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Low hax 9-C Tournament

Dusty Raider said:
How often does the atom use his size Manipulation on others?
That is to himself. Rather takes time to shrink to the lowest size (Sub-Atomic).
@ Tactical Harrier's armor is way too much with those resistances.

@Psychomaster His file says he can shrink others with him and that they explode after a few hours.

@Adem Jeff is fine
Soul Manip doesn't negate durability iirc and resurrection sends him somewhere else
Conventionally, by wrapping the target with her threads and then moving it like a puppet (although the time that she used it was on herself).
Kamijou gets his 1-C and unknown powers restricted so he's fine.

Alice is fine

Is sniping the only thing Reki does?
Is sniping the only thing Reki does? Yes. But she is very good at it said:
Kamijou gets his 1-C and unknown powers restricted so he's fine.
Touma doesn't need the 1-C thing restricted. The 1-C is only nullification of all supernatural powers touched by his right hand. It does nothing against normal humans (or any other natural lifeform, even if supernatural). Even with it unrestricted a normal soldier would beat him 9/10 times. If it really needs to be restricted I will find someone else instead.
First key Gru, Shockirus, woodsie, are fine. Reki is fine but she has to start within her opponents range.

@Donttalk I stand by my rules. He doesn't get the arm