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Yep I'm doing this.

KH3 Yozora
"I will save Sora ... by defeating you"

Master Xehanort KH3
" Feel free to try boy ! "

Two of the strongest enemies Sora ever fought in canon... Yep we are doing this.

Set Up for Fight:



Speed Equalized

X-Blade Restricted (until the Re:Mind scaling is finished)

Who wins between the two implied Anti-Heroes ?!

Who Wins ?!
I'd guess Xehanort as a winner due to him having much more hax as of right now. He would have much more options in avoiding his opponents attacks or getting rid of him and even potentially possess him after being beaten like he did with Terra. He could also call on a massive amount of backup.
Again, we all know one of the most likely leading options is Yozora stealing the X-Blade and nulling Xehanort's powers, allowing him to just quickly attack him while he's practically harmless.
The first thing Xehanort did in Scala ad Caelum was getting his Replicas to fight Sora, Donald and Goofy. If we are talking about leading options, then this is Xehanort's.
@The 2nd Existential Seed

I already knew that and probably should have made that clear.
As I said before, Xehanort has far more options than Yozora. Yozora has an attack that allows him to absorb and nullify his opponents powers but there is no guarantee that he is actually going to hit Xehanort who has several ways of avoiding the attack with it.
I've noticed that Xehanort doesn't have a KH3 key without the X-Blade.