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DMC characters may have demonstrated below Continent level and Massively Hypersonic+ consistently through out the series, but that clearly not their limits. The thread is included old feats and new ones, no social-media statements is included.

Attack Potency

1. A demon's name is what their made of:
In chapter 6 of the DMC manga, it stated that a demon's name is close to their substance.

Mundus: "vile world" or "imagined universe". Mundus is made of a vile world/universe unlike the real world. "Imagined universe" because is different from the real universe/Human World.

Abyss: literally means bottomless

2. Pluto splits the Heavens and Earth:
The text. Heaven in DMC is also the Underworld or Netherworld. Since the text appeared in DMC 1, it could be referred to Mundus. It could also be talking about the Demon King that Mundus defeated in the past.

3. Argosax merging the 2 worlds:
"The world is already warped. Everything that belongs to the demons will eventually revert to its orginal form." I saw someone on the reddit tried to debunk this by saying "world" doesn't mean "planet", which is very weird. Since we have Human World, Underworld, Demon World and Netherworld (Why did it need to have 3 name that almost the same?), "world" here meant "universe".

4. Nobody skews the dimension:
Nobody's enemy file . It stated in Nobody's enemy file that it can skews the dimension. It could simply be small scale reality warping but don't think it is.

5. Argosax The Chaos Embodied:
Argosax has a form call Chaos Embodied. Not sure if it can be taken literally but if it is, Argosax is the embodiment of endless chaos.

6. Small supernova:
The Beowulf feat that everyone known about. The same guy I talked about above also said that supernova doesn't mean "star explosion", which is the meaning of supernova.


1. Air trick isn't teleportation:
It always weird to me that although the description said it's teleport but it shown to be moving really fast(you can even see the shadow moving). It stated that "teleport" in an instant or a planck instant. The speed needed to move 1 meter in one planck instant is 1.855e+43c or 18 Tredecillion times the Speed of Light.

2. Shadow is made of shadow:
Shadow is an enemy appeared in DMC 1. Since shadow doesn't have weight, it can travel faster than light.

3. Artemis can shoot from Earth to Heavens:
Acid Rain: "Shoot multiple laser beams into the heavens which come raining down on enemies with increased ferocity.". It takes about 1 second for the "acid rain" to appear, so the time for the shot to reach the Heavens is about 0.5 second. The speed needed to traverse half of the universe in 0.5 second is 8.7984e+26c or 879 Septillion times the Speed of Light.

Mundus is made of an "imagined universe": 3-A

Abyss is made of abyss: High 3-A

Pluto splits the Heavens and Earth: 2-C

Argosax merging 2 worlds into one: 2-C

Nobody skews the dimension: Low 2-C

Argosax is the embodiment of chaos: High 3-A

Beowulf's move: High 4-C

Air Trick: Tredecillion times the Speed of Light

Shadow is made of shadow: Can achieve FTL

Artemis's Acid Rain: Septillion times the Speed of Light
We already had numerous discussions about pretty much everything in this Downgrade

Give me a second I can bring up the thread.
I'll be frank. 99% of this is based on wank (I hate this word) & hyperboles and was already addressed in the past.

Sorry, but this ain't going through.
I'll let other boys do the talking, but, skewing a dimension sure as heck ain't Low 2-C, especially considering that dimensions in Devil May Cry are more treated to be universes, as shown with Yamato being able to cut open the gate between human worlds and underworlds.
My name means "descending", therefore I am constantly nerfing myself via existing (arguably true OvO), or else that I descended to the level of you mortals once

All jokes aside, I understand what you mean by your points, but there's really nothing in your proposal that could be applied due to the way we do things on this site.
this feels a bit well...something that was rejected. Based on names was out of the table and most of these as well cuz of some being hyperbole likely won't work sadly
Okay, let me go through the OP:

Attack Potency
1. The name of the character means nothing when it comes to its power.

2. This is a decent point, actually. It also seems there's a continuation of the quote. Could you give more pictures? I'd like to take a look. Although, this and the next feat are a bit too vague to gauge, so they are not likely to be applied.

3. Like I said above, this is too vague to measure.

4. Are you really using an IGN article from 2003? No offense, but you should at least provide a credible source.

5. His name is actually The Despair Embodied, and like I said in my first point, the name doesn't say anything about one's power.

6. This is a blatant hyperbole, and no other feat comes close to that at this point of the series.

I'll be short here. All of this is based on the giant leaps in logic that make 0 sense.

But you know, there is a feat in the DMC2 novel, where Void Mundus (who's far above the OG one) and Dante shake the Demon World, which, according to the Sargasso's description, is infinite. But that's considered an outlier, so it is not usable.
The full quote is this

"There's a word left by a notable prophet when he visited this castle. It states Pluto shall come on the promised date and separate heaven and earth. One with black wings of treachery shall come and stand in Pluto's way".

I think we should just wait until 5 comes out
Pluto = Urizen confirmed?

But yes, I agree. Let's all wait until DMC5 brings something new to the table.

Expecting V to be haxxd
Konaguna said:
Damn, people pushing DMC to Universal again, lemme go butter up my corn cuz it's SSShowtime

But honestly, there's nothing to push for. The best we have are a statement above, Argosax hypothetically merging the Human World and the Underworld, and Mundus Alter & Dante shaking the Demon World.
RebubleUselet said:
Pluto = Urizen confirmed?

But yes, I agree. Let's all wait until DMC5 brings something new to the table.

Expecting V to be haxxd
I believe that Pluto is mundus

Anyway should this be closed?
Not open for further replies.