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Ennard vs the Cable Monsters from Await Further Instructions

Fight takes place within the Sister Location, inside Funtime Foxy's auditorium. A Cable Monster has emerged from one of the monitors in the Private Room and has killed Michael as he tried to flee into the room during the fifth night, much to Ennard's fury.

Speed is obviously equalized.

Extra Revnant:

Not as good as it looks on TV:

Flying Spaghetti Monster:
Cable Monsters win in a close combat like battle, but Ennard has an edge when it comes to knowing the place, and how to kill the monster.

Assuming that there is no prep time, Cable Monsters win.
Ennard can also sneak around thanks to Cable's enhanced senses being a bit lackluster, and although electricity manip could be a problem the gas wouldn't be
And apparently Cable's 9-B attack is using gas to blow people up? So they're entirely incapable of harming Ennard, with electricity manip being the only thing they have that would really have much effect, while Ennard would have a much easier time destroying the Cable thing