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  • OPM Demon Tournament Rounds:

    Round 1

    Deep Sea King(WIN) vs Beast King(Lose)
    Round 2
    Armored Gorilla(Lose) vs Mosquito girl(WIN)
    Round 3
    Face Ripper(Lose) vs G5(WIN)
    Round 4
    Sonic(WIN) vs Awakened Cockroach(Lose)
    Round 5
    Mosquito Girl(WIN) vs Sky King(Lose)
    Round 6
    G4 vs Deep Sea King
    Round 7
    Bug God vs Garou
    This is all the rounds I have so far if u have any suggestions please tell me.
    Dude, you still planning to do that OPM tournament thing? I kinda wanna do the whole Nyan vs Melzalgald thing.
    I've been busy with irl stuff recently and I wanted to finish up the demon tournament before I did the Dragon one.
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