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sagittarius seiya

  1. JohnCenaNation

    Enhanced Sagittarius Gold Cloth Seiya (Eighth Sense) vs The True God of Prophecy Mori (Nirvana)

    Synopsis: What does both Seiya and Mori have in common? They are both rebels that kills gods, no I am being very serious here. Despite Seiya calling himself God Slayer, Mori killed more Gods in his lifetime than I could ever count. Now that Mori has became Low 2-C, I can finally do this fight...
  2. Alonik

    Saint Seiya - CRT #1

    Hello everyone, today i will put in the table many things that need be revised about saint seiya. The main theme today will be saint seiya omega (but there's going to be little classic stuff too), recent i finished that respect thread for we building our profiles with sources, and to make them...
  3. Bripplex

    Pegasasu no Seiya

    ¿Por que creo que Seiya ? si le ganaría a un titan como Goku Le respondo al muchacho Emanuel Estrada Seiya derrotaría a Goku ya que se mueve más rápido que la velocidad de la luz y su velocidad sigue aumentando gracias su agilidad , cosa que Goku con la doctrina egoísta y su fase...
  4. Kyle_Ramos

    Goku vs Saggitarius Seiya (Speed Equalized, of course)

    Round 1.- Buu Saga Goku vs Normal Gold Cloth Seiya. Round 2.- Base Universe 6 Goku vs Normal Gold Cloth Seiya. Round 3.- SSB Goku vs Enhanced Gold Cloth Seiya. Round 4.- SSBKKX10 Goku vs Enhanced Gold Cloth Seiya. Like always, speed equalized. I wonder if it is still necessary. Also, since Matt...
  5. SaiyanNoSeiya

    Seiya (Omega) Vs Goku (GT)

    Seiya's Sagittarius God Cloth. stronger than in his original manga