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  1. FanSyst

    What is the energy required to move the sun out of galactic orbit?

    I have observed calculations regarding the orbit that the earth follows with respect to the sun, but I don't know if it can do the same with the sun and the galaxy.
  2. FanSyst

    Where was the equation for the GBE of a star obtained?

    I've tried looking for it on the internet, but can't find it.
  3. Rodri_"Dante"

    Kinetic Energy when two characters are moving?

    Example: Character A is 60 kg and is flying at mach 3 Character B is 60 kg and is flying at mach 9 in the opposite direction, and crashes into character A on propouse to hurt them. How does character B's speed affect the kinetic energy calculation?
  4. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Shaking the earth to its core instantly?

    Came across a feat and I’m just curious what level you get for shaking the entire earth to it’s core instantly? I saw that there are calcs for a Magnitude 4 earthquake on a global scale that is Small Country but pretty sure that isn’t shaking the earth all the way to the core, simply just the...
  5. Da_Lunge_Fish

    FMA feat collection.

    Okay, sorry if I used this in a wrong way, but I think Fullmetal Alchemist needs to be feat searched. All the feats that are currently on their profiles but the Bradley blitzing feat and Ed's explosion feat come from chapters 1-10. There are probably higher feats, both alchemic transmutations...
  6. StrymULTRA

    Planetary KE calcs

    Basically this calc got rejected because "we can't apply KE to planetary busts because we can't know if the debris travelled at the same speed in the given time-frame" despite tons of similar calcs went accepted like this, this, this, this or even this So I've 2 options: Discard any Planetary...
  7. Half_Shiny

    Hatbot-Ler durability calc

    HatBot-Ler gets crushed by steel It takes 0.0375 seconds for the shadow to fall from the top of the screen to the bottom A HatBot is 87.3 cm a single pixel is 0.00329433962 cm Distance from the top is 222.367924528 cm or 2.22367924528meters from the top so it reaches the speed of...
  8. RanaProGamer

    Trident Of Atlantis Sinks Atlantis

    So after the previous DCEU Discussion, it is confirmed that the only feat that we can go off is the Atlantis sinking feat. So pretty straightforward. During an experiment, the Trident releases a powerful wave of energy which sinks Atlantis. video...
  9. Oliver_de_jesus

    Could anyone calculate this feat of Hatchiyack?

    the theme originated in Hilo vs but hey that's not important, could any member calculate the feat of Hatchiyack Warped and unstabilized large portions of the Northern Galaxy upon his birth?(feat) just to know an exact value
  10. Earthyboy

    My Hero Academia: Gran Torino blitzes Izuku

    In My Hero Academia Chapter 49, Gran Torino blitzes Izuku while he struggles to use Full Cowling. I'll be calculating how fast he's moving. Calculation Izuku height = 340.87px (1.66m) Distance Gran traveled = 2927.11px (8.58717399595m) I'll be using peak-human perception time here, which has...
  11. Earthyboy

    My Hero Academia: Base Izuku Durability

    In My Hero Academia Chapter 10, Izuku withstands an explosion from Katsuki. I'll be calculating the yield of this. Calculation Izuku height = 166cm (324.62px) Explosion diameter = 162cm (318.50px) Explosion radius = 81cm We'll be using the air blast explosion formula where Y =...
  12. Why is the creation of a universe a 3-A feat?

    I have seen many comments on multiple threads where it is mentioned that creating the matter of the observable universe is a 3-A feat while creating the space-time with all the matter is a low 2-C feat. I understand that we use the inverse square law and creation=destruction to calculate some...
  13. Drite77

    Shuumatsu no Izetta: A collection of feats

    Now, here is the thing, I was doing this in a blog in the wiki when suddenly the Forums died, I don't know where we are supposed to make calculations now, so I'm just making this thread Well, this is alot to cover, so let's keep this brief. This was asked by GoldenScorpions here and here...
  14. Iamunanimousinthat

    Necrozoma: Absorbing the light of the universe

    So, I looked on the Necrozoma page, and I saw that it was given 4-B for lighting up the Ultra Space, a solid calc. But what was not Calced was Necrozoma absorbing all the light in the Ultra Space. From what I've read and seen, the Ultra Space is a universe similar to ours, filled with stars...
  15. AppleLord

