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  • To-Do-List - Version 2:

    Create blogs for Shinza

    Probably more translations

    Work on other stuff

    Get into more series to watch/read

    Something something

    Ignore everyone else for their ignorance
    Question, are you a natural Japanese speaker or did you learn?
    Online dictionaries, even watch stuff on Youtube about Japanese.

    The former is my main way of learning, which is by inspecting each kanji for any and all possible meanings to it. Which I’ve done quite a lot to learn some basics like sekai or hoshi and whatnot.
    Ohh, alright, thanks for the help.
    Not a problem. I also go on to explain certain kanji too, just so people know what’s on there as well as giving maybe alternate translations if I have to also do that.

    It really depends.
    BTW in nasuverse, servants aren't true living beings, they are just ether in form of past individuals...
    So when you date a servant, do you just romance a non living piece of ether like a programmed robot? Kinda depressing to me...
    Been meaning to ask, are you on the DMC meme creators discord?
    If it's what I think it is, I was. But not anymore. Couldn't keep up with people and their topics.
    Would have loved to talk to a follow DMC fan there.
    Hi Qliphthoth,
    Long time no see or heard from you. I owe you an apology a couple months back for when you got mad at me, I really am sorry for what I said back then and hope that you can forgive me, I just wasn't in the best mood back and lost control of my emotion, I shouldn't have said that to you.
    But I hope you are holding up well and that you are safe.
    Hey, Chase.

    Same to you. Although part of the reason I blocked you off (you're not blocked anymore btw, but you wouldn't have known that til now) is that I didn't want to be bombarded with being asked why I wasn't around in those servers anymore. Which in case you wonder, I just can't deal with some of those people I was in. Especially relating to Shinza and how I have to keep trying to explain something the best I can with them which is not a good thing to keep on doing. And I wasn't in the right mood either, hence my actions all here as said including being out of said Discord groups cuz...yeah those guys...

    But it's all good. Hope you're also doing fine and well. You ever wanna try talking again, my Discord is open as always. (Melancholic Poet#5240)
    Watch/Read Listing (In no particular order) (Version 1):
    • Senki Zesshou Symphogear
    • Ultraman
    • Kamen Rider
    • Tensei Slime (More like resuming it)
    • Maou Gakuin
    • Miraculous Ladybug (Same as Slime)
    • Berserk
    • Attack on Titan
    • RWBY
    • PMMM (Ditto)
    • Re:Zero (x2)
    • Problem Children (Up for consideration)
    • Touhou
    Watch/Read Listing (In no particular order) (Version 2):
    • Same as Version 1
    • Shinza Banshou (Consideration to resume. Also considering plans to get Avesta novels to translate so there's that too)
    • Senshinkan (possibly. Not guaranteed but possibly)
    • Senran Kagura
    • Isekai Maō to Shōkan Shōjo no Dorei Majutsu
    • Goblin Slayer
    • Shield Hero (More like resuming it)
    Hello, sorry to bother you with another translation but, can you help me to translate what it said in the last panel of this scan? if possible if i can have the japanese text writen it could be cool, thanks you
    I did a transalation before with you? I don't recall.

    Anyways, here it is: 光と闇の双属性

    It roughly says "dual attributes of light and darkness".
    Thanks buddy

    no i was talking about all the translation you did on your wall
    Greetings is it possible for you to help with translations with this first Daizenshuu 4 scan and this image , thank you.
    Ah, got'cha.

    I'll see what I can do with them.
    Long wait I assume (well, longer for the others on that translation thread but...yeah) but here's what I got.

    Jump Force:

    The Story

    On that day, the world fused together.

    In Times Square in the devastated New York City, Frieza emerged from a black hole in the sky. The world is swallowed up in destruction and chaos by powerful enemies from another world with great power, and those who fight with them, the Venoms.

    J-Force, an organization of Jump heroes, confronts the crisis of the world.
    Guided by the leader of the organization, Director Glover, the player himself becomes a member of the J-Force and confronts the threat together with the heroes.

    Cain, the mysterious man who unites the Venoms, and Galena, the mysterious beauty who accompanies him, as well as Cell, Blackbeard, and other powerful enemies from the Jump world stand in the way of their vicious power. What is their purpose?

    DBZ BoG:

    Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu...
    There is an existence that transcends them all...

    A few years after the fierce battle with Majin Buu, the fate of the universe is at stake, and the peaceful Earth is about to be threatened once again...

