromo_%C5%8Ctsutsuki vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucius_Zogratis Jubi is used SBA Speed Equal
  9. A Painter beats up an Old man(Hiruzen Sarutobi vs Rill Boismortier)

    Hiruzen Sarutobi Rill Boismortier Distance: 30 meters Speed equal SBA for the rest
  10. SuperStar

    Izuku Midoriya Vs. Luck Voltia (My Hero Academia Vs Black Clover) (0-0-1)

    Deku (My Hero Academia) Vs. Luck (Black Clover) Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Final War Arc Deku will be used Spade Kingdom Raid Arc Luck will be used Deku is 33.44 Teratons with OFA and 167.22 Teratons with Fa Jin and Gearshift Luck is 62.88 Teratons, higher with True Magic Ultimate Magic...
  11. Spinoirr

    Spinoirr's High 6-A tournament: match three, round one; Megicula (Arnoldstone18) vs Bazz-B (That_moron2)

    Rules: Speed is equal and both are High 6-A SBA, but the fight takes place on mobius Megicula (Arnoldstone18): Epsilon_R, Arnoldstone18, CloverDragon03, Bastolan27, Crobatman44, TheGatememer, Kazuma_kuwabara (7) Bazz-B (That_moron2): speedster352 (1) Icon:
  12. King_Gorilla4002-8922


    Morris Libardirt Vs Gremmy Thoumeaux SBA Both high 6-A Speed = Bleach Henchman: Spectra_Schiffer , Sonoftanavast9 , Excellence616 Black clover's henchman:
  13. Spectra_Schiffer

    Itachi Uchiha VS Morris Libardirt

    Itachi Uchiha versus Morris Libardirt Both are equal Speed Battlefield: Tokyo Standart Battle Assumptions Forms to use: Alive | Paladin Itachi: Morris: Incon:
  14. Robo432343

    Yami (Black Clover) vs Toichiro (Mob Psycho)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yami_Sukehiro#Spade_Arc vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Toichiro_Suzuki#100% SBA Speed Equal
  15. Spinoirr

    Asta vs Shez

    Speed is equal Final Saga Beginnings Asta and War Phase (Part II) Shez are being used Shez: Asta: Icon:
  16. Fwyzzverse


    Explanation 🚨 Intrinsic notations causality manipulation : The user can redirect any cause to any effect, undo anything by reversing the cause/effect relationship, or even separate them entirely, making a specific effect impossible to cause or a specific cause producing no effect at all. A...
  17. Spectra_Schiffer

    Erza versus Noelle

    Erza Scarlet VS Noelle Silva --------------------------------------- • Battlefield: Tenrou Island • Standart Battle Assumptions • X792 | Spirit Dive • Both are High 6-A forms • Both are equal Speed --------------------------------------- Titania: Noelle: Incon:
  18. Spectra_Schiffer

    Mard Geer VS Julius Novachrono

    Mard Geer versus Julius Novachrono --------------------------------------- • Both are equal Speed • Battlefield: Tower of Heaven • Background music: Treachery • Standart Battle Assumptions • Both are bloodthirsty --------------------------------------- Mard Geer: Julius: Kazuma_kuwabara...
  19. SunDaGamer

    Black Clover Magical Runes Minor Addition

    Mana Method utilises magical runes made from natural mana to create arrays that issue orders to magic as such it should have Text Manipulation. Furthermore, lower level mages who can't use Mana Method effectively can put together complex arrays overtime. Megicula's Curse-Warding Magic also...
  20. KingArthur561

    Devil Host Vs Goddess

    I never knew Supereme Deity Battle's thread, so i created this one Supreme Deity Vs Asta SBA Speed Equalized Post zetten asta restricted Supreme Deity votes= Neutral= Asta=
  21. Deceived3596

    Asta vs Hagoromo Otsutsuki - Anti-Magic GG vs COAT GG

    ==Explanation and Conditions== I was looking through the non smurf thread, saw who occupied the 5-C tier, and realized a recently updated profile should probably be on this list. So I decided to create this match to see if Hagoromo is placeable on this list or not. (I also just find the match...
  22. SuperStar

    Yami Ichika Vs. Sakura Haruno (1-0-0)

    Yami Ichika Vs. Sakura Haruno Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Dark Cloaked Black Musha Ichika will be used New Era Sakura will be used Highest Zetten Strike restricted Starting Distance: 10 meters Speed Unequal Both in character Win by any means Ichika is 35.64 Exatons and 1.78c Sakura is...
  23. EnderLord8

    The Pink Demon & Burning Light vs Shadow Demon & Warrior Princess (Fusion Tournament)

    The Pink Demon [Kirby / Kid Buu (Toei)] and Burning Light [Ultra Necrozma / Galeem] (B Team) vs Shadow Demon [Nacht / Megumi] and Warrior Princess [Erza / Theresia] (G Team) Tournament Rules: 1 - AP, Dura, Lifting Strenght and speed Equalized; 2 - Any ability that allows a character to win...
  24. Prideful Light vs Vengeful Light(Jota{Azure Striker} vs Patry{Black Clover}) 1-0-3

    Patry(Against Julius): Jota:1 Inconclusive:3 Distance: 1 kilometer Speed not equal SBA for the rest Patry unsealing is allowed Note: To those who have seen this thread before: The reason why I'm redoing this is because the other one didn't get any attention due to me not putting any tags.
  25. Luci5678

