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  1. Human World can't contain the full power of Demon kings? (Devil May Cry)

    Hi eveyone. I apologize in advance if my grammar/syntax isn't correct, english is not my first language. I would like to discuss a thing about Devil May Cry demon kings POWER and the hypotetical consequence that the Demon world would result in a higher tier than the Human world (Im pretty sure...
  2. The embodiment of despair vs the creator

    Argosax the despair empodied : 0 vs Jubileus the creator (full power key) : 0 dante and bayo come in kick their asses before violently making out (incon) : 0
  3. DarthSpiderr

    All cosmologies DMС

    I saw in the discussion that the characters (At least Dante) could not be given a 1-C, but a Low 1-C. This is from 5D to 6D. So, it became interesting to me, what is the ALL DMС cosmology? I would like to know about all possible indications of the dimensions of Hell, both spatial axes and simply...
  4. Tony_di_bugalu

    DMC regeneration possible update

    I'm tired so lets go straight to the point. The proposal for this thread is something along the lines of Low-Godly Regeneration for demons : Low Tiers/Lesser Demons: In the Devil May Cry universe, demons are many kinds of evil spirits and they also can send their consciousness from the Demon...
  5. TFSCell

    Question about the lifting strength feat

    I heard that it wasn't Argosax who moved the moon. It was simply a requirement of the ritual. Can anyone care to explain what happened with the feat.
  6. Lightning_XXI

    DMC Demons Physiology

    Greetings, Devil Hunters A Crawling Chaos Cat was talking on discord about DMC's Regen feats, and something came up from this: Is Sid that special ? You must be asking yourself, why Sid ? Ha, I'll tell you why Sid, in the anime, after obtaining Abigail's power, was a big threat to Dante, and...
  7. Lightning_XXI

    Devil May Cry 5-B feat comes with a heavy surprise huh

    Hello Devil Hunters, finally another small DMC CRT XD Well, the case here: Devil May Cry 2, our beloved game, has probably the most important feats in the verse, the Low 2-C stuff, hax stuff, some 3-A stuff and now Lifting Stuff, why ? Glad you asked Argosax's powers can do many things, like...
  8. Oliver_de_jesus

    Argosax vs mundus: the time has come.

    Argosax vs mundus: the time has come. Well, it's time to see who is the strongest demon king (technically urizen is not a demon king). Mundus original timeline and Argosax Despair Embodied are being used. Do not match the speed. Battle in the demonic kingdom. in the character and therefore...
  9. PhantomMistress

    Devil May Cry: Downgrade

    Hello. I am a new person here on the wiki - I have lurked for a relatively long time and participated on the OBD here. I decided to make an account after learning about this. I am a proud DMC fangirl and it's one of my favorite fictions out there. That said though. Recently, Devil May Cry...
  10. WindGodAcheron

    Devil May Cry: Potential Upgrades (God-Tiers)

    Being short and straightforward - Devil May Cry was recently upgraded to 3-A based off of Argosax's feat of fusing the universe with the Demon World, but I believe I have found some evidence to suggest that spacetime was being affected and distorted as well, which could potentially upgrade the...
  11. Dienomite22

    Argosax Tries Another God

    Argosax vs Loptr (Aesir) Hopefully this isn't one-sided like last time. Both 3A Both at full power Speed Equalized SBA
  12. Dienomite22

    Argosax dukes it out with the God of War

    Argosax vs Ares (God of War) Both 3-A SBA Speed Equalized
  13. DarkGrath

    Devil May Cry: Previously Inconclusive Feats

    Alright, we've all been waiting for this for a while. Ever since the 3-A CRT was wrapped up with so many questions and open points left unconcluded, I figured it was a good idea to discuss them in a separate CRT. Now that the main wave of both hype and controversy over the 3-A upgrade has...
  14. ParadoxIndifferent

    Devil May Cry: Supporting Feats and Integration

    Introductio Hello. The vast majority of you have probably already seen the group of threads that ended re-upgrading Devil May Cry's God-Tiers to 3-A. This is not a thread made with the intention to downgrade them back to any lower rating, nor to upgrade them any further. My contention here is...
  15. DarkGrath

    Universal DMC: Final Conclusions

    Alright, 4 threads in. This has to be one of the longest-running CRT's I've ever seen. Welp... time to shamelessly copy and paste all the points made so far. Copied from the beginning of the last thread (https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2910304) Established subjects Argosax's feat's...
  16. TrueBK98

    Devil May Cry Revision

    Introductio DMC characters may have demonstrated below Continent level and Massively Hypersonic+ consistently through out the series, but that clearly not their limits. The thread is included old feats and new ones, no social-media statements is included. Attack Potency 1. A demon's name is...
  17. Lightning_XXI

    Dante vs Argosax...Yeah

    Yes, I know, Dante already defeated Argosax once, but it was a more powerful version than the one we're going to use here The Goddess of Time and Space fell in love with Argosax (lol), but before they were together forever, she says that he must defeat Dante, she then teleports Argosax for a...