    In this world, there are gods that create stars and life, but there are also gods that destroy them...

    Beerus, the god of destruction who maintains the balance of the entire universe, has awakened from his long sleep!

    When Beerus wakes up, he's ready to wreak havoc whenever he's disturbed. It's time for a new adventure! This is the first time you'll see him in action.

    When he hears rumors of the Saiyan who defeated Frieza. After hearing rumors of the Saiyan who defeated Frieza, Bills and Uisu come to visit Goku on the planet Kaiōsei.

    Goku is thrilled at the prospect of a powerful opponent who hasn't appeared in a long time. Goku ignores the advice of King Kai and challenges Beerus to a fight, but he is defeated by his own overwhelming power!

    And the threat of Beerus is creeping up on Vegeta, Gohan, and the other Earth warriors...

    Will Goku and the others be able to stop Beerus' destruction?

    And what exactly is the "legendary warrior" that Beerus is searching for?

    Now, the history of battle changes.
    Thank you a lot for the help.
    Sorry to interrupt you all of a sudden but I recently found a bit more statements on the Ultra Series so I’m planning to make another revision that upgrades the top and god tiers to High 3-A and Low 2-C early next year. Would it be possible for you to translate some of it? Like I already know what is being talked about in these statements as there are Chinese summaries of it on the site I got it from, but I would like for you to translate it so that it becomes easier for the staffs to accept it.

    The Super-Dimensional Eradication Bomb’s effect spread throughout the entire universe and caused its collapse.

    Ultimate Final Geed is Geed’s combat power being increased to infinity. For this you only need to translate the last two or three sentences on the left side.

    Once again Ultimate Final’s combat power is infinite. You only need to translate the small paragraph on the middle of the page.

    And yeah one more time sorry for bothering you.
    I don't do calcs though so I cannot say if it is or not either lol.

    Should probably get some calc members to check it cuz yeah, that makes it even more consistent for Ultraman to be higher into Solar System. Or at least the mid-tiers as you put it.
    Lol yeah. But for real though these statements and stuff are really consistent.

    And yeah I'll just call some random calc members to take a look if any of this is correct. If it is correct I'll probably post it in a blog and ask for more people to check it again.
    Hi Qli, its been a while my friend

    But first, i want to ask you: are you good in japanese reading skill?
    Hey man, how are you? Can you do me a quick favor? Can you translate these two paragraphs, please? It's cool if you are unable to do them.

    "全身には酵素を持たない、青みがかった脳奨をしたたらせているとするのが一般的。その下に本当に体が存在するかは定かではない。四足歩行であるという解釈が多く浸透しているが、ロング氏の小説では「前進するにつれて姿が変化した」とも書かれており、不定の存在であると推測される。ティンダロスの猟犬とは、超常の角度を有する空間に太古から存在するといわれている不浄にして不死の存在。 一度標的と定めたものを、時を超え、次元を超えて追い続けることから猟犬と呼ばれている。 しかし、その実体は犬とはかけ離れた異質のもの。 痩せきった体には、不浄そのものが凝縮されているという。 初出はフランクペルナップ・ロングの小説「ティンダロスの猟犬(Hounds of Tindalos)」。ティンダロスの猟犬がこの世に顕現は90度以下の鋭角が必要になる。 そのため石膏やセメントであらゆる角度を物理的になくしてしまえば、猟犬に襲われる心配はない。 しかし、たとえ鋭角のない部屋を作り隠れたとしても、他の異形によってその平穏が破られないとは限らない。 現にドエルと呼ばれる存在は猟犬に協カするものであり、彼の者が起こす地震の前に、曲面などなんの防御にもなりはしないのだ。醜く、太くて長い針のような舌を持つとされている。 おぼろげながら狼めいた外見をしていると記述されているものもある。他の神話生物の例に漏れず、ティンダロスの猟犬は不死である。 防御策を講じることは可能だが、存在そのものを消すことは敵わず、撃退するのがせいぜいだろう。 "

    Okay, i know i have nothing to do with this but, it says the following:

