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Wasn't there a feat about a guy creating a mountain far far biggeer than 2 kilometers mountains anyway?
In that series? Not yet, and not for that character. She did eventually grow a mountain to be over 20km tall, but that took place over hours, so isn't really viable for a calc.
(Copying from this post)
Importance/Priority: 2 (Beluga Whales get hunted by Polar Bears & Orcas)
Name of the Verse/Character: The Real World/Beluga Whale
Brief Feat Description:
One case had a pod of Belugas continuously ram a boat until they die despite the bleeding from their heads, & has been stated that Belugas have been butting vessels in recent years in Alaska (Archived). This story came from an Alaskan native & they witnessed one of the Beluga hunts. What makes this unique is that they usually try to flee, but they seem to only do this out of aggression for a lost pod member.
(Calc link for Beluga Whale KE)


Verse: Sven Co-op (Not on Site)

Priority 2/3: Has feats from a Low-Tier Weapon (ex. Crowbar) and Mid-Tier Characters and Weapons (ex. Tor, Kingpin and various explosives)

General Feats:
Map Feats:
Priority 2/3: Would scale to all bosses from the map the feat comes from (ex. Lava Gargantua and Rainbow Tor) and possibly other High-Tiers (ex. Gargantuas)

Feat: Magic Symbol from Psyko has a miniature sun
Verse: Black Mesa (Not on Site)

Priority 2/3: Performed by a single Character, might possibly scale to the Player Character

Feat: Nihilanth death explosion