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  • Yo, haven't seen you around in a while. How r u?
    I noticed lot of the profiles got updated to solid 7-B. It feels like years since that's been the case. Also did we drop the possibly 7-A rating for a lot of people?
    Emirp sumitpo
    Emirp sumitpo
    More or less just scaling revisions. We previously scale possibly 7-A+ to All EC's forms, but that created scaling contradictions.

    Only those who scale to Post Molt EC, that being awakened breath bang and pre awakening Garou, as well as Post superfight Genos with the ultra spiral incineration cannon scale. As the possibly 7-A+ only applis to post molt EC. Also Garou's profile is now massively better.
    Yeah Garou's profile does look a lot better.
    OPM Demon Tournament Rounds:

    Round 1

    Deep Sea King(WIN) vs Beast King(Lose)
    Round 2
    Armored Gorilla(Lose) vs Mosquito girl(WIN)
    Round 3
    Face Ripper(Lose) vs G5(WIN)
    Round 4
    Sonic(WIN) vs Awakened Cockroach(Lose)
    Round 5
    Mosquito Girl(WIN) vs Sky King(Lose)
    Round 6
    G4 vs Deep Sea King
    Round 7
    Bug God vs Garou
    This is all the rounds I have so far if u have any suggestions please tell me.
    Dude, you still planning to do that OPM tournament thing? I kinda wanna do the whole Nyan vs Melzalgald thing.
    I've been busy with irl stuff recently and I wanted to finish up the demon tournament before I did the Dragon one.
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