    It is common to say that the whole body does not have enzymes and has a bluish brain squeeze. It is not clear whether the body really exists under it. There are many interpretations that it is quadrupedal walking. However, Mr. Long's novel also states that "the figure changed as he moved forward," and it is presumed that he is an indefinite existence. The Hounds of Tindalos is an unclean and immortal being that has been said to have existed since ancient times in a space with a paranormal angle. It is called a hunting dog because it keeps chasing what was once targeted, over time and beyond dimensions. However, the substance is a foreign thing far from a dog. It is said that the uncleanness itself is condensed in the thin body. The first appearance is Frank Pernap Long's novel "Hounds of Tindalos". The Hounds of Tindalos needs a sharp angle of 90 degrees or less to manifest in this world. Therefore, if you physically eliminate all angles with plaster or cement, you will not be attacked by a hound. However, even if a room with no sharp angles is created and hidden, other variants do not necessarily break the peace. In fact, the existence called Dwell cooperates with hunting dogs, and does not provide any protection such as curved surfaces before the earthquake caused by him. It is said to have an ugly, thick, long needle-like tongue. Some are described as having a vague but wolf-like appearance. Like other mythical creatures, the Hounds of Tindalos are immortal. It is possible to take defensive measures, but it is not an enemy to erase the existence itself, and it will be at best to repel it. "

    "The title of a science fiction novel by Frank Belknap Long, a friend of Lovecraft," Hounds of Tindalos. " He is always hungry and is called a "hunting dog" because of his habit of chasing his prey to his prey, but he is not a member of the dog and its shape is unknown. It is said that it is absolutely impossible to escape from this existence. Has the ability to transcend space-time. "
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    "It is common to assume that the whole body has no enzymes, and is tinged with bluish brain talent. It is not clear if there is really a body underneath it. Many interpretations of its quadrupedalism are prevalent, but Long's novel also states that it "changed shape as it moved forward," suggesting that it is an indefinite entity. The hounds of Tindalos are impure and immortal beings said to have existed since time immemorial in space with supernatural angles. It is called a hound because it continues to chase its target once it has been designated as a target, transcending time and dimension. However, its reality is far different from that of a dog. Its emaciated body is said to contain a concentration of impurity itself. First published in the novel Hounds of Tindalos by Frank Pernup Long. The manifestation of the Hounds of Tindalos into the world requires an acute angle of less than 90 degrees. Therefore, if you use plaster or cement to physically eliminate all angles, there is no need to worry about being attacked by the hounds. However, even if you build a room without sharp angles and hide in it, there is no guarantee that your peace will not be broken by other deformities. In fact, a being called the dwellers are in league with the hounds, and no curved surface can protect them from the earthquakes he causes. It is said to have an ugly, thick, long, needle-like tongue. Some have been described as having a vague wolfish appearance. As with other mythical creatures, the hounds of Tindalos are immortal. While it is possible to take defensive measures, it is no match for their very existence, and repelling them would be at best. "

    “"The Hound of Tindalos," the title of a science fiction novel written by Lovecraft's friend, Frank Belknap Long. They are called "hounds" because of their constant hunger and their habit of pursuing their prey to the stalker, but they are not a member of the dog family and their shape is not exactly known. It is said that it is absolutely impossible to escape this existence. It has the ability to transcend time and space."”

    I had Redgrave check this out for me but this would be about it in order of the provided text. Haven’t checked through but I trust him enough on what he gave me.
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    Alrighty. Thank you both for your help. Much appreciated.
    Goals/To-Do List: (Ver 1):

    Revise/Edit/Update WAB Profiles both current (Gahkthun, Inganock, etc.) and upcoming (Sona Nyl)
    • Work on any and all WAB side-materials on personal that may also help with any revisions/updates to current/upcoming WAB profiles.
    Get into other series of interest such as Symphogear, Kamen Rider, etc.
    • If by chance to watch/read any of these, possibly lend a hand in help to revise them. If not, just enjoy them as they are.
    • Also get back into other series followed but dropped for reasons if possible such as Re:Zero, Slime, Shield Hero, etc.
    Finish up ParaLost (Shinza Banshou), create/contribute to CRT, and end it there.
    (Back) on WAB (Take 2):

    Explanation of revisions for profiles and other stuff:

