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Enhanced Sagittarius Gold Cloth Seiya (Eighth Sense) vs The True God of Prophecy Mori (Nirvana)

Synopsis: What does both Seiya and Mori have in common? They are both rebels that kills gods, no I am being very serious here. Despite Seiya calling himself God Slayer, Mori killed more Gods in his lifetime than I could ever count. Now that Mori has became Low 2-C, I can finally do this fight for good! I hope everyone is ready for a little fun, because you are all gonna be enjoying it.~

Sagittarius Saint vs Monkey King



  • Links to characters: Sagittarius Seiya, Mori Dan
  • Mindsets: Bloodlusted
  • Prep or no prep: 1 year
  • Knowledge: Yes
  • Gear: Everything
  • Win Conditions: Death


No Caption Provided
Anywhere in R136a1 the largest blue star in our universe, now let the battle begin!

Gold Saint: 0
Martial Artist: 0
Goku Solos: 0
Mori destroys
Yeah Poseidon (when he was non smurf Low 2-C) stood no chance against another comparable character from the same Universe as Mori.

Close this Seyia has no chance, he can't do anything at all (even though speed is unequalized, which makes it funnier/sadder)

Edit actually Omega (Seiya included) profile still lacks the infinite cosmos upgrade that was agreed upon for scaling, he still of course lacks the range and special abilities to do anything here and dies a soon as Mori does anything
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not to mention now there's no cross scaling between the manga and anime, Omega Seiya is useless