    Bleach Distance Calculation Revision

    Disclaimer: I haven't gotten used to this page yet, sorry if I posted this on the wrong place. I'm sure the mods can help me with that. After many of the calcs done for this feat were considered "incorrect" base on the assumptions made in the past by other members. I’ve concluded that a new...
  16. Stupits

    Anyone Want to do a calc on this feat from YYH

    Can someone do a calc for this? also this was done by two people so you might have to half the result
  17. Victikirby15

    Hitman Reborn: Daemon Spade flies from Italy to Japan

    Hey everybody! I've wanted to contribute a calc to the site for a while, and I found a pretty good one that I haven't seen anyone do before. I'm still getting used to the new forum, so apologies if this is the wrong place to put this. So, during the fourth major arc of Katekyo Hitman Reborn...
  18. Antvasima

    Calculations Requests Thread (New forum)

    This is the official thread for requesting calcs to be done by the members of the Calc Group and other senior editors. However, this help is entirely optional, and the people who do the requesting cannot expect that anybody will somehow be automatically interested in doing the requested calcs...
  19. Antvasima

    Calculations Evaluations (New forum)

    This thread is intended for users to link to new blog post calculations, to relay them to the community, and have them evaluated by the calculation group, without contacting the members individually. To evaluate important off-site calculations, preferably copy them to blog posts in this wiki...
  20. Hunterzillas

    Little Mermaid Speed and AP Feats

    Alright, so I'll give more attention to this series later, but for now there are two feats that can be given a quick look at. I tried to make a proper blog post to make these calcs...but it wouldn't let me, so idk where to put them. I think this is where they go. Anway: The Little Mermaid...
  21. JackJoyce

    Possible Superman (Christopher Reeve) Revision

    The famous island lifting feat in Superman Returns is considered to be 768.049 m/s or mach 2.23. However the escape velocity of Earth is 11186 m/s or mach 33. So it's a better option to use the later one I think
  22. Jasonsith

    Assorted Lifting Strength Discussion Thread

    As topic. Assorted lifting strength discussion thread. Featured topics: 1. Does throwing objects at a speed generate more lifting strength than just lifting it up Olympic weight lifting style? Can a higher value of lifting strength be deduced from throwing an object at a smaller mass? Say...
  23. DarkDragonMedeus

    Freezing and Temperature Feats Continued Again

    Continued from here or saved here. It has been agreed universally by staff that freezing and heating feats will continue to be treated interchangeably since it's the exact same feat but in the opposite direction. But there are other users who want to continue derailing that topic much further...
  24. UglyKittyCat238

    Evaporating the ocean

    What's the AP for evaporating the entire ocean?
  25. LoudCloud

    How would one calculate an imploding feat?

    Say, if someone were to telekinetically implode a building. I can't find any references for such a thing here.
  26. UglyKittyCat238

    Surface destroying question

    What would be the AP for destroying the surface of mountain ranges at fast speeds?
  27. UglyKittyCat238

    Cloud splitting question

    What's the common AP for splitting clouds and my specific question is what's the AP for splitting several miles worth of clouds?
  28. Antvasima

    Calculation Evaluations - 19

    This thread is intended for users to link to new blog post calculations, to relay them to the community, and have them evaluated by the calculation group, without contacting the members individually. To evaluate important off-site calculations, preferably copy them to blog posts in this wiki...
  29. Newendigo

    New Rule about Blogs.

    This is a problem that I'm sure a lot of people had to deal at some point, and that is looking for blogs, without knowing the owner or the threads in which those were posted, it might take an unecesary amount of time to eventually find them. So I came up with this: "When making a blog for a...
  30. Ari64-SP

    Explosion yield formula

    Hey, so I was curious, and decided to test the formula, just for fun and I found that it wasn't all that correct. so I used nuke map, and. Put in 16 kilotons of tnt as the yield of the explosion, and these rates for the radius'. Fireball: 0.240 km 20 psi: 0.55 km 5 psi: 1.15 km Radiation...
  31. Stefano4444

    About feats that involve spoilers

    Should i wait for a time before post any feats that could be considered spoilers? Or i only need to put a spoiler tag in the description of the feat and in the link?
  32. Ugarik

