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Human World can't contain the full power of Demon kings? (Devil May Cry)

Hi eveyone.
I apologize in advance if my grammar/syntax isn't correct, english is not my first language.

I would like to discuss a thing about Devil May Cry demon kings POWER and the hypotetical consequence that the Demon world would result in a higher tier than the Human world

(Im pretty sure Vergil would be interested in such argument. Lol)

1)In the cosmology page is explained that DW and HW are 2 separeted universes.
There's a dimensional wall, which works like a net: high-rank demons can't pass (unless favorable condition) due to their power.

2) It is said that Mundus power is too much to fully cross into Human World, so he manifest as the statue.


In the series, the Demon kings unleash their full power and fight while in the demon world, like DMC1 Mundus and DMC2 Argosax, all while the dimensional wall is still active.

However, in DMC5 the barrier is gone, the 2 universes are combining because of the Qlipoth, and Urizen (far above Mundus and Argosax) can fully manifest, use and even increase his full power even while in the Human World

Could it be that Human World alone can't contain power of a certain degree like this?

Possible debunking
1)Regarding the net: Demon kings can't pass because they have too much power. It's like a beach ball trying to pass through a football goal net.
But we can see they still can let pass a small portion of their power, like Mundus killing Griffon.
Why dont let the power pass through the net gradually then?

2) Mundus scan about can't fully cross to the Human World is because he can't pass the net.
Like before, why dont let the power pass through the net gradually then?

3)Argosax was summoned in Human World when fought Sparda.
Well, even a very weakened Mundus entered for a moment in DMC1. Besides nothing is said about if was at full power or not. Neither if there were warping in reality or not at the time. Consider that in DMC2, the act of approaching at Human world, is causing reality warps an temporal paradox. Let alone crossing it and unleash full power

In DMC5, Urizen fully manifests in Human World and is chilling on is bloody throne, then he finally eats the apple snack to gain more power. All this because there is NO barrier and Human and Demon worlds are merging.


Considering my arguments, can be said that the Human World alone isn't enough to contain POWER like that of Demon kings?

IF this is said true, then could it be that the Demon World is qualitatively higher than the Human one, possibly being a Low-1C tier? An infinite higher than another infinite? With the sense: HW and DW are infinite, HW cant contain a degree of power, DW can, so DW is an infinite qualitatively higher than the other one

What do you think?
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Aside from the fact that a timeline being unable to contain a being's power doesn't make that being's home world inherently higher-dimensional, we no longer use qualitative superiority for arguments below 1-A.

At least for this specific reasoning, I disagree with the Demon World being Low 1-C.
Iirc there is one more statement from the novel that says Demons can't use their full power within Human World so it might just act as a supportive evidence but that doesn't mean we get tier 1 just for that lol.