    • Critter Physiology Page: Having a Physiology Page for the Critters would make things easier to list all of the common abilities shared by the ones shown as of date (basically cutting out any repeated abilities on the Critters page, while leaving any unique ones they have not necessarily exclusive to Critters can stay)
    -Golden King
    • Adding more Arts abilities: As Rosenkreuz is the source of all the Academia's students Arts, being the one who granted them a piece of his own Cracking from which is derived from, he should have all of the abilities that is known to be performed through an Art either via VN or through other supplementary sources such as Gahkthun's official site.
    • Adding known info of terminals: Just like the original classic race from Cthulhu Mythos, the Great Race of Yith, Golden King has the ability to transfer his mind/consciousness to any kind of "body" or object that serves as his terminal. These can range from human-shaped objects (ex. Engine Human) to giant objects such as the Bell of Gahkthun or a machine (ex. Pnakotic Phantasmagoria).
    -Nikola Tesla
    • Adding known inventions he's made in his lifetime: These are nothing more but to expand on Tesla's Intellect. For example, he created a sword used in Tryhhia used by the MC which allowed them to fight off even those made by the "Society". In Gahkthun, he was able to make something that upgraded Annabeth's bike to go really fast, and created an amulet or some item which would allow Neon to be protected from any sort of unknown predicament in Gahkthun Novel Anthology.
      • Another thing to add is his expansion on invention improvements, as he was able to improve his mentor's, Benjamin Franklin, Machine Belt from only containing a part of the Thunderbird's power to a belt that he can use to manipulate lightning from it (sometimes even expand its capabilities). This can also include his ability to create the Knight of Thunder.
    • Adding the curses bestowed upon him by the Thunderbird: As a result of coming into contact with the Thunderbird at a young age, Tesla was granted not only the ability to manipulate electricity in all its forms but also with it curses inflicted upon his existence. The most notable of which is his inability to physically age and tell lies, as well as never forget any memories he had acquired since his time as the Lightning Fiend and requiring an anchor to the physical world (ex. Neon) else he will be forgotten and disappear for good.
    • Misc. stuff to add: Basically extra stuff to add for his page, such as a statement of destroying buildings (said after having recently released from Edison's Time Prison through Lily's help), being able to keep himself up and alive after enduring attacks which could have killed a normal human seven times over.
    -The Black King
    • Minor name revision of 蕃神 as it actually roughly means "Foreign God" rather than "God of Gods" or some such.
    • Another addition of power bestowal: In the Engine Dictionary Story "Wandering Dream", The A's latest Critter, Howler in Darkness, was given to him by the Black King, a Critter composed not of the Cracking Effect of Edison but of the Jet Black of the Black King himself.
    -Douglas Fairbanks
    • Expansion of Hyakki Yagyo: The technique is described as being a sort of "alter-ego Ninja Art" where it summons over a hundred selves of the user from beyond time and space. This technique could be related to the Black Buddha himself, Fu Manchu, who is said by WoG, Haganeya Jin, the author of "What a Shining League" for Gahkthun's Anthology Novel, to be allied with Mh'ithrha (The strongest member and ruler of the Hounds of Tindalos, said to be able to rival even Yog-Sothoth's power). Along with being there being repeats about being beyond space and time, it would only not be an expansion of description about Hyakki Yagyo but of what the novel described was happening up to its use in combat.
    • Addition of Resistance to Sound and Mind Manipulation via Liáodān (Liáodān is said by WoG to be able to nullify the effects of a Critter Voice)


    The title of M has been fixed, and Douglas additions are done.

    M's addition of Power Bestowel is left to be added for later.
    On WAB (Take 3):

    Recap of changes made to date:
    • Douglas Work: Finished.
    • The M: Title name fixed and some other. Addition of M's power bestowal of A's Howler in Darkness is to be waited for CRT
    • Scan of Crack Engines capabilities have been added to Engine Humans like the Upper Tier Soldiers and CCC
    Nikola Tesla, Grimm=Grimm, and Golden King edits are to be waited for CRT.
    Goals/To-Do List (Version 2):
    • Create blogs for Shinza Banshou to explain certain, important terms and concepts of the series whether they be related to one particular installment (ex. terms and concepts relating to Dies Irae will have their own blog exclusive for them and so on with the others) or concepts relating to more than if not as a whole (Throne, Taikyoku/Emanation/other, Cosmology, etc.)
      • Given current VSB standards, any and all works that do not have any English translations means this progress/goal will be a long-term goal due to the amount of time it would take to translate all of them, especially more harder ones like K3.
    • Revise/Update/Clean up DmC Reboot Dante and Vergil's pages, and anyone else present from reboot.
    • ACTUALLY get into Symphogear for once this time and create more profiles for them, including essential ones like the Noise and their Alca- variant.
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