    Prober way to calculate fragmentation and pulverization energy

    As you may still remember I made this thread awhile ago but I never cover how to deal with pulverization or violent fragmentation. Take a note that I didn't find any source regarding the issue so the formula below is mostly intuitive though it makes sense from a mathematical point of view...
  33. Ugarik

    Destruction Values of Glass

    Our source: http://web.archive.org/web/20170322181309/http://www.narutoforums.com/xfa-blog-entry/because-fluttershit-sucks-and-we-need-something.34025/ Frag. should be based on shear strength on the material and v. frag on tensile strength. But our glass values are both based on its fracture...
  34. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Problem with Celestial Body Feats

    Problem Currently, we are allowed to calculate the KE for celestial body feats, but when it surpasses light speed we use the gravitational binding energy of the celestial body instead. The problem is, when you move a planet close to light speed, it actually gets a higher AP than moving a planet...
  35. Antvasima

    Calculation Requests Thread - 18

    This is the official thread for requesting calcs to be done by the members of the Calc Group and other senior editors. However, this help is entirely optional, and the people who do the requesting cannot expect that anybody will somehow be automatically interested in doing the requested calcs...
  36. Stefano4444

    Energy for shaking materials like steel and wood.

    Does anyone know how much energy do you need shake an object made of specific material such as steel and wood? I need for calc this feat.
  37. Duedate8898

    Meliodas *vaporizes* Danafor discussion

    I stole this from Ah Gou: This has already been addressed and currently, it's accepted as pulverization, but recently we got additional info for the scene by Nakaba himself (it's a sketch so deal with it) which was meant for the anime adaptation (so it's canon). The narrator says "The fires in...
  38. Elizhaa

    Reference for Common Feats Additions

    Additions: Average Neutron Stars GBE https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Assaltwaffle/Speed_needed_to_create_a_vacuum https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan/Speed_required_to_run_on_water
  39. CNBA3

    Real World Regular Soldiers stats?

    I was just wondering, are usually real world regular soldiers considered athletic stats or peak human stats? Like athletic speed and strength and durability? Or peak like Bruce Lee?
  40. Wokistan

    Angsize question

    By assuming a typical human field of view it allows one to estimate the size of an object if one knows the distance from the point of view or estimate the distance to the point of view if one knows the size of the object. ~ Angular Size My question is, why are we saying a typical...
  41. Stefano4444

    Question about explosions

    There is a way to find the size of an explosion if it happen beyond the horizon? Like, there is no objects to use for pixerscaling but i have a rough idea about what distance the explosion happen?
  42. CNBA3

    Center of Mass Question

    I have a question as to how one gets an answer with the final formula on the late G[http:// https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Gwynbleiddd wynbleiddd's] Blog with Center of Mass : $ W=Gm^2(1/ri-1/rf) $ I tried doing the formula to see if I can get the same answer as he did but I get...
  43. Jasonsith

    High speed Newtonian and relativistic kinetic energy feats

    We have our rules in this page that the relativistic kinetic energy diverges towards infinity for speeds approaching the speed of light. So to not get inflated extremely high results: Kinetic energy calculated for faster than light objects, or more precise for objects for which...
  44. Maverick_Zero_X

    Blowing up the Sphinx

    What's the AP value for destroying the Sphinx with an explosion?
  45. Robot972

    Taking more power than a small city?

    I'm trying to work on profiles for a verse. One item/weapon is used to power a machine that "requires more electricity than a small city." How would I go about calculating something like this?
  46. Antvasima

    Calculation Evaluations - 18

    This thread is intended for users to link to new blog post calculations, to relay them to the community, and have them evaluated by the calculation group, without contacting the members individually. To evaluate important off-site calculations, preferably copy them to blog posts in this wiki...
  47. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider Double Downgrade

    So, currently Double Riders is having 7-A rating via this feat. But there's many problems with this: First of all, the feat doesn't belong to IceAge Dopant but to Isaka, another character that arguable could do the same thing. Therefore the proposed scaling to W because they beat IceAge became...
  48. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    References for Common Feats Requests and Evaluations Thread 3

    Continued from here. As the title suggests, this thread is for requesting feats to be calculated or evaluated for the References for Common Feats page.
  49. Livinmeme

    question about calc from team fortress 2

    so weekly do a cal who was acepted but the point is that the calc was calced 3 times so wath is more reliable?
  50. The_Smashor

    Titanium destruction value?

