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  • Goals/To-Do List: (Ver 1):

    Revise/Edit/Update WAB Profiles both current (Gahkthun, Inganock, etc.) and upcoming (Sona Nyl)
    • Work on any and all WAB side-materials on personal that may also help with any revisions/updates to current/upcoming WAB profiles.
    Get into other series of interest such as Symphogear, Kamen Rider, etc.
    • If by chance to watch/read any of these, possibly lend a hand in help to revise them. If not, just enjoy them as they are.
    • Also get back into other series followed but dropped for reasons if possible such as Re:Zero, Slime, Shield Hero, etc.
    Finish up ParaLost (Shinza Banshou), create/contribute to CRT, and end it there.
    On Symphogear (Possibility, Take 1):

    -Help make more profiles
    • Profiles in mind: Autoscorers of Carol, Noise (OG and Alca-), Bavarian Illuminati Alchemists, Shem-Ha
    -Look over keywords from the official websites (and translations of them elsewhere) for info update/revision
    • If necessary, make blogs of them based on said info above or simply link the translation blogs of them on the verse page
    -Add in any missing abilities of any existing characters that may either be not expanded upon (if on there already) or not there.

    -Find way to make scans/short gifs (involves self-teaching on this one to do)
    (Back) on WAB (Take 2):

    Explanation of revisions for profiles and other stuff:

    • Critter Physiology Page: Having a Physiology Page for the Critters would make things easier to list all of the common abilities shared by the ones shown as of date (basically cutting out any repeated abilities on the Critters page, while leaving any unique ones they have not necessarily exclusive to Critters can stay)
    -Golden King
    • Adding more Arts abilities: As Rosenkreuz is the source of all the Academia's students Arts, being the one who granted them a piece of his own Cracking from which is derived from, he should have all of the abilities that is known to be performed through an Art either via VN or through other supplementary sources such as Gahkthun's official site.
    • Adding known info of terminals: Just like the original classic race from Cthulhu Mythos, the Great Race of Yith, Golden King has the ability to transfer his mind/consciousness to any kind of "body" or object that serves as his terminal. These can range from human-shaped objects (ex. Engine Human) to giant objects such as the Bell of Gahkthun or a machine (ex. Pnakotic Phantasmagoria).
    -Nikola Tesla
    • Adding known inventions he's made in his lifetime: These are nothing more but to expand on Tesla's Intellect. For example, he created a sword used in Tryhhia used by the MC which allowed them to fight off even those made by the "Society". In Gahkthun, he was able to make something that upgraded Annabeth's bike to go really fast, and created an amulet or some item which would allow Neon to be protected from any sort of unknown predicament in Gahkthun Novel Anthology.
      • Another thing to add is his expansion on invention improvements, as he was able to improve his mentor's, Benjamin Franklin, Machine Belt from only containing a part of the Thunderbird's power to a belt that he can use to manipulate lightning from it (sometimes even expand its capabilities). This can also include his ability to create the Knight of Thunder.
    • Adding the curses bestowed upon him by the Thunderbird: As a result of coming into contact with the Thunderbird at a young age, Tesla was granted not only the ability to manipulate electricity in all its forms but also with it curses inflicted upon his existence. The most notable of which is his inability to physically age and tell lies, as well as never forget any memories he had acquired since his time as the Lightning Fiend and requiring an anchor to the physical world (ex. Neon) else he will be forgotten and disappear for good.
    • Misc. stuff to add: Basically extra stuff to add for his page, such as a statement of destroying buildings (said after having recently released from Edison's Time Prison through Lily's help), being able to keep himself up and alive after enduring attacks which could have killed a normal human seven times over.
    -The Black King
    • Minor name revision of 蕃神 as it actually roughly means "Foreign God" rather than "God of Gods" or some such.
    • Another addition of power bestowal: In the Engine Dictionary Story "Wandering Dream", The A's latest Critter, Howler in Darkness, was given to him by the Black King, a Critter composed not of the Cracking Effect of Edison but of the Jet Black of the Black King himself.
    -Douglas Fairbanks
    • Expansion of Hyakki Yagyo: The technique is described as being a sort of "alter-ego Ninja Art" where it summons over a hundred selves of the user from beyond time and space. This technique could be related to the Black Buddha himself, Fu Manchu, who is said by WoG, Haganeya Jin, the author of "What a Shining League" for Gahkthun's Anthology Novel, to be allied with Mh'ithrha (The strongest member and ruler of the Hounds of Tindalos, said to be able to rival even Yog-Sothoth's power). Along with being there being repeats about being beyond space and time, it would only not be an expansion of description about Hyakki Yagyo but of what the novel described was happening up to its use in combat.
    • Addition of Resistance to Sound and Mind Manipulation via Liáodān (Liáodān is said by WoG to be able to nullify the effects of a Critter Voice)


    The title of M has been fixed, and Douglas additions are done.

    M's addition of Power Bestowel is left to be added for later.
    On WAB (Take 3):

    Recap of changes made to date:
    • Douglas Work: Finished.
    • The M: Title name fixed and some other. Addition of M's power bestowal of A's Howler in Darkness is to be waited for CRT
    • Scan of Crack Engines capabilities have been added to Engine Humans like the Upper Tier Soldiers and CCC
    Nikola Tesla, Grimm=Grimm, and Golden King edits are to be waited for CRT.
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