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The Fodder takes on another Magical Girl

Yeah, no PMMM this time since their 5-C will beat him quite easily. Let's use from another series, shall we.

True Bankai Ichigo and SZS Tsubasa are used. Speed is equalized.

Tsubasa Kazanari Symphogear GX
Ichigo Kurosaki: 1 (Veloxt)
Tsubasa Kazanari:

Well,for this fight i can see Tsubasa is more skilled than Ichigo here,but Ichigo is skilled too,and also Ichigo have advantage in speed thanks for his speed amp,and thanks for his absorbtion he can absorb One Thousand Tears,an energy sword rain created by Tsuabasa.

Voting Ichigo with mid-low difficulty.
Shunpo, Getsuga Tensho, great range, overall better versatility, and honestly, I don't see how she is more skilled then Ichigo when the dude is constantly defeating people with hundreds of years under their belt and winning on top of having training from multiple notable fighters throughout the series
Well allow me to use my own reason then.

As Gargoyle said above, Ichigo can fight and win against opponent who is trained and hundreds of years old.

Electricity, Numerous Energy Swords is nothing new to Ichigo since he fought someone similar aka Byakuya or Candice, and he can counter it with Getsuga tenshou since it has has good AOE and he can spam it like lunatic. He also can use his reatsu to block it since the shockwave of his reiatsu alone can do this. Even one of his sword strikes can do this so he has multiple ways to counter her projectiles.

Both can fly but Ichigo can use shunpo and has experience fighting in aerial combat and is wiling to use ranged attacks too while in the air.

In term of endurance, he's a tank. Blut vene can increase his defense and even if he's injured (got stabbed, slashed) and got his power absorbed he can still oneshot Yhwach, twice. Plus if she can drew blood on Ichigo meaning Ichigo now can infused his getsuga with Gran Rey Cero, making it more potent and dangerous.

So yeah, Ichigo take this.
Only by adding what did the dot say, it can also be strong while fighting and that would be Reactive power level, Ichigo FRA
Due to how we handle verse equalization with souls it should probably be removed as Tsubasa can't see him
I believe it is generally assumed that you can see the thing you're interacting with if it is generally invisible. Like Soulsborne characters being able to visibly see souls to some extent, when they wouldn't normally be able to be seen.

That is, unless this is a different case? Something special? Not knowledgeable, so... sorry.
So with verse equalization would it be viable to assume that since Character A has the ability to interact with them, it would be realistic to assume that if they cannot see them then they at least can detect them somehow?