    I was thinking of making a page for a certain verse, but I need to know the destruction values for Titanum first.
  51. Mr_Exotic_Goldie

    dreadbears height

    i did some math and stuff to find dreadbears height: i used the fnaf 4 house...and the average 2 story house is around 25 f and i counted how many houses tall dreadbear is which was roughly 9-10 houses (250 f) then i doubled it and counted another 5 houses for the legs beneath the level which...
  52. Lavcore

    Important Question Regarding Offsite Calcs

    so i know that in the offical calc eval thread it states: "To evaluate important off-site calculations, kindly create a separate thread in the calc group discussio forum section, and then post a link to it here." however i think this method is inefficient. 1. when was the last time you've...
  53. LordTracer

    Destruction Values of Earth

    What would be the attack potency for destroying the Earth with the methods of Violent Fragmentation, Pulverization and Vaporization?
  54. Robot972

    Energy used to power a small city

    So, I'm trying to make a profile for some characters/objects from a certain series (unimportant). In this series, one of the weapons is used to power a machine that requires "more electricity than a small city". What steps would I take to figuring this out?
  55. Tetsucabrah

    Is this bomb 1 ton of TNT?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAYVMXYYAp4 If it is it kinda seems way more powerful than a lot of calcs I've seen with far higher values than 1 ton.
  56. GodlyCharmander

    Kachi Katchin, and Dragon Ball Super calc request

    Grand Priest stated the material that formed the arena on the Tournament of Power was the hardest thing in the universe, which means, it was way harder and denser than Nuclear Pasta, the strongest material existent in the universe as we know, having a density of 10^14 g/cc, calculating the...
  57. Rich987

    Lightning Speed in the Naruto Universe.

    I was seeing some calculations of some Naruto characters and I found one from Kakashi intercepting Raiton: Gian from Kakuzu, I realized that they had accepted that Jutsu was a real lightning, but they didn't use the speed of a real lightning from Narutoverse, and used the our universe, I wanted...
  58. Jaakubb

    Problems with mountain related feats

    There are several problems with calcs such as these. First of all, they assume that the minimum height of a mountain of 2000 feet. This is not true because [is no official minimum height for a mountain.] Mount wycheproof for example has a summit with an altitude of 486 feet above sea level, much...
  59. SupremeGilgamesh

    Calcs of Change in Temperature

    Can someone point me to a calc that uses a simple version of calculation of change of temperature? If you can't,can you at least explain to me so i can put at my experimental wiki?
  60. Ugarik

    The Problem with Destruction Values We Use (Staff only)

    The problem If an object is destroyed as a result of some attack we calculate the energy output of the attack using the original volume of the object and the destruction value of the material the destroyed object is made of. According to Naruto Forums (and that's the only source we have), the...
  61. Spinoirr

    Ninja profile

    Ninja now has a book now... So like he needs a profile [review of it]
  62. Spinoirr

    Cutting stuff in half

    I was thinking that standered calc page needs some updates with cutting things in half 1. Cutting a mountain in half 2. Cutting a sea in half
  63. Ugarik

    Kinetic Energy for storm/clouds feats

    It seems that the regular KE formula KE = 1/2mV^2 Ðüð░n not be used in case of expanding clouds (or any expanding mass for that matter) The reason for this is that not every piece to cloud travels the same distance in the given timeframe. Clouds near the center of a storm need to travel a...
  64. Seventy96

    About pixel calc.

    What do you think about pixel calc? Do you consider them as reliable? Why some people don't like them?
  65. LordGriffin1000

    Speed for traveling from Saturn to Earth

    How fast would I be if I traveled from Saturn to Earth in 12 hours?.
  66. Ricsi-viragosi

    Question about CAPE storm feats

    So, pretty much wished to ask what CAPE is for. I know the KE calc for storms is assuming that the water (cloud or otherwise) is being moved at massive speeds to a point to create a storm. If I understood correctly, CAPE is taking already present water and condensating it into a storm, yes?
  67. DarkDragonMedeus

    Freezing and Temperature Feats Continued

    Continued from here as the previous thread has nearly 500 posts. There have been general debates on how we should be treating feats such as cooling and freezing. The main argument brought up is that freezing is the antonym of heating feats. Heating by definition is adding thermal energy to an...
  68. LordGriffin1000

    How fast and strong is this feat?.

