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Battle for Fourth-Strongest (non-smurf) High 6-C: Zeref Dragneel vs Eiji Hino (0-8-0) GRACE

I never learn, do I?

Emperor Sprigga from Fairy Tail against the King Over Infinity. Both are at High 6-C. Who wins and why?

Zeref Emperor Outfit With Cloak
"Fetch me something more fitting for an emperor, would you?"

Kamen rider ooo and putotyra kamen rider and 1 more drawn by dn22059 sample-47e8351db014a7e9a914f3c38166af5c
*incoherent screaming*

Cursed Immortal: 0
Living Void: 8 (Nicetoderp, Jag50, Kaijinnoodles, Xross, Akreious, Veloxt, Setsuna, Zackra)

As long as his Core Medal (Conceptualized desire) exist. He could come back to life, nothing in series seem to work on destroying it other than conceptual void hax.
Is the Resurrection combat applicable, if it is then that's some pretty op shit that Zeref has no way of countering.
Zackra1799 said:
Is the Resurrection combat applicable, if it is then that's some pretty op shit that Zeref has no way of countering.
Lest I checked hir regen was more thorough than Zeref's (theoretically he can regenerate from getting blasted almost into nonexistence as long as his core medals still exist), but it's unbelievably slow compared to Zeref's own regen.
It is combat applicable. A little slow to use but it work, blasting apart his Cell Medals away work but the enemy need to know that of course.
He need to destroy it. As in, crack it completely to kill the Greeed in question. Highly doubt that death has would work on that.
Just took a quick look at the wiki and it says the core metals are a greeeds essence so i think death manip might work here, however I could be wrong.
I guess it depends on what "a walking sentient desire" means in verse.

For example can a core medal be destroyed via conventional means such has hitting till it breaks?
Doesnt seem like it. Even after Eiji repeatedly do vaporizing finisher on the enemy, Core Medals always remain in tact.

The only time we see it crack on scene is when it is hit by Putotyra void manip and it's antithesis state of being 'No desire/Desire of void/desire of nothingness' giving form.
Even Cell Medal, literally trash tier item in the series have never be seen destroying conventionally no matter what kind of explosion, spatial cut, or other thing have been seen broken on screen, and the only time it did is when it is snap into two by a Uva (Kamen Rider) who have conceptual manip.
Then it seems like they have to be destroyed on a conceptual level, Which Zeref doesn't have anything to counter. So based on this explanation it seems even things like EE would be ineffective against them.
Technically yes.

But there is a way to circumvent that.

By beating the living hell out of Eiji, Greeed dont have...normal biology. Their bodies are made up of ten of thousand of Cell Medals and when they take damage they bleed Cell Medals making them began to loose form and once the damage threshold hit it's limit. They turn into their original state, Core Medals and Cell Medals.

So what you need to do is to basically get Core Medals away from the Cell in order to make sure that Greeed doesnt reform again. But if you take Core Medals you get possessed by Core Medal anyway.
So basically what I'm seeing is that if Zeref uses death manip it will turn Eiji into a mass of Core and Cell medals and then he will begin to reform himself.
Zeref Death Manip has been shown to completely destroy others till there was nothing left such as him destroying Larcade.
Casually Hundreds of meters and can spawn his death manip on people.

Edit: About how long does it take for Eiji to regenerate from being completely turned into a pile of medals?
I could concievably see Zeref regenerating from being frozen solid, given the nature of his immortality curse. It's also entirely possible that deathhax could indeed **** with core medals and possibly even break them.
The Void Hax could be a problem for Zeref, but given Zeref has the Range advantage, he could just spam Death Hax to keep him from regenerating fully. In which Zeref might be able to outlast Eiji.

How good is Eiji's Stamina?
Incredibly high in this key. Doe to his inorganic physiology he doesn't need to sleep or eat, can take some serious hits and keep going, and spam voidhax without any ill effects on himself.
Death Hax straight up ignores regen unless the regen is extremely high, but since Zeref can't kill Eiji, it can't do shit to his regen
Zeref's Curse of Contradiction also carries his AP with the attack, because if it didn't he wouldn't have hurt Natsu who resists Death Hax.
But Honestly Zeref doesn't really have a way to put him down, so Eiji probably takes this given he has an actual method of killing Zeref.
Curse of contradiction carries his AP, at no point was Natsu physically hurt by his Death Manipulation

Zeref doesn't Spam Death either, if it's not working on you, he goes CQC.
>Curse of contradictio carries his AP

>at no point was Natsu physically hurt by his Death Manipulation

But they are literally the same thing tho.