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Official Translations Requests Thread (New forum)


VS Battles
This is a thread for requesting translations from foreign languages from other members of this community.

However, take note that it has to be important for the purpose of figuring out proper statistics ratings, and similar issues relating to our work on improving the quality of this wiki.

Here are some basic rules:
  1. Help with translation requests is voluntary, and not mandatory. As such, other users should not complain if they don't get translations quickly or at all.
  2. If a member is asking for a translation, it shouldn't be more than a relevant paragraph or two, as no one has the time to translate entire chapters or books. If someone submits large text segments, that take up a lot of the thread, the post will be deleted.
  3. This thread could be used to translate any language, as long as there are users who are familiar with them. However, again, help is entirely voluntary, not compulsory.
If you are willing to help out with translating text segments for evaluation purposes, please write down your username in this list.

Translators should preferably keep in mind to first save their work in a word processor before posting it, as Wikia is very glitchy, and might not submit a post, which would instantly erase all of the work.

Also, take note that repeatedly pestering other members about translations is strictly prohibited, and may lead to blocks being enforced.