    Ok so I wanted to know if this feat could be calculated or not. Here is the demons bio Kudara: A giant centipede that seeks Magic Power, twisting it's way through the skies. It's mighty movements cause whirlwinds and lightning. Here is the video showing the whirlwind...
  69. CNBA3

    Skyscraper DC?

    So I was using looking up the minimal energy needed to level a skyscraper, I did some research and the term skyscraper is rather fluid over the years as it refers to very tall buildings, it was first coined around the 1880s, where as the first building to be called a Skyscraper is the Home...
  70. Thesuperone342

    Is Death Battles Calc even right?

    They said All Might in his prime could hit with like 1000+ Gigatons, is this even right or did Death Battle screw up again?
  71. CNBA3

    Hollowness Question

    I have a question as to why this wikia uses 80-90% hollowness to determine the interior space of a structure for Comprehensive Destruction calculations. I ready that Skyscrapers have a space of (1/3) it's overall volume, wouldn't this need some revaluating?
  72. LordTracer

    Destroying A Massive Solar System

    What would be the attack potency for destroying a solar system so large that it makes Earth's solar system look as small as Pluto in comparison?
  73. Antvasima

    Calculation Evaluations - 17

    This thread is intended for users to link to new blog post calculations, to relay them to the community, and have them evaluated by the calculation group, without contacting the members individually. To evaluate important off-site calculations, preferably copy them to blog posts in this wiki...
  74. NoGround

    Attack Potency of turning "several kilometers" of air into a sphere of Absolute Zero?

    So I'm trying to determine the Attack Potency of a character, and their strongest feat is turning a space of at least several kilometers in diameter into a sphere of Absolute Zero. From my understanding of the character, the use of Existence Erasure and Causality Manipulation is allowing them to...
  75. LordGriffin1000

    Calc for moving a Star?

    I was wondering if we have a calc for someone moving a star?. I'm asking because I want to add a character to the wiki and his race is said to be powerful enough to "Change the orbit of the stars" and he is the strongest and it is stated he could "Move stars at will". So do we have a calc for...
  76. The_Calaca

    Totally serious about this

    If Kinetic Energy is transformed into Thermal Energy, how hard do I have to slap a chicken to cook it?
  77. M3X

    Planet Sizes Discussion (Fairy Tail Included) - STAFF ONLY

    Continued from here One of the main points I agree on the previous thread (And some people too) was this comment And something I want to say about Fairy Tail is, they don't have any proof of their Planet being bigger than ours. "Oh, but there is a 400km statement" And then I ask you, why do...
  78. Antvasima

    Calculation Requests Thread - 17

    This is the official thread for requesting calcs to be done by the members of the Calc Group and other senior editors. However, this help is entirely optional, and the people who do the requesting cannot expect that anybody will somehow be automatically interested in doing the requested calcs...
  79. CNBA3

    Comprehensive Destruction vs Explosion Calc

    I wish for some clarification, when it comes to the Comprehensive Destruction or the standard Explosion Calcing. when would you use one or the other in the feat in question?
  80. M3X

    Some questions about calculating planet sizes and even universe size.

    What title said. Why do we use an universe calc size, I repeat, a universe size to calc things like speed? It is not like calc the distance between two countries via pixelscaling, or the size of something, we are calcing something with light-years of size. I am talking about Dragon Ball's...
  81. Jaakubb

    Question about this calc (Kinetic energy calcs based on onscreen speeds)

    Why do we calc speed like here and here? What I'm talking about is where the speed of an object is calced by comparing how fast it moves onscree (this is pretty important) to how another object with an assumed speed moves on screen. This can't be valid. Isn't this calc stacking? Can we calc the...
  82. Ricsi-viragosi

    Is there a clac for reducing people to ashes

    In Outer Worlds, plasma hits can reduce people to a pile of dust, is there an already set calc for something like that?
  83. Lightbuster30

    Is Smoke from Craters Enough Evidence to Assume Vaporization?