    Black clover speed problems with mftl calc and light speed statement

    ls statement problem My main problem with Yami's statement is that it presupposes that Yami can see things that are ls when there is no other evidence, one could say that it is photonic but it isn't because of its form and its obvious mass properties. (I can touch up on this topic more if asked...
  26. Peppersalt43

    The only one who believed in them (Yami Sukehiro vs Shiny Chariot)

    A brigade where people who haven't been able to wield the power they've got can rampage around. I'll get stronger too... so I can keep those idiots together : 0 Putting their feelings above her own desires!? Putting grades or outward appearances above that... is pure foolishness! : 0 So that's...
  27. EnderLord8

    The Hero of Hope, Narzuku Uzudoriya and The Dark Lord of the Moon, Darth Uchiha vs Shadow Demon and Warrior Princess

    The Hero of Hope, Narzuku Uzudoriya [Six Paths Naruto / Final War Izuku] and The Dark Lord of the Moon, Darth Uchiha [Fourth Shinobi World War Obito / Darth Vader (Soul Calibur)] vs Shadow demons [Nacht / Megumi] and Warrior princesses [Erza / Theresia] Tournament Rules: 1 - AP, Dura...
  28. SuperStar

    Asta fights "A"

    Asta Vs. Yhwach Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Judgment Day Arc Asta will be used Base Yhwach will be used Both start at 5-C and can use their Low 5-B amps Starting Distance: 100 meters Speed Equal Both in character Win by any means Vs. Asta: Yhwach: Incon:
  29. Brogeefrong

    New Gen vs Old Gen Underdog Edition | Asta vs Naruto | 0-0-0

    ah the underdog (wat the dog doin?) rising up to be a very super cool dude and they have close tiers? ok they fight they fighting to see who is the more cooler Land of the Sun Asta is used, starts in Partial Devil Union and can use Zetten | 35.64 Exatons, 712.8 Exatons with Zetten War Arc Six...
  30. Himokashi

    Zeldris vs Langris

    Speed equalized Round 1: No knowledge Round 2: With knowledge
  31. Fwyzzverse


    CREATION PAGE BLACK CLOVER I present you this Page of Ryuya Ryudo from Black Clover, don't hesitate to tell me what to improve or change on the character page. This page is linked to this CRT that I did a long time ago. Those who agree: LuffyRuffy46307 Those who are neutral: Those who...
  32. Robo432343

    Asta vs Kenshiro

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Asta_(Final_Saga) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kenshiro_(Hokuto_no_Ken) SBA Both High 6-A Speed Equal
  33. DaReaperMan

    Lucius vs Lucius

    ŶÀÅĀÁÂĂĄÃÄÆ!¡!¡!¡ Speed Equal Start 20 meters away Battle takes place in Narnia Lucius: 0 Lucius: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  34. TauanVictor

    Lucius VS Gremmy

    Lucius Zogratis VS Gremmy Thoumeaux Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed LOCATION: Lucius: 8 (@Westcoast5005, @Killerdrone123, @Epsilon_R, @zeinx, @Arnoldstone18, @Quantu, @Joshyyy_64, @LIFE_OF_KING) Gremmy: 15 (@EldemadeDityjon, @Spectra_Schiffer, @Excel616, @Patates...
  35. Fwyzzverse

    Black Clover new CRT upgrade: I WANT TO TEAR DOWN !!!

    Before reading the CRT I warn you that it contains spoil of chapter panel 369 those who do not want to be spoiled leave 🚨🚨 As we know, members of the Black Clover have received anti-magic, which gives them their own form of Anti-magic, in the new chapter they faced Lucius, and more...
  36. EnderLord8

    The Pink Demon & Burning Light vs Byakaara & The Magicless Fist, Mast (Fusion Tournament)

    The Pink Demon [Kirby, Post-Star Allies / Kid Buu (Toei)] and Burning Light [Ultra Necrozma / Galeem] vs Byakaara [Byakuya, the last key / Gaara, the last key] and The Magicless Fists, Masta [Mash, the last key / Asta, the last key] Tournament Rules: 1 - AP, Dura, Lifting Strenght and speed...
  37. BlackAstaSenpai

    Black Clover Speed Upgrade (Elf/Spade) CRT

    A few months back, this CRT passed which led to a massive downgrade to the speed meta. There were some things that I do agree with about the thread. One being that the black clover speed range was too high for the site’s standards. One emphasis of the thread was that Light Magic is the Speed cap...
  38. DefectiveDoll17

    Yuno vs Doflamingo

    Yuno pre-time skip 2nd key Awakening Doflamingo Start at 100m Speed equal Yuno: Doflamingo:
  39. Joshyyy_64

    Magicless brat (Asta) vs Beast King (Kaidou)

    I want this to go on profiles when this is over Equalised speed Equal keys (6A-5C) Accessing higher forms https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Asta_(Final_Saga)?so=search vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kaidou_(One_Piece)?so=search Future wizard king: King of Beats:
  40. Joshyyy_64

    Ultimate Wizard King vs Future Pirate King

    To celebrate Lucius' upgrades, I present this... https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy_(Post-Timeskip) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lucius_Zogratis?so=search Equal speed peak powers Same keys, accessing higher forms Soul Snatcher: @speedster352 @Epsilon_R @KingArthur561...