    I ask because smoke is technically just ash particles in the air and I see plenty of characters who generate a puff of smoke when their attacks hit rock. The problem therein, is the fact that when rock is not really something you can turn to smoke and instead melts and vaporizes, you're supposed...
  84. Celestial_Judge

    What happened to the Juubi Madara Catastophic Planetary Devastation Calc?

    I remember it being up there a while back but It isn't up there anymore.
  85. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    5-C Command Blocks and Bedrock

    https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/index.php?title=Explosion&oldid=177938 After many struggles, I have finally located the source of where the 5-C rating of this comes from. However, I would like it if someone like a calc member could try this out themselves and confirm that this is accurate, or...
  86. Antvasima

    Calculation Evaluations - 16

    This thread is intended for users to link to new blog post calculations, to relay them to the community, and have them evaluated by the calculation group, without contacting the members individually. To evaluate important off-site calculations, kindly create a separate thread in the calc group...
  87. KGiffoni

    Which tools are usually used for pixel scaling?

    I wanted to try my first calcs and was looking for something simple but useful. P╠Âa╠Âi╠Ân╠Ât╠ ╠Âw╠Âa╠Âs╠Ân╠Â'╠Ât╠ ╠Âe╠Ân╠Âo╠Âu╠Âg╠Âh╠Â
  88. LordGriffin1000

    Can this be calced?

    In the final episode of Danny Phantom called "Phantom Planet", it was stated the Disasteroid would destroy the earth. At 19:27 they show a simulation that shows the impact and it shatters the earth into pieces. 1. Can this be calced or no?. 2. After they saved the earth and the Disasteroid...
  89. AtombyAdam

    If anybody is interested in Archie Sonic Calcs

    Blaze destroying the Egg o war So, anybody willing to give a calc for this?
  90. The_Real_Eugene_Sims

    JoJo Revision Discussion

    I have compiled all the recent calculations putting the following characters at 8-B to 8-A [Star Platinum/Jotaro Kujo] [Sheer Heart Attack/Yoshikage Kira] [Ultimate Kars] [Dark Blue Moo] [Red Hot Chilli Pepper/Akira Otoishi] This thread is to discuss the legitimacy of these feats and how...
  91. The_Real_Eugene_Sims

    How would I go about calculating this explosion?

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fBoFrK4Oraw Feat happens at 11:19 This explosion is large and powerful enough to knock out a distant satellite. It also generates a shockwave that dissipates dark clouds that covered a city just a few moments ago and affects the entire planet. How would I go about...
  92. LordGriffin1000

    Is this even possible!?

    I'm setting up profiles for a new verse and one of the characters farts are stated to be the greatest power in the universe and in another episode said character was able to reignite a dying sun with his fart... Is this even possible/quantifiable? I'm like 99.9% sure that's impossible but if it...
  93. LordGriffin1000

    Is this feat calcable?

    This Ice Sword can create a massive amount of snow that coverd an entire camp. https://youtu.be/tZqfQefp4sk 4:43
  94. LordTracer

    Is there a calc for Planet Vegeta's destruction in DBS: Broly?

    Exactly what the title says, is there a calc for that yet? And if there is, shouldn't that be used instead of the prior DBS calc for Frieza's destruction of the planet?
  95. Lightbuster30

    Did a calc on the Spring Maiden Storm

  96. Lightbuster30

    What's the formula for aerial explosions?

    We already have an alternate formula for ground based explosions as opposed to the nuclear yield. Does such a similar formula exist for aerial explosions?
  97. Skalt711

    Water running speed calculator

    I want to introduce to you the water running speed calculator. Obviously, it allows you to calculate the running speed (Estimated Forward Velocity in the calculator) on the water. At about a year ago I attempted to upgrade Violet Evergarden's speed from Superhuman to Subsonic by calculating her...
  98. KGiffoni

    What's your favorite calc ever accepted on the wiki and why?

    Title says it all.
  99. MJF6219

    Question about the Destruction value for the human body

    So in the "breaking all the bones in a humans body" calc in the Reference for Common Calcs page, it states "To get the fragmentation values, we need to use the compressive strength of bones. To quote Wikipedia, "bone has a high compressive strength of about 170 MPa (1800 kgf/cm┬▓), poor tensile...